How to Store a Sex Doll

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Storing a sex doll is one of those weird things you might not have thought about until it actually becomes a problem. You might just be shopping for your sex doll currently though and stumbled upon this by accident. Preparing for this eventuality is a good thing do to while shopping, as it might have some influence on which sex doll you decide to buy. Or perhaps you already have a sex doll and have been having a bit of a problem finding somewhere to keep it. If you’re looking for tips or just information, then you’re in the right place!

Ways to Store a Sex Doll

Typically, the first thing you might think when deciding where you’re going to keep your sex doll is that you can just keep it in your bed with you. While this is great for having it in an easy place to use regularly and gets you the added bonus of something good to snuggle, it might not be very practical in the long run.

When people come to visit your house, you might not want to have a sex doll on display somewhere it’s easy to see. You might need to hide it if you decide to bring home a real person and give your doll a night off. Or you might just be worried about your mattress sinking from having all the weight on it constantly.

It’s also not the best for your doll to be constantly left in one place all of the time. Most manufacturers say that their dolls should be moved at least once every eight days. This keeps the joints working properly, but also helps the doll overall. When left lying flat for long periods of time, then silicone or TPE dolls may begin to degrade slightly, and any areas the weight is leaning on (particularly their butt or boobs) can become a bit flattened.

So, if you can’t store your sex doll on your bed for a long period of time, then what should you do? Well generally you have two options when it comes to storage, either standing up or lying down.

Standing up will usually be the easiest option as it doesn’t require you to do much else other than find somewhere to put it. You need an area with plenty of space, as you don’t really want the doll to be touching walls or other things for extended periods of time. Cupboards are ideal, but you might find that your doll gets a little dustier if you store it in one. Another option it to have a hook installed somewhere in your house, giving you the option of hanging your doll up.

If you don’t have a great place to put your doll standing up, then you can usually find somewhere a little easier having them lying down. If you can find a box large enough to keep them in then you can line the box with some sheets for padding, put your doll inside, and store the box somewhere. Under the bed is ideal, or on top of cabinets, basically anywhere with enough space.

Just like storing your doll in a bed, even if you have it standing up or lying down you still need to move it every few days. Similarly, you should try to avoid having your doll in strange positions for extended periods of time. It might seem like a good idea at the time to fold your doll up like a contortionist, so it takes up less space. Most manufacturers don’t recommend this though, as it puts extra strength on the joints of the doll and overall degrades it over time.

A final option for some sex dolls is to take them apart while not in use. Not every doll can be taken apart, and if your doll came in one piece it probably won’t be able to. If you got your doll delivered in a box and had to assemble it yourself though, then it should be a simple matter of reversing the process. Even if you can’t take the doll apart fully, almost all dolls can have their heads removed so that might help you a little with storage.

It’s not a super exciting subject, but how you store your sex dolls is important, so you should bear it in mind when shopping for your dolls. Manufacturers should carry measurements for the size of their sex dolls, so you can use a tape measure and get a clear idea of exactly where your doll could fit in your house.

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