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Nearly all of the websites, stores, and even Youtube channels which focus on sex dolls spend the majority of the time talking about female dolls. The industry is largely male dominated, but women can be just as interested in sex dolls as men. Luckily for the girls, there are companies out there who already make male sex dolls, and more are joining every day.

Male sex dolls are providing to be incredibly popular. Some companies that have recently started manufacturing them already have so many orders that people are having to wait for weeks for their dolls!

What’s Different About Male Sex Dolls?

When making a sex doll for women to use, there’s obviously going to be some differences from the models designed for men. Surprisingly though, these differences don’t change as much as you’d think. Nearly all sex dolls are made in almost exactly the same way. It’s the last few stages that make the biggest difference.

Male sex dolls are still moulded around a skeleton, just like female dolls. Unless you’re making dolls with six packs and huge arms, then the main body might even be the exact same mould as a female doll. Hands and feet are often added afterwards so they can be made manlier before being attached. Genitals are usually made separately too, and the dolls will have a small hole for the right parts to be inserted into.

Once all the right parts are attached, the real differences begin. Male sex dolls typically need even more work than a female doll to get them looking as realistic as possible. It takes several coats of paint to create a manly skin tone. Body hair will then be painstakingly sewn on by hand, and men tend to have a lot more hair!

Another key difference is that male dolls can often be slightly smaller than their female equivalents. It might be a sexist way for manufacturers to look at it, but women tend not to be as strong as men. When designing male dolls for gay men, companies will leave them full sized. When creating the same dolls for women, they usually try to make them lighter so that women have an easier time moving them around.

Why Would Women Use Male Sex Dolls?

So, manufacturers are fully on board the male doll hype train, but why do women actually buy them? At its core, a woman’s reason for owning a sex doll is basically the same as a man’s. They want to enjoy sexual activities without needing another person!

It doesn’t matter if your single and feeling a little lonely, in a relationship and want to experiment with another person but aren’t completely comfortable with a threesome, or even if you just have a sex doll fetish. All reasons are fine and perfectly justified. The important thing is to just explore your sexuality and do things that you enjoy!

The Future of Male Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls are still in their infancy. While female sex dolls have been available for many years, manufacturers are only just starting to realise that the demand is there for male sex dolls too. While a lot of the technology used in making female dolls is directly applicable to male dolls, there are some aspects which need a little more development for a woman’s ideal enjoyment.

Some companies are beginning to experiment with bionic penises. These penises are able to move to simulate a real man’s penis, and also can be fitted with vibrators for even more stimulation!

There are also sex robots in development. This technology is still in its very early stages, but they are essentially programmable sex dolls. They can have personalities installed which interact with you and react to any touches or stimulation you give them. Companies working on sex robots for men have also begun to experiment with robots for women too. Ideally in the future they’d like to have versions available for both sexes which you can tailor to your own needs and desires.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? Sex dolls are no longer the object of a man’s desire and there are many options out there aimed completely at you!

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