Penis Pumps: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a useful sexual tool that can also be tons of fun to use in the bedroom. It usually takes the shape of a clear tube attached to either a hand-operated or battery- or electrical-powered pump. It is used before sex to help a man achieve a hard, firm, long-lasting erection. However, it can also be used as a form of foreplay as his partner can get excited as they watch his penis "pump up" and slowly get bigger.

Is "penis pump" the official name for this product?

No. "Penis pump" is the most commonly used name, with "cock pump" and "penis enhancer" and "inflatable pump" also sometimes being used. "Penis extender" is a term which refers both to these pumps and to tools which are designed specifically to stretch the penis. However, this type of product does have a slightly longer and more formal official name: the "vacuum constriction device" or VCD.

Why should I use a penis pump?

If you want a bigger, stronger, harder erection than ever before, then a penis pump is right for you. It will make you more strong and manly in the bedroom and will please and thrill your partner with the new intense level of sex that you are able to deliver. Never worry again about not being able to perform at the right time - you'll always be able to "rise to the occasion" with the help of a penis pump!

Can a penis pump make my cock bigger?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the penis pump and how it functions. Some men claim that it has made their penis permanently bigger, while others insist that these effects are only temporary and that it helps their erections get more admirable and nothing else. We have found that this is an extremely personal matter and that the results will vary from man to man. It may be temporary - but, on the other hand, you may just find your cock looking a tiny bit plumper and prouder than you have ever seen it before!

How much bigger can a penis pump make my cock?

While you may experience some permanent change, it will likely not be enormous. You will not go from a 5-inch cock to a foot long "monster dong" overnight. However, you may see a small amount of improvement in general cock size, both length and width. Your cock may wind up a quarter to a half an inch longer and slightly thicker all around due to a generally more improved blood flow to the area.

How long will it take to make my cock bigger?

Any changes which you experience will not occur immediately. If you are looking for instant growth with a penis pump, then you will be unfortunately disappointed. Growth will occur gradually over the period of several weeks to months and may even take up to a year to see any noticeable results. Just be patient and keep using your penis pump regularly to get the best results possible! Keep believing and your patient will eventually pay off!

Will my penis growth be permanent?

This depends. Using a penis pump only a few times will usually not result in any permanent growth. However, if you use your penis pump regularly, you might start to see some of that growth sticking around. However, this doesn't mean that you can stop using your penis pump forever - as we get older, various parts of our body start to shrink, and that can include the penis as well. Keep using that pump regularly if you want your bigger penis to stick around!

How do penis pumps work?

Pumps work by encouraging blood to flow to the penis and then trapping it there, resulting in an erection which is firmer and longer-lasting than usual. The pump draws air out of the tube, creating a vacuum environment which sends blood into the penis via slow "sucking" motions. Once the blood has flowed in and erection has been achieved, you can secure a ring around the base of your penis to maintain the erection while having sex.

Does using a penis pump feel good?

Using a penis pump is mostly a practical decision, focused entirely on getting your cock standing tall so that you can engage in either a masturbation session or intercourse with your partner. However, some regular penis pump users have in fact reported that using repeatedly has begun to feel pleasurable for them. They describe the motion of drawing air out of the tube as "suction," somewhat similar to getting oral sex from your partner or penetrating a tight toy such as a Fleshlight or pocket pussy.

Can using a penis pump help with erectile dysfunction?

Yes! This is the primary purpose for which people around the world use penis pumps. In many cases, the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is a lack of blood flow to the penis, as a result of everything from illness to injury, stress to lack of sleep. Your penis pump will coax that blood back into your cock where it belongs, completely eliminating your inability to have erections. You will no longer need to stress about not being able to "get it up" in bed, as your penis pump will fix the problem completely!

Is using a penis pump the best way to treat erectile dysfunction?

Yes, it is. Although other methods of treating erectile dysfunction exist, they are much more invasive, take much longer to work and can have a whole host of negative side effects - not to mention being extremely expensive. Injections or surgery are highly painful and often feature a lengthy recovery period during which you will not be able to have sex at all. Erectile dysfunction pills can cause side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness - all of which can definitely "kill the mood" when trying to get intimate with your partner. The penis pump is the safest, healthiest way to turn your "little problem" into a "big success"!

