Vibrators Vs Dildos

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There comes a time in a woman’s life when she decides to get a sex toy. For women, two main categories come to mind – dildos and vibrators.

So then the age old question comes up, which one is better?

We’re here to help you find out!


What Is A dildo?

A dildo is defined as any item, generally in the shape of a penis, used for penetration into the vagina, anus, or mouth.

Where Did Dildos Come From?

Dildos are one of the oldest sex toys according to archaeologists. The oldest goes back to the Paleolithic Era (approximately 2.6 million years to 12,000 years ago), and many are shown in Ancient Greek art.

What Are Dildos Made Of?

Nowadays, dildos are made of different materials ranging from rubber or glass to plastic. More advanced materials like “Cyberskin” imitate the feel of human skin.

There are even dildos made of gold! Among these, the most versatile are rubber and silicone dildos.

How Can You Use Dildos?

You can use dildos by yourself or with your partner. Some couples prefer dildos specifically made to stimulate the G-spot to enhance their sexual experience.

You can find information about the G-spot later in this article.


What Is A Vibrator?

Vibrators are quite similar to dildos, but what makes them distinct is that they vibrate.

There are various shapes and sizes of vibrators, and they may be used for internal stimulation, external stimulation, or both.

Where Did Vibrators Come From?

Originally, vibrators were marketed as medical tool to treat “female hysteria”. Hamilton Beach patented the first commercial vibrator in 1902.

With the popularity of different shows like Sex and the City in the 1990s, vibrators also became more popular in everyday use and conversation.

What Different Types Of Vibrators Are Available?

Nowadays, vibrators are available in different shapes and sizes with numerous functions.

There are remote-controlled vibrators to use together with partners, while others can be controlled by phone apps and are suitable for long distance relationships.

Some vibrators spin and twirl while stimulating the clitoris, whereas others simply vibrate and pulsate.

How Can You Use Vibrators?

Vibrators, like dildos, can be used in both self play and partner play.

With almost 25% of the female population requiring clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, vibrators can certainly spice up and enhance your sexual experience.

This is also the reason why there are a lot of bullet vibrators specifically made for external stimulation.

The Best Of Both Vibrators And Dildos

Why not get a dildo vibrator or vibrating dildo? This can give you the option to use it as either a dildo or a vibrator.

You can manually insert it and thrust away or let it pulsate inside or outside you or your partner’s vagina.

Which One Is Better, Dildos Or Vibrators?

In truth, there is really no one answer to this question. As with all questions of comparison, it will always depend on what you feel is best for you and your partner’s bodies.

Vibrators offer enhanced stimuli compared to a dildo due to their vibration and pulsation. In contrast, a dildo establishes a realistic feel and lets the user stay in control.

Knowing what you need and want can help you feel less intimidated when you visit our store. Here are some ideas to help you choose your desired experience:

Clitoral Stimulation

If you or your partner has a difficult time climaxing during manual stimulation or penetration, a clitoral vibrator works best. It will help you reach orgasm quicker and easier.

One great type of vibrator for this is a bullet vibrator with a remote control, making it great for use with your partner. It is small enough to fit between your bodies and powerful enough for both of you to feel the vibrations.

Newer generations of sex toys use innovative technology which we have neither seen nor felt before.

You can get variants which utilize air pulsing technology on the clitoris to create mind-blowing and intense sensations.

Another option is a vibrator that uses pinpoint circular motions for greater magnitude.

Don’t disregard the dildo for clitoral stimulation though, and especially not the vibrating dildo!

This option is great if you have a sensitive clitoris. Although they don’t have as much intensity as vibrators, there are products which allow you to insert your own bullet vibrator inside the dildo so you can magnify the strength and come even harder!

G-Spot Stimulation

Stimulating the G-spot is usually the goal for a more intense orgasm during any erotic play.

There are a lot of vibrators specifically made for the G-spot. If you haven’t located your G-spot, your vibrator may help you mark the spot.

G-spot vibrators have an upward curvature at the end in order to reach the nerve bundle on your upper vaginal wall between your vaginal opening and cervix.

Vibrators are not the only options for the G-spot. There are also G-spot dildos with the same curvature and prominent head.

Some people actually prefer the softness of a good silicone dildo for the G-spot over vibrators. If you want a firmer pressure, there are dildos that are made of glass or metal which give you G-spot accuracy and allows for experimentation by exposing them to differing temperatures before use.

Anal Prostate Stimulation

If you’re aiming for pleasurable anal play, there are also dildos and vibrators for you!

For anal play, it is advisable to use items with a flared base and stick to non-porous materials like silicone, metal, glass or ABC plastic.

Naturally most people go straight for the dildo!

Whether you want to use it by hand, or fit the dildo to a harness and use it as a strap on, there are plenty of options for anal play with many different kinds of dildo.

Surprisingly, vibrators can also be a good choice for anal play. The same pulse that does wonders for the G-spot can do the same for the prostate.

A great example is a prostate massager, which has a curve that allows you to reach the prostate and a smaller arm that stimulates the perineum, the area between your anus and scrotum or vulva.

Couple Stimulation

For partner play, the vibrator seems like a natural fit since it provides the extra clitoral stimulation which you can seldom give during penetration. Dame Products innovated couple play with their Eva Wearable Clitoral Vibrator, which has flexible wings that can keep it directly on the clitoris during penetrative sex.

Wands can also add wonderful elements to your experience. A good example is the Sola Sync Remote Controlled Wand, which fits any curve and allows teasing through discreet remote control.

Dildos may not immediately come to mind during partner play, but they can certainly add many possibilities.

A squirting dildo like can let you realize your foreplay fantasies.

A hollow dildo and harness set, can bring back the intense intimacy for couples suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

There are also dildos which bring many different flavors into the bedroom. The variety of dildos available mean you are sure to find something that provides color and fun which allows you to last all night without losing steam.

On the other hand, a dildo with moving foreskin can certainly give a new – and bigger— experience!

For lesbians, there are double-ended (aka double-headed) dildos, which allow simultaneous penetration for both partners.

Our Top Picks

Here is a summary of your best stimulation options:

  • Clitoral stimulation: Bullet vibrator, Dildo vibrator
  • Internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation: Dildo, classic vibrator or G-spot vibrator
  • Lifelike look and feel Realistic dildo, Realistic dildo vibrator
  • Couple stimulation: Remote-controlled vibrator, Bullet vibrator
  • Discreet play: Mini vibrator, Extra-quiet vibrator
  • Anal and prostate stimulation Anal dildo, prostate vibrator

As we have mentioned, there is no one “better choice” between a vibrator and a dildo. It will all depend on your preferred play and type of stimulation.

At the end of the day, whether you use a vibrator or dildo, the goal is to have the greatest pleasure and the most intense orgasm!

So head on over to our catalog and treat yourself to a thrilling adventure with a dildo, a vibrator, or both.

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