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Whether you’re single or with a partner, you will surely want to spice up your sex life. What better way to heat things up than with a unique sex toy?

Sex toys may range from the simplest dildo to the most complex BDSM apparatus.

There are several thousands of sex toys available on the market, and they come in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities which can make you come in various ways!

What Makes A Great Unique Sex Toy?

With the large number of sex toys available, different companies will add various functions and new flavors to the same old toys.

That said, with all the claims of innovation come new experiences which you will surely want to be a part of.

There are definitely a variety of sex toys that do something different. Despite their unconventional designs, some of these give a very satisfying experience.

Unique Sex Toys For Women

The Womanizer W100

Just from the name itself, you will surely think that it is a sophisticated piece of sex equipment.

Its looks are unique. Some have mentioned that it looks like a pimple zapper, a Bedazzler, or even a “bedazzled Barbie ear thermometer”.

Although some people are disappointed by its looks, many love its unique combination of gentle clitoral suction and vibration.

It is a weird toy to say the least, but it definitely gives an orgasmic experience.

We Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection

This collection includes a bullet vibrator (Tango), a G-spot dildo (Glow), and an anal plug (Dusk).

You get three kinds of fun for a just a little more than the price of one!

The Glow and the Dusk are designed to be powered by the We Vibe Tango. What more can you say with three times the innovation and fun?

The Eroscillator

What makes the Eroscillator different from others is that, instead of simply vibrating, it oscillates.

This allows for a deeper, penetrating stimulation reaching from the clitoral tip deep into the entire clitoral complex.

It also has different attachments that help you modify the toy. As crazy as it looks, it certainly provides a great experience.

nJoy Pure Wand

Although initially designed for the prostate, nowadays, it is better known as one of the best G-spot dildos.

Featuring 7.5 inches of smooth stainless steel, it is bound to make an impact no matter where you insert it.

However, it may not be recommended for beginners, and it may take some experimentation with your G-spot or P-spot to take things to the next level.

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Massager

It may look like a pocket fan that you use during a walk on a hot day, but it’s definitely a unique sex toy that simulates oral sex.

This gadget has 10 tongue-like parts that move around like a fan, targeting the clitoris to give you the experience of cunnilingus.

It has six speeds for you to enjoy on your own or with your partner.

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Classic Vibrator

SCREAMING O My Secret Vibrating Lipstick

Having problems about how to hide your sex toys from prying roommates or family members? This is certainly a good find.

It looks like your everyday lipstick on the outside, but with just a press of a button, it becomes a bullet vibrator that offers four different speeds.

With its design, you can surely bring this with you anywhere!

Bitch Fist Dildo

Wondering how it feels to get fisted but unsure about trying it with a partner? This unique sex toy can give you the real deal.

It’s a silicone replica of a hand that can provide 11 inches of deep sensations. With its suction cup base, you can also attach it to furniture or use it with your partner.

Sexflesh 8-Inch Lifelike Squirting Dildo

Dildos have become more realistic with time. With its true-to-life design that comes with veins, testicles, and curvature, this will surely convince you it’s a penis!

It has a curved shaft that lets you experiment with different angles for reaching your G-spot. But what makes it really unique is that it squirts. You can fill it with any liquid you like, and release it by simply squeezing the balls.

Unique Sex Toys For Men

Tenga Flip Hole

It has a hard case and front buttons that allow you to adjust how you want to use it.

Additionally, with its soft ribbed elastomer interior, it gives you multiple sensations at once. Also importantly, it is very easy to clean.

Hot Octopuss Pulse II

Although male sex toys were not as innovative until recently, this unique tool brought something completely different.

It’s basically a penis vibrator. You simply fit it over the head of your penis and enjoy a hands-free orgasm!

Unique Sex Toys For Couples

We Vibe Original

Although you may wonder where this toy fits at first, once it’s all figured out, the action only rises from there.

The Original We Vibe pleasures both you and your partner by going around the clitoris up to the G-spot.

Once you put this classic tool to work, you will surely intensify the pleasure and the orgasm for both of you.

Sexbaby Clitoral Vibrator With Double Cock Rings

This two-in-one unique sex toy definitely has the right vibe!

It may seem a bit complicated, but you will surely feel just as complex of a sensation.

It has a double loop design that acts as a cock ring with a vibrating dildo that is placed to give intense clitoral stimulation for female partners.

It certainly gives an explosive experience by giving strong erections and intense orgasms.

We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Stimulator

Video calls will never be the same again with this unique sex toy.

It’s specially designed to fit into your body’s individual shape to give you the right vibe during your calls.

It will certainly be a shared experience as your partner controls it through the accompanying app making long distances seem shorter and sexier.

We’re just as surprised as you are about these novel innovations.

Surely, with all these unique sex toys, there’s bound to be one – or several – that fits your kink!

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