Penis Enlargement: How, Why, and Does It Really Work?

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Penis enlargement or augmentation has been a topic for quite a while now. Men are looking to know what their options are and whether penis expansion methods even work. While all the pros of them are more than obvious, we will try to cover the cons as well.

What Is Penis Enlargement?

Men are often unhappy with the length, look, girth, or even performance of their penises. As a result, they seek various ways to improve the mentioned member. Some men will try almost anything from ointments to surgery to reach the desired inches.

Naturally, some methods are more effective than others, and it seems logical to try to safer ones first. Many claim that there is no need for surgery and that simple exercises can increase penis length. Others, on the other hand, swear by suppositories, injections, extenders, and other similar things. In general, any procedure, method, or technique for magnifying penile measurements is considered penis enlargement or augmentation.

Furthermore, the whole story about penis size is often misinterpreted, and many believe that they are too small or below average. They also think that bigger is better, and there is a lot of misinformation circling around. One of the most common pieces of fake news is that of a person with a penis so big that they faint whenever they get an erection. While that is not true — you’ll need a 40-inch penis to faint — everyone still wants a bigger one. Of course, there are men who are quite happy with what they have — even though they wouldn’t object to a couple of more inches.

If you wanted to know how to make your dick bigger, you’re in the right place. We will go through the most common and most effective ways of reaching your goal. We will also cover the methods that people still believe will have an impact but were proven to be ineffective. You should remember that there is no magical solution that will solve all the problems without any issues. However, there are several things you can do that will show results after a while.

Why Do Men Want Bigger Penises?

The majority of men are not happy with their size. A lot of people believe that bigger means better, and men are in constant pursuit of finding a way to create “personal growth”. Furthermore, it is no secret that length directly correlates to self-esteem, and many males feel less worthy because of their measurements.

Low self-esteem can sometimes be caused by their size or shape, and it seems reasonable that one would love to change such a problematic part of their body for the better. Also, probably everyone knows what a micropenis is, and it’s rather obvious why someone would rather not have one.

Bigger sizes have always been connected to masculinity and confidence too. In fact, humanity has been fixating on penises since the beginning of time, and people have always sought an answer to the question of how to make your dick longer. We can see sculptures, cave paintings, and every kind of artistic expression showing male genitalia. Furthermore, we keep hearing about it all, and as a result, it has become one of the main sources of male insecurity. The main problem is that men who are average or above-average will often still feel inadequate. That is, of course, the result of ignorance or simple human desire to be better.

So-called penis anxiety is a common problem. You’ll not easily find someone who is quite satisfied with what they got and wouldn’t change a thing. It seems unlikely that men will soon stop worrying whether everything is “normal.”

Interestingly enough, the pleasure one can feel is not directly related to the size of one’s penis, and having a bigger one doesn’t mean that you will enjoy the sexual encounter more.

Does Size Really Matter?

And now, the main question — does size really matter? We often hear how it is unrelated to attractiveness and sexual performance, but the question keeps reappearing. We have already talked about men and how their satisfaction is completely unrelated to their proportions. However, the answer is — yes, size is important. But that doesn’t always mean what everyone believes it does.

According to research, the average size of the male penis is 5.2 inches. Furthermore, everything between 4.7 and 6.3 inches is in the average category. Interestingly, the preferred dildo size (that is, the size that women buy the most) is 6 inches. As you can see, the difference between the average and the desired is not as drastic as you would expect. Also, women can achieve orgasms even with a partner that is smaller than average.

So, why does size really matter? The first and most obvious reasons people think of are extreme. If the penis is too small, a woman might ask “Is it in yet?” one too many times. On the other hand, if it is too large it will cause more pain than pleasure. Besides, the couple will go through lube like nothing, and even the orgasmic contraction will be less powerful. While there are those who certainly enjoy either side of the spectrum, it is not something that you should expect to find on average.

Another major issue is self-confidence. We already mentioned penis anxiety, and males who keep overthinking might underperform. It will happen not because of their biology but psychology instead.

Do You Really Need a Bigger Penis?

Unless you have a micropenis, the answer is probably no. But the truth is that everyone knows what every man would wish for if they got a magic lamp — men want a bigger one to feel better. Thanks to our modern society, no one is really satisfied with their bodies in general, and we keep trying to find ways to improve ourselves. The same applies to genitalia.