Will my erections be harder and stronger when using a penis pump?

Yes, they will! This is because there will be more blood trapped inside your penis, and the sealing ring at the base of your cock will keep that blood from leaving until you have completed your intimate business. This will make your cock physically harder than it becomes during your "usual," non-penis pump assisted erections. You will be able to pound into your partner with a strength and intensity which they have never experienced before. Plus, thanks to the ring, your hard-on will last longer as well!

Can I have an orgasm while using a penis pump?

Once again, this will depend on the person! You will certainly be able to have an orgasm once the penis pump has been removed, although it may take longer than usual due to your increased stamina. Some men also report that they are able to cum while their penis is still in the tube, simply from the intense "sucking" sensations which they experience. Whether or not you will be able to do this depends on how pleasurable you find the experience of using the pump, so go ahead and give it a try!

Will my orgasms be more intense while using a penis pump?

Definitely! Have you ever felt disappointed by the "power level" of your orgasms? Dreamed of semen shooting out of you like a fire hose when instead all you get are a few pathetic dribbles like a leaking sink? Well, worry no more - this is another problem which your penis pump will totally eliminate! The pressure built up in your cock will cause you to ejaculate with lots of force, absolutely spraying that cum into or perhaps all over your willing partner.

How long will my erection last when using a penis pump?

An erection caused by a penis pump will often last for up to several hours. Some men will be unable to cum at all until they remove the attached cock ring which comes with their pump, while other men will be able to burst even though the ring is tightly constricting them. However, many satisfied customers report that, ring or no ring, they are able to stay hard for up to an hour or even two before that orgasm finally comes bursting out!

Does using a penis pump make sex better for your partner?

Yes, it does! It's not just you who will benefit from using a penis pump to make your erections harder, stronger and longer lasting. They will be able to enjoy penetrative sex with you for a much longer time than they have ever experienced before. If your partner is the kind of person who enjoys having multiple orgasms during a single session, they will find themselves with more than enough time to do so - and when you finally do cum, it will be so intense that they'll scream in pleasure, their body will shake and they'll forget their own name!

Is using a penis pump a good form of foreplay?

Yes, it is! You may not think that watching your partner use a penis pump is erotic or will help you become turned on, but you will be surprised to see just how sexy it can be! You will get to watch your partner's penis slowly plump up, inch by inch, growing before your very eyes. Just the thought of realizing that that big, thick cock is soon going to be inside you will be more than enough to get you all worked up and ready for lovemaking!

Can my partner use my penis pump on me?

Yes, they can! As long as the pump is held steady throughout the process, you can have another person help pump up your cock. Your partner might enjoy getting to work the pump as a form of foreplay, as they will get to experience the feeling of being totally in control as they are the one who gets to make your cock become bigger and harder than ever before. Definitely give this a try - it makes a great precursor to extremely intense, penis-pump powered sex once your erection is all pumped up!

Do I need a prescription to use a penis pump?

Not at all! All of our Lovegasm penis pumps can be purchased and used by absolutely anybody. A urologist, family doctor or other medical professional does not need to be involved in the selection process at all. You do not need a prescription to purchase a penis pump here at Lovegasm. Just choose one from our catalog, place your order and our ultra-fast, super-discreet shipping will have it to you in no time!

What do I do if I feel embarrassed about using a penis pump?

It's understandable that you may feel embarrassed about using a penis pump. It may feel emasculating, like you are not "good enough" to get an erection or have an orgasm without assistance. However, we promise you, there is no need for shame. Hundreds of thousands of men all over the world use penis pumps every single year - including many of our very own Lovegasm staffers. So pump yourself up proudly, and enjoy the results rather than feeling shame about the cause!

Does a penis pump make a good gift for my partner?

This will depend on the situation. Some men are eager and excited to use a penis pump, and will be happy to receive one as a gift. However, other men feel a little bit ashamed about using a penis pump, because it makes them feel that their cock is not satisfactory in size for their partner. If you are interested in trying out a penis pump but are worried that your partner might be upset by receiving one as a present, discuss the idea with them before making any final purchases.

What size penis pump should I buy?

