Homemade Sex Dolls

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Buying your own sex doll can be an expensive prospect. While there are cheap inflatables available, these don’t give the most realistic experience. If you’re looking for something a little more authentic, you can quickly find prices rising into the thousands. So, what’s a person to do when they want a realistic feeling sex doll, but doesn’t have the money to spend?

DIY Sex Dolls

It wasn’t too long ago that the extent of sex toys was simply a dildo or a pocket pussy. While these can feel great, they still leave it painfully obvious that you’re having sex with yourself, albeit using a toy. Nowadays though, modern materials like silicone and TPE have made it easy to recreate nearly any possible body part in a scarily lifelike fashion.

If you’re looking to create your own sex doll at home, you can take advantage of all of these individual parts and tailor make a sex doll to your personal specifications. Manufacturers carry all kinds of parts, some made specifically for the construction of their sex dolls, and some simply made for those with a particular fetish.

Hands and feet are the most common parts to find in good supply, but with enough searching you should be able to find nearly every part you’ll need. Fake vaginas and dildos are obviously simple enough to find, with the added bonus of being able to try them out before you put them on your doll. This makes sure that your finished product will be as enjoyable as possible.

One of the hardest parts to find will be the right head. Some inflatable dolls come with a moulded head, which you could detach from the body and use on your doll. Other sex toys that have potential are blowjob simulators. These are essentially pocket pussies but rather than the orifice being a vagina, they have a mouth, tongue, and even teeth. Some are even more elaborate and come with a chin and nose, as a kind of half head.

It largely depends on how real you want everything to look once you’ve finished. If you’re simply looking for something the same shape as a real person to have sex with, then all you really need is either the vagina or dildo. If you want it to look great as well as feeling great, then find as many realistic parts as you can. You could even look for a mannequin head that hairdressers might use for training, or even pick up a plain mannequin head to paint and design exactly the way you want.

For reference, parts you might want to consider are:

  • The genitals (most importantly)
  • The Head
  • Breasts (if building a female doll)
  • Hands/Arms
  • Feet/Legs
  • The Butt (Some people will find this important while others might not care)
  • Hair/Wigs
  • Paint/Filler Materials (Once you’ve put everything together there may be some areas that need touching up)

Putting it all Together

The best way to combine all your parts is to build them into a mannequin, just like the kind you’d find in any clothes store. If you know someone who can get one for you for free, then great! If not, you’ll need to do a little shopping online to find something the right height for you.

Now it’s just a simple matter of removing the parts you plan on replacing or cutting holes to fit anything you need to add. For most mannequins, simple hacksaws and blades will do the job perfectly. Take care when doing this though as things can end up a bit sharp and pointy!

Before you start attaching your new parts, you’ll want to stuff the inside of the mannequin. This gives it extra support to help keep everything in shape while you bounce around in the bedroom. Then it’s a simple matter of attaching your chosen parts in the right positions!

Take Care Mixing Materials

An important thing to watch out for if you’re building your own doll is that different materials can react with each other negatively. Some types of rubber, silicone, TPE, or even cyberskin are fine when left separate. Once you let them touch though, they can break everything down and turn your new construction into an oily mess.

On top of that, adhesives you choose to use may have a similar effect. In an ideal situation, you won’t use any kind of glue while building your doll. Instead try to fashion connections with clips, straps, or anything else you can think of.

There’s a little bit of trial and error involved here. Some materials react badly, some are fine. Each manufacturer uses slightly different blends, so there’s no way to know without trying it out for yourself. It’s a similar story with glues too, as some will be fine, but others will melt your parts.

Hopefully though, with a little research and experimentation, you can create your own ideal sex partner for a fraction of the price. Then all that’s left is to get in the bedroom and enjoy!

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