Why Use Yoni Eggs?

For someone looking in from the outside, the whole notion of putting crystals inside your body can seem a little strange. Only once you begin to understand the great benefits offered by these eggs, will you start to understand why so many people use them so much.

This article aims to show you all the different reasons someone might want to use a yoni egg, so you can decide if they’re something you want to try or not!

Benefits of Yoni Eggs

The use of yoni eggs goes back thousands of years in our history, and the purpose behind them hasn’t changed all that much.

Firstly, they are meant to strengthen the vaginal muscles. This belief goes all the way back to ancient China, where Taoists believed that the key to a woman having a strong and healthy life was to have a strong and healthy vagina. They used these eggs to help train the vaginal muscles, and achieve new heights of spiritual power through the vagina.

These ideas might not be something that everyone believes in, but they have been largely backed up by medical evidence in more recent years. There’s no doubt that by improving the health of the vaginal muscles, you can truly start to experience health benefits in your own body!

Stronger Orgasms

One of the best benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor with yoni eggs is stronger orgasms. There are a few different factors to this.

Firstly, many women begin to lose their sex drive as they age. Most evidence suggests that by continuing to exercise the pelvic floor muscles and achieving greater vaginal strength, women are much more likely to continue wanting to have sex.

A big part of this is that with a strong set of vaginal muscles, sex typically feels much better. And when it feels better, you want to do it more!

As the muscles become stronger, you tend to gain much more control over your vagina. You can grip harder with it, giving the impression that it’s much tighter and you can feel sexual pleasure much more.

With extra control, you can move your vagina in different ways too. You can take advantage of this by gripping and clenching at the right times, helping a penis or sex toy to hit all the right spots.

When you finally reach orgasm (which tends to be a lot easier), you’ll usually feel a rhythmic pulsing coming from within your body. This is largely caused by contractions and spasms of your pelvic floor muscles.

With stronger muscles, these spasms can be much stronger, and the muscles take longer to become tired. This means you can experience much stronger, more intense, and much longer orgasms!

Tighter Feeling Vagina

Another thing that using yoni eggs can help with is getting your vagina to feel tighter.

Throughout their lifetimes, is is fairly common for a woman to feel like her vagina has become looser than it used to be. This can be caused by many different things, such as not exercising enough, poor diet, “pushing” too hard when using the toilet, childbirth, or even just aging.

Unfortunately this is a bit of a misconception. The vagina is quite fantastic and is able to grow by inches when you become aroused! Once the arousal passes, it quite simply shrinks back to its original size.

It also has to be elastic and supple enough to stretch wide enough to let a child pass through, as this is the natural way for a baby to be born. Even after extreme circumstances such as these, the vagina is able to tighten back up, and return to its former size.

So why do so many people believe their vagina gets looser?

What actually happens is the muscles surrounding the vagina (the pelvic floor muscles) become weaker. This means they don’t hold the vagina in place as tightly as they used to, and it’s free to sag or move in new directions.

This gives the impression of a loose vagina.

By using yoni eggs to rebuild the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, you can return the entire area back to it’s old, tight state. This means the muscles keeping the vagina in place, and controlling how much it can open or close, are able to regain their tightness, and give you the feeling that your vagina has tightened back up!


One of the most common things that happens when the pelvic floor becomes weaker is that you begin to suffer from incontinence. This condition can have an enormous impact on your life.

Incontinence is where you are no longer able to control your bodily functions, and frequently will suffer from small amounts of urine or poop leaking out of your body. Sometimes, things will go in the opposite direction, and you’ll have difficulty using the bathroom at all.

There are many, many different types of incontinence, and it can be caused by a variety of different things. Pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the most common reasons though, and improving the condition of the pelvic floor is also one of the best things you can do to help with incontinence.

This doesn’t just mean strengthening them either! Some people may have overly tight pelvic floor muscles, and they actually need to loosen them in order to improve their specific type of incontinence.

Using yoni eggs as part of an overall pelvic floor training regime can have fantastic benefits. These can range from simply improving your incontinence by lessening the frequency or volume of leaks, right up to almost completely curing the condition.

As always, this is a medical condition though, so if you plan to undertake this kind of exercise in order to help with incontinence, we recommend that you consult your doctor first. They can offer you much more detailed advice about both the condition of your muscles, and what you should be doing to improve them.

Healing After Childbirth

One of the most brutal and damaging parts of a woman’s life is carrying and giving birth to a child. Her muscles are stretched to their absolute limits, and some even further.

Recovering from this kind of strain can take a long time, and a woman will need to pay careful attention to specific areas of her body, and work on them accordingly.

One of the most affected parts of the body are the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles not only bear most of the weight of the child, which can push them down and cause them to sag. They will also be stretched beyond their limits, as the child moves through the birth canal and out of the body.

For this reason, many, many doctors recommend pelvic floor training exercises to both pregnant and post childbirth women. The use of yoni eggs can assist with this training and recovery, as they provide extra weight to both grip and hold, teaching the muscles how to move the way they used to.

If you want to use an egg during pregnancy, always consult your doctor first. There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to use one, and making sure it is safe for both you and your baby should be your top priority.

Spiritual Reasons to use Yoni Eggs

While we’ve spent a lot of time covering physical and medical reasons someone might want to use a yoni egg, this is only half of the picture. The fact is that many people use yoni eggs because of the crystals, not the physical aspects of exercise and training.

Each crystal is said to carry its own set of mystical properties, which allow it to tap into different aspects of your mind, thoughts and emotions. Which crystal you choose will depend on exactly what you want to get from using it.

The most commonly used yoni egg crystals are jade, obsidian, and rose quartz. It’s thought that all three of these crystals have been used for their spiritual properties for thousands of years.

Jade carries healing qualities, and using it said to aid in recovery as well as helping to balance the mind and achieve spiritual calmness.

Obsidian is said to be the stone of truth, which helps to reveal mysteries and assist you in making decisions. It’s also thought to help absorb negative emotions, and is frequently used as a cleansing stone when dealing with trauma or difficult emotions.

Rose quartz is much more closely linked to love and matters of the heart. It is said to help when recovering from heartbreak or loss, as well as opening your heart when looking for love or companionship.

While these are just three of the most common crystals and their very basic spiritual benefits, there is a lot more to explore and many more types of crystal. Be sure to check out our complete guide to yoni crystals for more information.

With all these benefits and more, smaller ones that we haven’t talked about, it’s a wonder that there are people who aren’t using yoni eggs. Even in people without health issues or spiritual baggage, using them can simply maintain the strength of both your mind and muscles, and leave you feeling much more energised and prepared for life!

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