Here at Lovegasm, all of our penis pumps are "one size fits all". Because they use suction to pull tight, any size tube can properly work no matter how big or small your penis is. Instead of choosing a penis pump based on size, we encourage you to consider other factors such as color, electric vs battery powered vs hand-pump, and the level of suction intensity which you are comfortable with.

What is a penis pump made out of?

All of our penis pumps feature a variety of materials working together to create a single, harmonious whole. The cylindrical part where you insert your penis is typically made from hard plastic or acrylic, sometimes with a silicone coating to make it easier to open and handle. The actual pump, as well as the narrow tube which connects the pump to the cylinder, is usually made from rubber or silicone. Lastly, some of our more high-tech penis pump models include a glass or metal add-on gauge to show how much pressure is being applied.

Is a penis pump breakable?

Initially, it may seem that a penis pump is made out of fragile glass and will shatter into pieces if you apply even the smallest bit of pressure. However, us folks here at Lovegasm are here to reassure you that that is not the case at all. Our penis pumps are not made from glass, but either from hard plastic, acrylic, or an extra-strong variant of glass colloquially referred to as "Pyrex". Your pump will not break in the slightest even if you apply plenty of pressure during each and every pumping session.

Do penis pumps come in different colors?

You might be surprised to find out that in fact they do! Most of our penis pumps are available in a beautifully transparent clear color with a black, white or gray pump and nozzle. However, here at Lovegasm, we have also begun to offer some more uniquely colored penis pumps as well. Currently, you can find both red and blue penis pumps for sale in our catalog, and we hope to have even more exciting colors available for your purchase in the future!

How do I put my cock inside a penis pump?

It is extremely simple to put on a penis pump. All you have to do is slide the hard plastic cylinder over your penis. (Some penis pumps may also include a rubber or silicone cock ring which can be slid over the base of your cock to keep your erection even firmer, which should be applied at the same time). Always take a moment to check whether the pump is properly connected to the cylinder before you begin pumping, otherwise you may simply be wasting effort for zero results.

How do I take my cock out of the penis pump?

Removing your cock from the penis pump is an equally simple process. Slowly pull the cylinder up and away from your penis, making sure to move steadily and gently in order to "break the seal" of suction. If your penis pump is one of the models which comes with an attached cock ring, you should make sure to keep that cock ring firmly around your penis rather than allowing it to be removed along with the penis pump.

What are the benefits of a penis pump featuring a hand pump?

Hand pumps are extremely classic, and for many years were absolutely the last word in penis pump technology. A "hand pump" refers to a small handle that you squeeze or press down in order to create the vacuum which causes your cock to plump up. Hand pumps are good because you are able to have complete control over how much suction your pump uses and how big your cock becomes. If you are nervous about using a penis pump for the first time, starting out with a hand pump is usually the way to go!

What are the benefits of a penis pump featuring an electrical or mechanical pump?

Today, not all cock cages feature hand pumps anymore. Instead, some have electric- or mechanic-powered pumps which perform the pumping motion for you as soon as you press a button or flip a switch. These are nice because you do not have to "give your hand a workout" while you are pumping yourself up. You can sit back and relax while your pump does all the work for you. You'll end up without the sore hand which a hand pump sometimes causes and will have two ready, willing hands that can get right to stroking your brand new bigger cock!

What do these numbers on the side of my penis pump mean?

Some of our Lovegasm penis pumps feature ultra-modern panels which feature a series of numerical displays on the side. But what are these displays telling you, exactly? These numbers mean a variety of things. They tell you how long you have been using your penis pump for, how much pressure is currently being applied to your penis, and of course how much battery life your penis pump has remaining before it needs a replacement or a charge.

How long can I use a penis pump at a time?

It should not take more than a few minutes to "pump up" your penis to your desired size. Even with a slower moving hand-pump, you can expect to see growth within 10-15 minutes. Once you have removed the pump, it is recommended that you only keep the ring around your penis for around 30 minutes, and absolutely for no more than one hour at a time. As soon as you are done, remove the ring to allow the blood flow within your body to regulate and flow normally instead of being trapped inside your cock.

Can I use my penis pump together with other sex toys?

