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There are many considerations which go into the decision of which sex doll you should buy. One that is often overlooked though, is the height or weight of your doll. When looking at pictures of dolls in a catalogue or on a website, we often simply imagine them being human sized even if there are no reference points in the picture. Further still, each of us have our own version of what “human sized” is, so my idea of how big a sex doll is might be very different from yours.

Height and weight are intrinsically linked with sex dolls. The taller your doll gets, the more it’s going to weigh. While this might not seem like a big deal to you when you’re browsing, it’ll make a massive difference to get home. Larger and heavier objects are much more difficult to move around and store, as well as harder to move and reposition during your bedroom time.

How Heavy Are Sex Dolls?

In general, the taller and larger the sex doll, the more it’ll weigh. Not surprising really. As a general rule of thumb though, a realistic life-sized doll will be about half the weight of an average human.

It doesn’t just boil down to whether your doll is 6ft or 5ft 11” though. There are several variants of sex dolls which can come in much smaller sizes, right down to the mini sex doll. These are much, much lighter and easier to move around.

The materials used in making your sex doll also play a role. In the past manufacturers used to use metal skeletons to build the dolls around but these were very heavy. Nowadays most use PVC instead. Skin materials matter too, with silicone sex dolls generally being the heaviest, and fabric sex dolls being the lightest.

Most of the time, the weight of the doll shouldn’t be a huge factor in choosing the one you want. It really just depends on where you plan to store your doll, how much you want to move it, and your own personal strength.

If the manufacturer lists the weight of the doll, you can compare to household objects to get an idea of the weight you’ll be moving. A good way to get some idea is to compare it to something you lilt often. For example, a 2L bottle of liquid weighs around 2Kg, so a 10Kg doll will be about the same as 5 bottles.

How Tall Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls can come in a variety of heights. Some of these are predetermined by the manufacturer who may offer a range within several inches or may be firm and only sell dolls of a specific height. Other manufacturers might let you choose the height of your doll, and custom make it to your specifications (which will usually be a bit more expensive).

There are a few categories which dolls of various heights tend to fall into. Within each category there can still be variation, but it’s easier to shop for if you know roughly the size you are looking for.

Mini Sex Dolls are the smallest of the bunch. These sex dolls aren’t made with realism in mind as they are much smaller than real-life women, a fact which is often embraced and built upon with fantasy features like elf ears. Smaller models will typically only have space for one orifice (usually a vagina), but larger mini dolls may be able to fit both a vagina and anus.

Heights for these dolls can range from around 2ft to 3.5ft, and generally they won’t weigh more than around 12-15kg. Smaller models are very easy to move around and are ideal if all you’re looking for is a fancier masturbation tool.

Medium Sex Dolls are kind of in the middle between mini sex dolls, and life-sized ones. At this height the dolls start to feel a little more authentic and realistic, even if they are a little on the short side. Medium dolls can generally come with anything you’d expect on a full-sized doll, just a little smaller.

Height for these dolls can range from around 4ft to 5ft, and range between about 20-25kg. Depending on your own strength, this can be the size where things start to get a little more difficult. You should carefully weigh up whether the extra foot or two of height is worth around double the weight.

Full-Sized/Realistic Sex Dolls are the ones we typically think of when some talks about sex dolls. These are meant to look as real as possible in every single way including how tall they are. Most men would probably prefer this kind of sex doll, but it’s often not really worth the extra cost and hassle. If you’re serious about your dolls, and enjoy sharing non-sexual activities with them, or use them for photographic purposes then these dolls are for you. Otherwise, you should probably look at smaller sex dolls.

Realistic Sex Dolls come in at around 5ft and above, and usually weigh upwards of 30kg. For a weaker person, moving them around can be a serious challenge. Their weight also reaches a point where the size or shape of certain parts (particularly boobs and butts) can change over time if the doll isn’t moved. Leaving them in your bed permanently could also leave a bit of a dent in your mattress.

Even though they might not be the first thing on you mind when you shop for dolls, weight and height are definitely important factors you should think about before you click checkout.

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