There are so many psychological factors involved and connected to confidence. As members of the human species, we keep pushing forward and finding ways to become better. It is similar to going to the gym — people do it to feel better about themselves and to look better for themselves, and their penis is a part of the body they want to exercise as well.

But, as we have said, when it comes to functionality and performance, the answer to the question here is — no, you don’t really need a bigger penis. In reality, the answer might be different.

There are indeed people who need a bit of a push, and a larger penis might do just that. Of course, if you are one of the lucky ones who are above average or even large, the bigger penis might be the last thing you need.

Different Ways to Enlarge Your Penis

For everyone not packing heat, there are several ways they could increase their measurements — some are proven to work, and others are not researched enough (or even non-effective).

We will start the list with methods and techniques that are least invasive and result in at least some kind of increase in either length or girth. Later, we will cover common misbeliefs and methods that won’t work.

We took into account research, experience, and opinions of doctors regarding each method, as well as potential side effects and problems that may occur from trying each of them. Of course, there isn’t one safe way to solve the issue, and sometimes it can take a while before any results are noticeable.

Potential enlargement methods include penis enlarger pumps, penis implants, supplements, patches, ointments, extenders, stretching, exercises, jelqing, surgery, implants, injections, and medication, among others. We will try to cover all of them so that you won’t have a hard time finding what works best for you. While it might seem impossible, there are approaches that work, and that will help you improve the size of your penis as well as your confidence.

Penis Pumps

The first method is using a penis pump. It is a vacuum erection device that can supposedly help one increase the size of their member. But will it work? Before we answer that question, let’s analyze how these VEDs (Vacuum Erectile Devices) work.

Simply put, you will insert your buddy in the pump that will then create a vacuum or negative pressure. As a result, blood will rush to your now long penis.

These pumps are proven to work, and you can find medically approved ones too. Curiously, penis pumps and surgery are the two methods people most often consider. However, their goal is not to permanently increase the size but to improve erection quality instead. The main objective of a penis enlargement pump is, in fact, to treat erectile dysfunction. So, in a way, you will make your friend bigger, but it will be only temporarily.

One of the recent studies shows that changes in size are insignificant even after half a year of usage. After six months, some testers grew only 0.11 inches (0.3 cm). Of course, there aren’t many studies available on the topic, and there is a possibility that Austin Powers was actually on to something.

Interestingly, the pump is commonly bought by people looking to increase size rather than to treat performance issues. Furthermore, the main issue with these devices is the danger of misuse. Besides having to constrict the penis base, one must not use the device for more than thirty minutes. If the user continues using for longer than half an hour, there is the possibility of causing permanent tissue damage. Moreover, overuse can cause the very thing VEDs were designed to solve — erectile dysfunction.

Of course, if you properly read the fine print and manual, you will have nothing but pleasure from the pumps. Even if they don’t permanently increase the size of your Johnson, you will be quite satisfied with your performance. To ensure that you get the best experience, be sure to get a pump that is FDA-approved. While experimenting can be great, this is one of those cases where you should stick to something that’s certified. Buying a no-name product can cause blood vessels to burst, which can lead to further problems.

Again, using penis pumps is not rocket science, and you don’t need to be afraid of using one if you want. The only thing you need to remember is to carefully read the instructions to ensure that you avoid any damage.

Penis Extenders

Now, penis extenders are different than pumps. While the latter will increase your performance and even size (but only temporarily), extenders can do much more. The major difference is that one can use the extenders for a longer time period — they are mechanical devices that are put on a flaccid penis.

One end of the traction device is attached to the head of the penis, while the other one is at the base. Finally, there are metal rods used to connect the mentioned yokes. Over time, the extender can, well, extend the size of one’s penis. It is important to know that when we say “over time” that doesn’t mean a couple of days or weeks — one should use this apparatus between four and nine hours every day for six months.

Similarly to some of the pumps, extenders are medical devices. That means that you won’t be able to find one of these bad boys in your local sex shop. Furthermore, the origin of the device is different than you might assume — initially, it was used to cure Peyronie’s disease and not for penis expansion. The mentioned condition results in scarred tissue that can cause curved and rather painful erections. Of course, all penises are different, and having a curved one doesn’t mean that you should be concerned.

