Conditioning Powder: A Sex Doll's Best Friend

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Buying sex dolls isn't just simply buying an adult sex toy. You’re making what is usually quite a hefty investment in something that you hope will last a long time and bring you plenty of pleasure. Unfortunately, it’s not as simply as just choosing a good quality sex doll.

In order to make the most of it and keep it lasting as long as you can, you have certain responsibilities to care for it. Alongside cleaning and storing it properly, an important part will be maintaining the skin of the doll. Most of the time, this is done with some sort of conditioning powder.

What is Conditioning Powder?

After washing and drying a sex doll, you’ll often notice the skin of the doll doesn’t feel quite like it did before. Often it will feel clammy or sticky. This is quite a natural thing to happen, so don’t worry about it too much. In order to keep the skin feeling as good as it did when you bought the doll, you’ll need to use a conditioning powder.

There are many different types of conditioning powder available, but for the most part they do exactly the same thing. It’s a powder you dust over the surface of your sex doll that is absorbed into the skin and keeps it feeling fresh. Sometimes it will come in a pot and you’ll have to manually dust your doll with your hands or a small brush. Other times it comes in a kind of squirt bottle, that lets you quickly and efficiently cover your doll in the powder.

Which type of conditioning powder you use is largely down to your own discretion. If you want the best for your doll, you might think you need to buy one of the “specially formulated” conditioning powders made by sex doll manufacturers. These are formulated with special ingredients to help keep the dolls skin in the best condition possible.

Other people like to use different products to keep their dolls fresh. Traditionally, talcum powder was the conditioning powder of choice for the sex doll industry. Research has shown though that prolonged exposure to talc can increase the risk of contracting various forms of cancer. It also has a smell that many people (quite naturally) associate with babies, so it can be a little off putting to have that smell coming from your sex doll. Over time, the use of talc has gradually faded.

Another alternative is corn-starch. This one is still commonly used and recommended by many people today. It does still have its downsides, as the corn needs to be treated to remove the starch. This can leave some chemicals in the powder which may irritate your own skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Whichever condition powder you decide to go for, the important thing is that you simply use one. Many people continually use and wash their sex dolls without ever powdering them. In most cases, these dolls don’t last nearly as long as those that are regularly powdered. So if you want the most bang for your buck, and want to keep your sex doll in the best possible condition, then always powder it after cleaning!

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