While you are "pumping up" your penis, the only other sex toy you should have attached to your cock is a cock ring. Of course, it's totally up to you if you wish to, at the same time, use various sex toys on other parts of your body. For example, you could pinch your nipples in a pair of clamps, or sit on a nice thick plug nestled in your ass while your cock grows to an even firmer erection. And, of course, once you're done pumping, the sky's the limit - feel free to use any and all sex toys you desire!

Can I have an orgasm while wearing the cock ring that comes with my penis pump?

This is an extremely individual question, and the answer will vary for each and every man. Some men will find their orgasms completely blocked in and unable to cum at all until the ring is successfully slipped off of their straining cock. Meanwhile, other men will discover that using a penis pump makes their orgasms so strong and firm that they will be able to cum even with the ring restricting their cock. Just experiment with your penis pump a little to find out which type of guy you are!

How often do I need to clean a penis pump?

You should clean your penis pump after every single time that it is used. Your penis will be "working hard" within the pump, so it can easily get pretty sweaty or perhaps slick with precum (or more, if you're the kind of guy who tends to spurt while still pumping!). At the very least, you should wipe off the inside of your cylinder with a clean, dry rag after every use. Every couple of uses, go for a more thorough cleaning using soap and water as well - just be careful not to allow any electrical components to become wet.

How do I clean a penis pump?

Like other plastic and silicone sex toys, penis pumps should be cleaned using a very specific method. Clean your penis pump with warm water, a clean rag, and a gentle soap which does not contain any chemical additives such as scents, as they can leave residue behind. Keep any batteries or electrical components dry at all times. Do not neglect often-missed areas such as the space under your pump handle or inside the valve which connects the pump to the cylinder.

Where should I store my penis pump?

Store your penis pump with the rest of your sex toys in a dry, room-temperature area where it will not be susceptible to gathering mold or bacteria. Plastic tubs or dedicated drawers in your dresser are great alternatives - as is a safe or lock box if you have nosy roommates or family members who like to go snooping. You can also store the penis pump with your medical supplies or in your bathroom or linen closet, as it is an extremely subtle toy which is capable of passing itself off as a simple medical tool rather than a sexual potency aid.

Are penis pumps safe?

Yes. As with all of our high-quality Lovegasm toys, penis pumps are completely safe and do not pose any harm or lasting negative effects to your body. Penis pumps in particular are tested and inspected very carefully before they are sold, in order to make sure that they deliver the right amount of pressure and suction without risking your health in the process. All of our penis pumps are guaranteed to be both perfectly safe AND extremely pleasurable!

Do penis pumps hurt?

No. Penis pumps may look scary at first, but they are in fact completely pain-free and in fact, will feel either comfortable or in many cases quite pleasurable and even arousing. The sensation has been described as a "sucking" or a "slurping," and has even been compared to the feeling of receiving a blow job or fucking a tight, brand-new pocket pussy. It may feel strange the first few times you use your pump, because you are not used to it, but the feelings which it produces in you are pleasurable rather than painful.

Can my cock get stuck in my penis pump?

No, it cannot! Many men find that this is their greatest worry upon purchasing a penis pump, because it uses pressure to trap your penis inside a vacuum. However, this is not the case. The pressure releases as soon as you stop powering up the pump, which means that it will not "stick" to your penis and you will be able to slide your cock smoothly out of the pump. You can freely use your penis pump without having to worry about getting stuck in the slightest!

What do I do if my erection won't go down?

In some rare cases, you will find that you are having difficulty cumming, or that you stay hard even after having an orgasm because of just how firm the penis pump makes your erection. In this case, the first thing you should do is remove any cock rings or other sex toys that you are wearing. Then, wait a few minutes and take a cold shower to see if your erection will deflate. If you are still hard and/or unable to orgasm after four hours, then you should call a doctor and consult them regarding your next steps.

Does an erection caused by a penis pump feel different?

This is another of those extremely personal questions which you can only answer with your unique experience. Some men report that they can physically feel the fact that their erections are harder, firmer and stronger than they otherwise would have been had they not used a penis pump. However, others say that their erections feel exactly the same whether they happen naturally or are induced using a penis pump. You'll just have to try it out and see how your cock feels!

Can I use a penis pump if my cock is circumcised?