But back on the extenders — the device is easy to use. Between the two rings that are at the head and the base, there are springs that the user can adjust. The machine will then stretch the penis while in the flaccid state to eventually increase the size.

It is worth mentioning that the difference you’ll see is quite bigger than the one from the pump. But that doesn’t mean that the user will get ten inches after six months, of course. According to a study, users that had the extender on for four hours a day saw an increase in size ranging from 0.67 up to a whole inch. However, there had been no noticeable changes in the girth of the test’s penises.

Penile extenders are a great option for anyone looking for a non-invasive augmentation method. While the results might seem insignificant to some, you should know that 0.67 inches for the average-sized man amounts to almost twelve percent. Finally, for anyone looking to try out an extender, you should inform yourself as much as possible to avoid causing any injuries. It’s always a good idea to talk to your urologist if you have any questions.

Penis Stretching

While extenders are stretching devices, we will talk about other methods that are even less invasive and with minimum risk. Furthermore, you can try some of these even while reading this article.

The idea behind this method is to stretch the penis by yourself. Similarly to working out at the gym, you will repeat certain motions a couple of minutes each day — instead of worrying about your biceps, it’s time to ask yourself “How to make my dick bigger?”

The first, and easiest method is doing the exercise manually. To do that, you won’t need any device, and you will repeat the procedure twice a day. The idea is to pull the penis and stretch it in every direction and hold it in that position for around ten seconds. This method can involve putting gentle pressure on the base as well. Manual stretching usually involves different hand techniques applied along the length of the shaft. Furthermore, you should try such exercises only when your penis is flaccid or semi-erect. It is also important to stop if you feel any discomfort or pain.

The second technique for stretching involves weights, which is supposed to increase both length and girth. The most important thing to remember is that you won’t be able to change anything overnight because these things take time. The same way you can’t change your body shape with a couple of visits to the gym — you will have to dedicate yourself to this and chase more than an occasional, huge penis pump.

Using weights is as easy as you imagine. The user will tie a weight around the penis, and hold it like that for a couple of minutes. The goal is to stretch the penis using gravity, and over time, the tissue will adapt to the change. Of course, you needn’t experiment with tying random things on your penis, since there are specialized companies that create devices for penile weight lifting. Naturally, you shouldn’t do this on your own, and you should be sure to inform yourself as much as possible before proceeding to try out this technique.

The method behind weight lifting is similar to the extender and this means that you should take your time and be as cautious as you can. In the end, you should always keep your health and safety as your top priority, and avoid causing yourself any harm.


There is a chance that you have heard of an ancient Persian method for increasing penis size. We’re talking about jelqing of course. It is a technique for enlarging one’s penis that involves stretching and squeezing. People who have tried this technique say that it helps both with length and girth. The goal is to enlarge your manhood without using any special devices and supplements. But how is it done?

Before proceeding to jelqing, you should know that using lube is a great idea. Now, on to the “how-to” part. Jelqing works when the penis is around 70% erect. The main idea is to feel relaxed while practicing and that you should let the blood flow through it. Furthermore, you shouldn’t try this out when fully erect.

The next step is to hold the penis with a firm grip — not too hard and not too loose. Using the thumb and index finger as when showing an “OK” sign. Starting at the base of the penis, move your hand to the tip. None of the steps should cause any pain or discomfort, and if you feel any, you should immediately stop. One “jelq” involves moving to the tip of the penis, releasing the grip before reaching it. Each jelq lasts between two and three seconds, and the person can experiment with different grips or different pressure as long as it’s not causing any pain.

Of course, if the method causes too much stimulation, you can always do it without using a lubricant. If you opt for a no-lube option, you should be more careful not to put too much strain and pressure on your champ. Most agree that 20 minutes of jelqing is enough (some mention up to an hour) and that the person shouldn’t push the limit looking for a faster solution.

While jelqing is a mostly safe option if you are wondering how to make your penis larger, putting too much pressure can cause damage. This especially applies when trying to jelq with a full erection since it can result in burst blood vessels. Whatever you do, you should avoid any harsh movement that can cause scarring or any other injury.

