The Best Bullet Vibrators

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What even are bullet vibrators, and what are they good for? If you ever gave them a thought and wanted to know more, then this article is for you.

We’re here to shed some light on different kinds of this toy. Furthermore, we will cover the pros and cons of them all. They are, of course, subjective, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate some tips.

What Is a Bullet Vibrator?

Are you venturing into the world of sex toys for the first time? Are you looking for something reliable? If so, a bullet vibrator should be your first option.

Bullet vibrators are the classic, most basic of vibrators. They’re an irreplaceable part of every sex toy collection, pretty much. Therefore, they’re fantastic for beginners and pros alike. Let’s go through some of its features so that you can get properly acquainted with your future friend.

You’re correct in thinking that the name of this small vibrator stems from its shape. They’re small, sleek, pointed vibrators that are easy to use. Bullet vibrators are also convenient to take with you on the go.

Don’t let its design and petiteness fool you, though. These small boys are strong, and they can pack a punch. They have different vibration modes, as well as vibration patterns. So you can rest assured that they can bring something new to the table, I mean bed, every time you use them.

They’re mainly for external use — clitoral stimulation, to be exact. However, you can use a bullet on other erogenous zones as well. Try holding it against your nipples or inner thighs. Bullet vibes can be good for stimulating the anus, too, but do so carefully. Don’t slip them inside — that can be a no-return trip.

It’s important to remember that using a lubricant is a must. Yes, even though the toy is for external use. Be mindful of that, especially if you use it on your clitoris. Its powerful vibrating can leave you sore if you’re not careful, so keep that in mind.

Types of Bullet Vibrators

Now, there are no actual types of different bullet vibrators. However, they do differ from each other in some ways. So here are some of the “types” worth mentioning.

Since the majority of them have the same basic bullet shape, we’ll focus on the features that make them different from each other:

  • Powered by batteries or rechargeable — What you opt for depends only on what’s more convenient for you. Maybe you don’t mind purchasing batteries in order or avoid messing with charging it all the time. Or maybe charging doesn’t bother you. Either way, there are options.
  • Vibrating modes — Most of the bullets will have a single vibrating mode, which isn’t bad, but what if you want more? You’re in luck because there are also those with multiple settings. That way, you have more options so you can explore what feels good.
  • Waterproof — Yes, these vibrators can be waterproof. That means you can take them to a bath, a pool, an ocean. Whatever body of water you prefer. However, remember that water isn’t a replacement for a lubricant.

We do want to highlight one model because it definitely stands out from the rest — the rabbit.

The Rabbit Vibrator

We’re not talking about your classic rabbit vibrator here — this is a bullet rabbit vibrator. So, let’s talk about what features they share and what sets them apart.

First and foremost, what makes these bullets stand out? That’s right — the ears! How the ears work is they receive the vibrations from the bullet, giving you softer vibes. Of course, that depends on the strength of the vibrations you chose because these things have many options.

The ears can hug the clit all the way to the base and stimulate you like that. You can also use it to caress and tease your other erogenous zones. The rabbit ears are soft and flexible, too, so the motor makes them move too.

So who is this toy for? It’s suitable for people who enjoy soft vibrations and teasing, and for those who find that direct contact with the bullet is too much. Sometimes you can take off the silicone part and use the bullet itself as a toy.

This model is great for those who want to explore, and if you like “Alice in Wonderland,” it’s a good choice.

Pros and Cons

So yes, even the best vibrator for women can have its pros and cons. Maybe you’re wondering what the cons can be with a sex toy as perfect as this. That’s subjective, but we have some pros and cons that people mention most commonly.


  • Specially made with clitoral stimulation in mind. Its design allows for precise pressure on the clitoris.
  • Amps up the pleasure with any kind of sex play, be it solo, oral, or with a partner.
  • It helps you orgasm in way less time and with way less effort than ever before.
  • Speaking of orgasms, they’re much stronger when you’re stimulated like this.
  • Anybody can use them regardless of gender as long as you remember it’s for external use.
  • Amazing couple’s toy if you want to spice things up during penetrative sex.
  • Simple and easy to work with.
  • Options and settings galore. You can choose between vibration intensity and pattern with ease.
  • It can be charged/powered differently, which is yet another thing to consider based on how convenient you want it to be.
  • It can be waterproof. That’s helpful if you want to explore yourself in the water.
  • It has a versatility that not many other sex toys can match.


  • Using the bullet too much can leave you addicted to it. Seriously.
  • Strong and easy orgasms become sparse from too much use as well. It can take more time and effort to reach them.
  • You have to remember to keep spare batteries on you and charge it often.
  • Sometimes you have to remember to charge even when you don’t use it, so the battery doesn’t die.

So as you can see, these vibrators don’t have many cons. What can possibly be wrong with a vibrator as perfect as this? There are a few inconveniences regarding the way it can be powered, but that’s nothing compared to all the pros you get.

You should always be wary of addictiveness to sex toys. You can get addicted to just about any, not only bullets. And it’s easy to hook yourself up on it too because it’s just so darn amazing.

Needless to say, before purchasing one of these babies, you need to do your research. Prices and styles can vary, but so can materials. Silicone is always the softest and best option. However, it’s essential to know not to use silicone-based lube with silicone toys. So opt for water-based.


So there it is. Now you know why a bullet vibrator is the best vibrator for women. However, anyone can use them, regardless of their gender or experience with sex toys.

Its compact design makes it convenient to carry around anywhere you go. They’re body safe and work in almost any way you want them to. All you have to do is switch them on and enjoy the vibrations of your choice. That’s orgasming made easy.

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