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There's a lot to consider when you first decide to buy a sex doll. Experienced users or collectors have it much easier. When you're just starting out though, it's a big investment with many different choices. Each has an impact on your enjoyment as well as your wallet, so we're going to give you an overview of all the things you should consider when buying a doll.

What Do You Want from Your Sex Doll?

This is probably the most important question you need to answer when you begin shopping. Different people buy sex dolls for different reasons and these reasons will all affect the many choices you can make.

Do you simply want something to make your masturbation a little more interesting? Do you want to introduce a third party to sex with your partner, but don’t want another human being? Do you want a friend, who you can dress up the way you choose and share your life with? Do you want something cheap? Long-Lasting? Personalised? There’s a lot to consider.

Before you even start looking at sex dolls sit down and have a proper think about it. Once you have your own answer of exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll be in a much better place to make decisions about the doll in general as well as specific options you might be able to customise.

What Kind of Doll are You Buying?

With a clear idea of what you want to get from your sex doll, it should be much easier to decide roughly which type of doll you want to buy. There are a few different categories sex dolls fall into, and once you’ve picked one it will further narrow the options available to you. These are:

  • Inflatable Sex Dolls
  • Fabric Sex Dolls
  • Mini Sex Dolls
  • Medium Sex Dolls
  • Full-Size/Realistic Sex Dolls
  • There are also options for realistic sex dolls which aren’t an entire body, such as just a torso or lower half.
  • Interactive Sex Dolls/Sex Robots

Feel free to browse through each category and see which fits your goal the most. Once you’ve picked many options will be instantly taken off the table, so your decision-making process gets a lot easier.

Sex Doll Materials

There are a range of materials used in creating sex dolls. Vinyl, Latex, Fabric, Silicone, and TPE are generally the most common. You may find some made of other materials such as rubber, but there’s a reason the five I mentioned are the most common. Over the last few decades manufacturers have refined their techniques and those materials will usually be either the best value or best feeling available.

Vinyl and Latex will be your go to materials for inflatable dolls, with some silicone dolls sprinkled in here or there. Both materials are fairly similar and function well for sex dolls. Vinyl will usually be a little stronger, but more crease prone. Latex tends to be a little better looking and more satisfying to touch, but it is more tear prone. Silicone inflatables aren’t as common, but they will typically be the best in terms of feel and durability. You pay for the extra quality though and they will be much more expensive.

Fabric sex dolls will leave you the most options for materials as they can be made of basically any fabric. You can usually just go for whichever fabric you prefer, although some may be more-hard wearing than others, and some may be more or less expensive. If you want a fabric sex doll but you aren’t sure which fabric to go for you could head to clothes stores or carpet stores and feel some of the fabrics on offer.

When we move to more realistic dolls, the materials on offer shrink to two choices: TPE or Silicone. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages which we have discussed in another article. Both also have their own following of dedicated fans who will not be swayed from their choice. If you aren’t sure, head to your local sex toy store and ask to feel a toy made of each material and go with whichever you prefer.

Customising Your Sex Doll

Once you’ve decided on the type of sex doll you want, and what it’s going to be made of, you might be done! Typically, inflatable dolls, and some realistic dolls are sold as presented, and are unable to be customised in any way. If you’re happy with what you see though, you don’t need to worry about anything else and can simply enjoy your purchase.

If the manufacturer gives you options, you’ve got some more thinking to do. These decisions should be considered carefully, as much of it won’t be reversible. If you’re the indecisive type, it could be worth looking for a bald sex doll which also has removable genitals. That way you can switch things around if you change your mind later on.

Areas which may be customisable include:

  • Skin Colour and Tone
  • Facial Features and Expression
  • Piercings
  • Make-Up
  • Skin Imperfections (Scars, Freckles, etc)
  • Genitals (Size, width, can they be removed)
  • Hands (Nails, Nail Polish, Calluses)
  • Feet (Nails, Nail Polish)
  • Body Hair
  • Hair Length and Colour

Depending on which doll you choose, you might be given several options (red, blonde or brown hair for example) or you may be given complete freedom to tell the manufacturer exactly what you want. While it can be fun to design your ideal partner from head to toe and completely customise everything you want to, as you make these changes the price of the doll will creep upwards. Consider how important each customised option is and whether or not you want to spend the extra cash.

Height and Weight of Your Sex Doll

We’ve covered this in a little more detail elsewhere on the site, but the height and weight of a sex doll is often overlooked. Most of the time it will simply be assumed that a sex doll will be the same size as a human being, and nobody really thinks too much about their weight. These things are important to consider when you choose your doll though.

As your sex doll becomes taller, it will usually become heavier. You need to not only consider if you have space to store your chosen doll, but also how you’ll move it around between or even during use. If either of these things are likely to be a problem for you then you’re probably going to have to downsize and go for a smaller sex doll.

Bringing Your Sex Doll to Life

We are currently in the infant stages of the next sex doll development. More and more manufacturers are working on ways to bring their sex dolls to life, ultimately aiming to fully replicate the experience of having sex with a real partner.

Currently there isn’t much for you to decide except whether or not you actually want you sex toy to be able to talk to you. If you do, you might be given the option to have a personality programmed into it or be able to change things from an app on your phone. AI infused sex dolls are the most expensive on the market, and for most people won’t even need to be something to think about until the costs come down dramatically.

There are probably countless other potential decisions that might affect your choice of sex doll. Ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences. We always encourage you to think long and hard about your purchase, because these dolls can be large, expensive, and difficult to exchange or dispose of if things aren’t quite what you imagined. Most of all though, we want you to enjoy your sex doll, so please consider the options available to you and pick something you’ll be able to make the most of!

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