Only one question remains, and that’s — can jelqing help? Most people in the medical community sadly disagree. They claim that the whole process is based on poor knowledge about penile anatomy. However, if the whole process is done correctly, there can be no harm in testing your chances and trying to enlarge your penis.

While the whole process behind jelqing is misunderstood, the part about stretching can be helpful. There are people swearing that the method works and that they have seen results from it. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t force anything and that pulling too hard can cause harm and damage. The last thing you need is to get a countereffect and hurt yourself. One of the main issues about this technique is that there isn’t enough research to prove one way or the other. But if you think of jelqing as a regular exercise, just don’t push too hard and be careful, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Surgical Options

Now that we’ve covered most of the less invasive methods, it’s time to proceed to other ones. There are several different surgical options for enlarging a penis. The main problem with surgeries is that they often carry the risk of complications.

One of the most common methods is penile augmentation. This surgery involves injecting fat cells into the patient’s penis. It can also involve fat grafts that are put onto the penis. However, the main issue is that injecting fat cells can cause deformity and swelling. On the other hand, grafting can prove to be effective, but it can deteriorate over time and return to the previous state and size. This method can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Another technique used is the suspensory ligament release. This ligament is holding the penis near the pubic bone, and it provides support for it when it’s erect. While the method increases the length of the flaccid penis, it does nothing when the penis is fully erect. Furthermore, it can also cause various problems with sexual functions.

Using liposuction or lipofilling can increase girth, and it can enlarge the penis even up to 50% according to some. Liposuction involves injecting the patient’s fat that was previously removed from their tights or abdomen back into the penis. To ensure a permanent effect, the patient can repeat the whole process after three or six months. Some clinics suggest liposuction along with phalloplasty or cutting the ligament.

Other surgeries involve using silicone, dermal fillers, or even PMMA. Some can even insert medical-grade silicone under the skin to increase both the length and girth. However, doctors will usually avoid performing surgeries unless it is on micropenises since, in those cases, these types of surgeries can improve sexual and urinary functions. All methods mentioned can have significant side effects.

Penis Implants

Penile implants are special devices that are inserted into the penis to allow men with erectile dysfunction to get an erection. There are several different types of implants available, and some will significantly increase your size. Patients usually proceed to this method of penile enlargement when all other noninvasive techniques fail to work or when they are unsatisfactory.

There are several types of implants available. The first one is a three-piece one that has a reservoir in the abdomen of the patient. Furthermore, a pump is inserted into the patient’s scrotum and cylinders that are located in the penis. There is also a two-piece implant which is without the reservoir. Finally, the patient can opt for a semi-rigid one. With such an implant, there won’t be any invasive parts except the flexible rod that is inserted into the penis. When the patient desires to have an erection, they will simply move the penis in the position they want it and return it after they finish. Interestingly, not every surgery of this type will increase your manhood’s length, and some might even shorten it.

Penis implants are usually used for patients with ED and almost never for simple size increase. However, it is possible to find implants that can increase both the length and girth when inserted under the skin. These cosmetic enhancements are permanent, and the patient can choose their specifications and even shape. The changes using this method are significant and even reversible if the patient has a change of heart.

Oral Medication

When it comes to medication, the situation is a bit problematic. There has been no evidence that any kind of pill can increase the size of the penis. Furthermore, most pills you can find are usually a mixture of vitamins, hormones, minerals, and herbs that can sometimes cause more harm than good.

While there are many companies that claim to have magical medication that can increase one’s penis size if used, there has been no proof of any of them working. Furthermore, some doctors claim that these pills are a waste of both time and money, and if they worked, they would be sold at pharmacies.

Of course, we’re not talking about medications that are for those who focus on treating erectile dysfunction and not increasing their size. Oral medications usually work by increasing the flow of blood. As a result, the penis will indeed seem bigger, but it will actually just swell up more. Besides, they often have zinc that improves ejaculation.

Finally, it may seem that the pills actually work, and in a way, they do. They will improve one’s self-confidence. However, the size of the penis will not change. So it is always a better choice to opt for using multivitamins and products that will do the same thing in a healthier way.