Yes, you absolutely can! Having a circumcised penis will not affect your ability to use a penis pump in any way. In fact, it will make using a penis pump feel incredibly pleasurable for you, as you will be able to feel the suction of the pump directly against your exposed, extremely sensitive cock-head. You might find after just a few sessions that what initially felt like just a simple suction has become an overwhelming pleasure that you look forward to experiencing each and every time.

Can I use a penis pump if my cock is uncircumcised?

Yes, this is possible as well! Some uncircumcised men experience worry because they have heard that their foreskin can become "sucked up" by the vacuum created by the penis pump. However, this is nothing more than a completely untrue myth. Uncircumcised men can use penis pumps just as safely and easily as circumcised men. Try using the pump both with and without your foreskin pulled back to see which option feels better or is more effective for you.

Can I use a penis pump if I have a cock piercing?

While you certainly can, you may wish to remove your piercing before sticking your cock into a penis pump and letting it "get to sucking". This is because you might find that the suction is uncomfortable against your piercing, and can cause some pain as it feels like your piercing is being "pulled" out of your cock and towards the tube. Remove your piercing, but don't worry - you will be able to put it back on as soon as you have stopped pumping, to enjoy the pleasurable feeling of your piercing rubbing against your partner's tight inner walls!

Will a penis pump permanently damage my cock?

No, it will not. Penis pumps are completely safe and can in fact lead to long-term or permanent benefits in the form of stronger erections, decreased issues with erectile dysfunction and impotence, and even a half-inch or so of additional penis length or a thicker width. There will be no damage to your cock. You will be able to get erections, have sex, have intense, throbbing, "spurting" orgasms, and might even wind up with a bigger penis than you had before you started using the pump in the first place!

How do I charge my penis pump?

Electrical penis pumps are charged by plugging them in, similar to many other common electronics. All chargeable penis pumps sold here at Lovegasm come with one charging cable. Some of them can only be charged by being plugged into the wall, while others have USB charging capabilities. These are perfect for some on-the-go fun as they can be charged via your laptop, a backup battery, or the other USB-compatible electronic of your choice!

What kind of batteries does my penis pump use?

Some penis pumps sold here at Lovegasm are not rechargeable, but instead feature batteries which need to be replaced when they run down. Most penis pumps use small, discreet batteries which are easy to store and transport and do not make the pump too bulky and difficult to use. Battery-powered penis pumps primarily use single-cell "button cell" batteries - also referred to and sometimes sold under the name "watch batteries". These can be purchased at any electronics store or even clothing or accessory stores where watches are sold.

What do I do if my penis pump stops working?

If your penis pump stops working, it is very likely that it is a simple issue of the battery being run down. Either replace the batteries in your pump immediately or plug it in and leave it alone for several hours to charge. Most likely, it will begin working again as normal. If it is still not functioning, check it thoroughly to make sure that all parts are dry and that there are no cracks or other damage. If it is damaged, it may be time to replace your penis pump and pick out a brand new one from the Lovegasm catalog.

What do I do if my penis pump is broken?

Because penis pumps require using a large amount of pressure to function properly, it is an unfortunate truth that they sometimes become damaged. If you notice a crack, chip, or any sort of wear or tear on your penis pump, then it is time to replace it immediately. Do not continue using a broken or damaged penis pump, as that provides a risk that your penis may be harmed in the process. Replace your broken penis pump by selecting something brand new from our catalog - it's time to treat yourself to a high quality Lovegasm toy!

What if I don't want anyone knowing that I ordered a penis pump?

Don't worry! Here at Lovegasm, we understand the unique and discreet nature of the toys which we sell. All of our products are shipped using our Discreet Shipping policy, where they will be wrapped thorough and sent in plain-colored packaging. They will also not be labeled as coming from Lovegasm or containing any sort of sex toy, so that you will be able to tell your nosy family, friends or roommates that you have simply received a completely ordinary package.

Is there an equivalent to the penis pump for women?

Yes, there is! The female equivalent of the penis pump is known as the "pussy pump". It clamps down over the clitoris and helps it become engorged by directing blood flow to that area. Women who use pussy pumps will find that their clitoris becomes so stimulated that it sticks straight up, almost like a little erection! Of course, our Lovegasm catalog features several options for purchasing a wide variety of pussy pumps - so why not check it out today?

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