Can You Use Sex Dolls in Water?

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For many people their sex dolls are more than just masturbation tools. These people like to share many parts of their lives with their dolls, like having dinner or watching TV. One area that people may want to enjoy their sex dolls is in the shower or bathtub. What's more romantic than a long soak together?

With a sex doll though, it's not as simple as it is with a real person. Depending on the material your doll is made of, there can be various problems submerging your doll in water, and some are completely unsuitable. So, which sex doll should you buy if you want to be able to use it in water?

Heat and Sex Dolls

The most important consideration when it comes to submerging your sex dolls in water is how much heat they can handle. Unless you like freezing cold baths, in which case you can probably use any doll! Out of all the materials you can buy, the only one that is resistant enough to heat is the silicone doll. This can withstand very high temperatures, even being able to be boiled for sterilisation.

All other materials won’t fare so well. At best, they may become sticky or clammy, and at worst they can outright melt. If you don’t want your doll to suffer any negative effects, then you’ll need to find the perfect temperature and that may not even be warm enough for your own fleshy body.

If you're planning on trying it out with a TPE doll, it's largely to be a case of trial and error. You might be able to find others online who have tried it themselves, and they might have advice on which temperatures is too much. Unfortunately, each manufacturer makes their own blend of TPE when making their idols, so each different one might begin to melt at slightly different temperatures.

Bathing or Showering with Your Sex Doll

When you decide to take the plunge with your favourite dolls, there are a few things to think about. Firstly, you can choose to either cover/plug the orifices or leave them open. It’s largely your own decision but you should be aware that if you leave them open then they’ll need to be thoroughly dried once you’re done. Leaving moisture inside a dolls vagina or anus for an extended period of time can lead to mould building up inside them which isn’t pleasant for anyone.

Another thing you need to take care of is the head. Almost every sex doll manufacturer will tell you to never submerge the head in water. The odd one might be okay with it, but generally it should be avoided. The dolls head is usually attached at the end of the manufacturing process, and sometimes they can be hollow. If there’s anywhere on your doll water could get trapped or cause problems, it’s going to be the head.

No matter how careful you are, or what your doll is made of, it’s probably going to be a little sticky once you’ve dried it off. To combat this, many manufacturers offer renewal powder, which you simply sprinkle onto the skin of your doll to help keep it as good as new. If this is too expensive or fancy for you then a lot of people use corn-starch in its place and it does just as good a job.

Bathing a Fabric Sex Doll

Fabric absorbs water. It's something we should all already know. Putting a fabric sex doll in the bath or shower is probably going to be a bad time. Your doll will get very heavy, so when you try to pick it up the seams may split or rip. Even if you get it out of the tub, it's going to take an incredibly long time to dry properly, so it's not really worth the trouble.

If you want to bathe with a sex doll, the best thing you can do is just go for silicone. These have no real issues in being used with water, so you can just get straight to it. Just to sure to dry everything off properly once your done.

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