Penis Suppositories

One of the most common suppositories is Alprostadil. The product is used for treating erectile dysfunction. This medicine will expand the blood vessels and improve the blood flow throughout the entire body. That, of course, includes the penis as well. Besides, the patient can inject Alprostadil directly into the penis, or they can use it as a suppository.

Furthermore, the patient can place the suppository directly into the urinary tube using a specially designed applicator. Aloprostadil’s role is to relax the body and increase the blood flow into the penis. Unfortunately, this drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction and will in no way increase the size of one’s manhood.

It is worth mentioning that the suppository is not even as effective as some other methods. While it may produce an erection that will be enough for sex in a bit over 30% of patients, it comes in several different forms when it comes to application. It can enter the body through the urethra or rectum, where the latter is most common.

Alprostadil is a natural protein, and while it can help with erections, anyone seeking to increase their penis size should seek some other means to achieve that.

Penis Injections

We already mentioned Alprostadil, and it can be used as a penis injection as well. While the effects are better if you are using injections rather than suppositories (works for approximately 80% of men), it still won’t have any impact on the size of the penis.

Besides penis augmentation injections we already mentioned, there are a few other options for size increase. The patient can opt for hyaluronic acid injections. The whole procedure is simple and nonsurgical. A specialist will inject the acid into the soft tissue that is under the skin of the shaft. This procedure can increase your girth, and it is usually between 0.3 and 0.8 inches. However, there have been cases of up to five-inch increases in girth. Unfortunately, the process is not permanent, and it will last around 18 months and will have no impact on the length of the penis.

The procedure has a few complications, but they are minimal if the patient visits a specialist. Some people even tried the whole thing by themselves, which often resulted in infection and a need to visit the hospital. Hyaluronic injections are among the safest ways to increase your penis size, but sadly, they will do so only in one dimension.

Trimming/Waxing Pubic Hair

Finally, if all previous methods seem too extreme, trimming or waxing pubic hair can do wonders. No, it will not make one’s penis magically grow, but it will make it appear larger. According to a survey, 95% of men said that they do at least some kind of private grooming. Just as many probably recommend the same approach when you ask them how to make your penis grow.

Keeping your pubic hair as short as possible is the easiest way to visibly increase the size of the penis. The reason for this is that it allows the penis to be seen and forces a perspective. Furthermore, a bit of manscaping can also do wonders for one’s self-esteem. Furthermore, it will significantly improve hygiene and skincare as well.

The other option is, of course, waxing, and it will have a similar effect. This fact was never a secret, and that’s the reason why male porn stars have their pubic hair either waxed or trimmed as much as possible. If you have never done it before, be careful because cutting yourself down there is the last thing you need. While this method won’t really increase your size, it will make your penis stand high and proud.

Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Some methods will show small improvement, while others will show none. Men have been wondering and wishing for a bigger penis since the beginning of time. It seems almost strange that there isn’t much research on how to do it. While every company will claim their products work 100% of the time, it is not always the case.

The vacuum pump will increase the blood flow in the penis and will improve one’s erection. Using the pump for 20 or 30 minutes each day will indeed increase the size of the penis. Of course, the difference won’t be incredible, but it is something at least. Similarly, stretching and weights can also make an impact on the size, but only if you do it while in the flaccid state. Extenders will help too, but they require the patient to wear them up to nine hours every day for half a year.

Other products like pills and creams are usually without any effect. The good thing about lotions and creams is that the user can get more familiar with their own body, which is always a good thing. Besides, jelqing and massages will at least make you feel good if you don’t overdo it. Furthermore, supplements and medications usually focus on improving erections and treating ED but will have no effect on the size.

One can always give injections a go. The ones based on hyaluronic acid will increase the penis’ girth and will last for over a year. The whole treatment won’t require surgery or medical stuff, and a specialist can inject it without any issues.

There are several types of surgeries that can make a difference. While some focus on erectile dysfunction, others will increase both the length and girth. One surgery can increase the length of the penis, while the other will increase its girth and size by injecting fat cells into the skin. The major downside to surgeries is that they are never risk-free and can cause significant problems and complications.

Finally, if none of these options work for you and you want to know how to make your penis longer in a risk-free way, you can always trim your pubic hair. If you imagine a really tall tree in the forest, it won’t look that impressive. However, that same tree in the desert will look as big as a skyscraper.

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