Are Sex Dolls a Type of Fetish?

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Many people who are considering buying their own sex doll might be fascinated by the new sexual opportunities it can open up for them. Some can just be curious what it’s like, and what to try it out for themselves. Very often though, something will hold them back. Often, someone might worry about what people will think about them if they find out about the sex doll.

This is a perfectly reasonable worry, given that sex dolls aren’t as mainstream as some other kinds of sex toys. It’s not often that anyone will even talk about the more common sex toys, let alone something as expensive and uncommon as a sex doll. Most of the time though, people blow these feelings highly out of proportion. Owning a sex doll is a perfectly normal and reasonable thing in our modern societies.

What is a Fetish?

A common barrier for people considering buying a sex doll is that they’ll be viewed as having a weird fetish. Is this true though? Are sex dolls really a fetish?

A fetish can have several meanings, but when it comes to sexual objects, there’s only one definition most people are interested in. A fetish is an object, body part, or preference which someone finds sexually arousing. As it becomes more extreme, someone might find that their fetishized thing becomes necessary for any sexual gratification at all.

It doesn’t just have to be sexual though. Some people’s fetishes are quite simple revering or being devoted to an object. This can vary from a light feeling to something completely obsessive and can take over someone’s life. At their most extreme, people might end up owning many different sex dolls and sharing various aspects of their lives with these dolls.

Are fetishes always unhealthy though? This is a question that is quite complex and really depends on each individual personality. In general, as long as your fetish isn’t completely taking over your life and causing you harm in other areas like work or family, then there’s nothing wrong it! On the other hand, if you find yourself struggling to maintain everyday aspects of life because of your fetish then there’s a good chance you have a problem and need to dial it back a little.

There’s also a lot of nuance to whether or not you’re getting a little too attached to your sex dolls. A twenty-something person who has bought one and is shunning contact with others to spend more time with their doll is probably a bad thing, whereas an older person who has lost their loved ones and spends a lot of time with their doll because they’re lonely isn’t so bad. It’s just a matter of perspective and judgement.

You shouldn’t let it put you off trying one though! As long as you’re using your sex doll in a healthy way, and not letting it affect your life in a negative fashion then there’s nothing wrong with them. They are quite simple another avenue for us to explore our sexuality. Sure, there might be people who don’t understand them, or try to make fun of you for it, but just like nearly every part of life these people probably aren’t the kind of people that you actually want to have around. Your good friends will support you, and probably be interested in your experiences.

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