Traveling With Vibrators: Bullets Are the Best

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Don’t let these vibrators fool you. Their powerful vibration patterns will have you reaching amazing orgasms. Yes, size does not matter this time.

But what makes these vibrators so loved and so good for traveling? Is it their small size and design? How about their quiet vibrations? We’d say both, and that’s not all they bring to the table.

Read this article to find out why bullets are the best, but not only that. We’ll also teach you how to properly pack them and give you tips on how to be confident if airport security gets curious.

Why Are They So Convenient

We all know what bullet vibrators are like, right? In case some of you don’t, you’re about to find out why they are so convenient and highly recommended for traveling.

In short, we’re talking about a tiny vibrator. Let’s say the size of your favorite lipstick (some can even look like that). With that in mind, it’s only natural to conclude that these vibrators are the easiest to carry around.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about vibrators in general, especially when you want to take them on vacation. Some of them can be huge, like wands, for example. Now, sure, if you want to take that to your trip, we have nothing against it. But how will you pack it? How will you hide it, in case you get randomly searched? So many things to think about.

Bullet vibrator’s size is not the main thing you want to take into consideration when choosing which toy to take on a trip. They also vibrate silently. Why does that matter? Imagine your super loud vibrator randomly going off in your bag. How do you explain that to the airport security? That’s right, you don’t. Why? Because you’re smart to take the bullet vibrator instead.

How to Safely Pack Your Toy

Bullet vibrators are small, yes, but like any other vibrator for women, it needs to be handled with care. Packed with care, as well.

It might come naturally to think of just throwing it in your carryon bag. You might even want to shove it in your pocket and forget about it until you arrive. However, you must take care of these toys properly.

Since you’ll be using these toys for intimate play both internally and externally, you don’t want them collecting debris from wherever you throw them. Put them in a ziplock bag to ensure they stay clean. This is useful if you get randomly searched by airport security as well. You don’t want random strangers touching your little friend. Talk about unsanitary.

Still, you should clean it before each use just in case. Don’t forget to pack spare batteries if your toy is battery powered. Or a USB charger in case it’s the rechargeable type. Do we need to mention the importance of lube? Bringing it should be on your list as soon as you even think of carrying a sex toy.

Now that you know how to store your toy correctly, let’s move onto how to pass the security check, shall we?

Going Through Airport Security

When it comes to passing the security check, it’s all about being confident. Yes, you are that lady that’s taking a part of her sex toy collection on vacation. So what? We all like some solo play.

These might be discreet spot vibrators, but what happens when you get randomly searched? You have to play it cool. Being nervous won’t help your case as you’re more likely to be searched if you act suspicious. The key is to own it with pride.

We know these vibrators are quiet but do you know what will get you through security safely? Taking out the batteries or making sure the toy needs to be recharged. That way you’re saving yourself the unnecessary random vibration embarrassment.

Not that you need to feel embarrassed about using sex toys, because you absolutely shouldn’t. However, people can often be judgmental and give you nasty stares in public, and that can be pretty annoying. Especially when you’re just an ordinary woman trying to have fun on her vacation. Or join the mile high club, whatever you prefer.

To simplify everything — mini vibrators will help you not “get caught.” But in case you do, you should definitely own it because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an amazing sex life.


Doing your research and preparing is the best thing you can do. It’s important to research the country you’re going to. Why? Some of them don’t allow you to bring sex toys over the border. Some people just love to be boring.

Bullets are discreet vibrators, and they should be your sneaky go-to. They might be small, quiet toys, but their vibrations do pack a punch. They’re the sex toy most of us have as first sex toys, and we all know why.

This sleek and compact toy will make sure you have double the fun on your vacation. That’s what matters, right?

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