How Popular Are Sex Dolls?

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Sex dolls are gaining more notoriety around the world. Every week there are new articles talking about futuristic robots coming to replace our women. But for many of us, it seems completely blown out of proportion. After all, how many people do you even know with a sex doll? Are they really as popular as news articles would have you believe?

Which Countries Buy the Most Sex Dolls?

Aside from the occasional person who collects many different kinds of sex doll, most people won’t have even heard of someone owning one. But there must be demand somewhere, or all these new sex doll manufacturers that pop up everywhere would go out of business. So which countries are actually buying sex dolls?

The answer might surprise you. Many of you would probably guess America, given its huge population. In fact, the Philippines come in at number one, with Australia in a close second. Even on a city level America still loses out, with Sydney and Melbourne being the most popular cities for sex dolls.

How Many People Buy Sex Dolls?

This isn’t as simple a question to answer as you’d think. There are many different factors to take into consideration when it comes to buying sex dolls. In some countries, it’s a simple matter of who individually will buy their own sex dolls. Some take this much further than others, and there are even stories of some individuals owning hundreds of their own dolls!

Without going and asking everyone you meet, it’s going to be hard to know how many people in your town, city, or country actually own sex dolls. What we can say though is that nearly every high-end sex doll manufacturer has back orders for several weeks if not months, so there are plenty of people ordering them.

Buying Sex Dolls for Business?

Many countries have started offering more than just the ability to buy sex dolls. Some brave souls have begun to provide sex dolls either for rental, or even providing them in existing brothels. As time passes more and more of these services are popping up, and they seem to be here to stay!

In brothels, they usually start out with just one sex doll to test the waters. Often these dolls can turn out to be way more popular than the real prostitutes though. It might be in part due to the nature of being able to do what you want with the doll, or maybe less embarrassment from not having to interact with another human being, but whatever the reason many of the dolls in these brothels are often booked out for weeks at a time. Nearly all of the brothels that have taken the plunge tend to be leaning towards buying more dolls in the future.

Sex doll brothels aren’t without controversy though. All over the world you can find examples of people opening up these establishments but quickly facing criticism from the local community, local authorities, or even the government in the country. In the most extreme cases these brothels are even shut down for good.

Sex dolls for the Good of the Country?

In some countries there are policies on how many children a couple can have. Perhaps the most famous example of this is China’s one child policy. Even though in recent years this policy has been modified and Chinese families can have as many children as they like (sometimes with extra costs), these policies have long reaching ramifications.

To put it bluntly, these countries are starting to suffer from a lack of women. In most situations of restricted child birth, male children have been preferred by most families. There are many reasons for this that I’m not going to go into now, but the key point is that with so many families mainly having male children an entire generation is now growing up with a vast imbalance in the sexes.

A somewhat unusual development of all this though, is that the sex doll industry is exploding in these countries. During “Single’s Day”, China’s equivalent to Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, one seller was reported to have sold 500 sex dolls within a single minute. Although the manufacturers were expecting a lot of domestic trade, the scale on which this is materialising is surprising everyone.

Having the option of a sex doll can allow many of these single men in countries suffering from female shortages can go a long way towards helping with many of the negative feelings like loneliness, lack of intimacy, or depression.

The amount of single men in these countries also mean that sex toy usage, and in particular artificial vaginas, is much more accepted. Were these governments to sanction and promote the use of sex dolls further, it could go a long way to helping with their own problems as well as increasing the popularity of sex dolls overall.

Sex Dolls for Pleasure…

Ultimately, the main reason anyone is going to buy a sex doll is to enjoy it. When you compare the top end sex dolls we can buy today to the humble beginnings of lonely sailors having sex with “Dutch wives”, we’re a thousand times closer to recreating a real feeling alternative to sex.

Development hasn’t slowed though, and the market moves ever closer to creating functioning sex robots rather than static dolls. Materials are constantly iterated on, aiming to create feelings that are that little bit more real. Even interactivity is becoming a factor as dolls are developed with their own personalities and programmed to respond and react to your voice.

Regardless of your current feelings about sex dolls, they are definitely here to stay. The longer designers and manufacturers have to work on their creations the more realistic they will get. Over time society’s attitude will become more accepting like it does with most unusual things.

With more realistic and accepted sex dolls or even sex robots, the amount of pleasure we get from using them is sure to grow. As the pleasure gains grow, the popularity is sure to follow. So, who knows? Before long, maybe knowing people with sex dolls will become the norm, and people without them will be the weird ones!

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