Are Pocket Pussies Worth It?

If you’ve heard of a pocket pussy, you might have been exposed to all the hype around them. Maybe you’ve read a few articles online, or perhaps a friend has one and keeps going on about it to you. Whatever the situation, you’re probably wondering: Are these things really worth it?

Are Pocket Pussies Expensive?


The first thing that will cross your mind when deciding whether or not it’s worth picking will be the cost. If you’re looking for the best and most realistic experience, then there’s no denying that you’re going to need to drop some serious cash. When you’re committed to finding the perfect pocket pussy though, it’s really worth the cost.

For those of you not who are a bit on the fence about it though, there are still cheaper options. These will usually be made of cheaper materials though, such as rubber or jelly, and tend not to be as anatomically correct as the more expensive versions. They are much cheaper though, and you can find some entry level pocket pussies for as little as $10. Perfect for someone wondering what all the fuss is about but not quite ready to spend a lot of money.

Are Pocket Pussies Worth the Cost?

This is ultimately a question that only you can answer. It really depends what you’re looking to get out of using your pocket pussy, and what your expectations are. To decide exactly what you’re aiming for, there a few different points to consider:

  • Feel: For most people, the feel will be the most important part of the pocket pussy. It can be dictated by a number of factors such as the materials the pussy is made of, the textures inside the sleeve, or even the amount of lube you use.
  • Look: The appearance of the pocket pussy can be a big deal to some more visual people. Having it look more like a real vagina or anus can really help with getting aroused, or if there’s a particular fetish that turns you on, having a pocket pussy styled that way can be equally arousing.
  • Durability: Depending on your experience with pocket pussies, durability may or may not be something you think about. Those just starting out will probably just want something that works, but a more experienced user will probably want something that’s going to last a lot longer for the extra money.
  • Discretion: Despite the name, most pocket pussies are actually quite big. If you’re looking for something a bit more discreet, you might have to spend a little more money or sacrifice some features.
  • Features: For the real connoisseur, the additional bells and whistles you can find on a pocket pussy will be the real part that makes it worth your money. It might be vibration, suction, interchangeable sleeves, or a combination of everything you can think of. The more features you add, the more the cost will rise, but if you’re already spending more you may as well get a device that does everything.

If you find your perfect fit for all of these factors, at a price you’re happy to pay, then that pocket pussy is worth it for you! It can take a while to find the ideal one for your preferences, but don’t give up the search. Once you find your perfect pocket pussy you’ll definitely be one of the people telling your own friends that it really is worth the money.

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