Strange, Weird and Unusual Dildos - Every Dildo You Can Imagine!

We all know that variety is what keeps sex great. Every now and then, we wish we could indulge in something a little… different. It’s nothing to worry about — people simply get a bit tired of repetition.

Luckily, the dildo industry is well aware of this. While standard variants are a dime a dozen, sex toy manufacturers know that a little change does you well. That’s why you can come across virtually any size and shape that suits your fancy. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following crazy sex toys, and you’ll see.

Sword Dildos

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it isn’t nearly as exciting. The sword is, in many ways, an extension of its handler, a warrior ready to defend what’s theirs or claim what (or whom) they want to.

Hot stuff, right? We can assume that you’ve already had fantasies about sword-wielding warriors from history or fiction showing you their gentler (or rougher) side. Be it Ragnar Lothbrok or Kylo Ren, you can get one step closer to realizing your fantasies with the use of sword dildos.

Though the idea of being taken by a fighter does come with a dash of danger, rest assured that you won’t hurt yourself with a properly made sword dildo. Whether it’s the hilt or the blade you’re interested in, these toys are ergonomically made to suit their sensual role, so don’t expect any sharp edges. Therefore, you can relax and immerse yourself in your desires without fear of actual risk.

With a bit of imagination, a dildo sword can be incredible fun. If you’ve ever dreamed of taming Khal Drogo, you can give it a go with the right dildo. Have you ever thought about pushing Darth Vader into your dark side? Spend a few bucks and make that a reality with the right lightsaber dildo.

Bad Dragon/Fantasy Dildos

Just like people, dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Some aren’t quite what you would expect, and that’s the beauty of diversity. It’s also what’s so appealing about fantasy dildos, which some call Bad Dragon dildos or just dragon dildos, based on the company that popularized them. If you aren’t sure what these are, don’t worry — you’ll know when you see them.

These weird yet wonderful toys veer way off the standard dildo shape we’ve grown accustomed to over the decades. Some hold twists and turns you would never see on a human penis, giving them a beastly appearance. And the daunting size of others could fill you with a fear-sprinkled rush of knowing just what pleasure awaits you.

Though outlandish, many of them owe their form to real-life appendages, such as those of horses or dogs. You can also find those based on even more exotic things too. For instance, some assume the shape of massive tentacle dildos, suction cups and all. The most impressive ones, though, tend to be from a world of their own — from a spiked dildo to one that resembles spaceship concept art for a video game more than a sex toy.

It’s precisely these distinctions from the “real thing” that have earned people’s adoration for fantasy sex toys. Every one of their surprising curves brings with it sensations you’ve never felt before. After you’ve spent time with one of these weird dildos, odds are you won’t go back to your older toys any time soon.

Ashes of Loved Ones Dildo

Who ever thought of putting urns for ashes and sex toys together? Admittedly, you can’t just hop on to Amazon and buy this one since it’s more of an art piece than an actual piece of merchandise. And most would frankly refuse to do so, given the taboo mix of sex and death. But it’s fascinating all the same once you learn more about it.

The so-called dild-urn is the brainchild of Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom, who designed it for his project dubbed “21 Grams.” He wanted to present a mixture of themes such as sexuality, loss, longing, and death. The project got its name from a debunked century-old study by one Dr. Douglas MacDougall, who, in his time, concluded that the human soul weighs 21 grams.

In keeping with the piece’s name, this dildo can store up to 21 grams of your loved one’s ashes. That way, Sturkenboom claims, you can again feel the intimate presence of your lost lover whenever you use it. But there’s more — the dildo comes with a box that can play music, preferably a playlist of songs that you and your former partner called yours. It also stores perfumes, so you can load it with their favorite scent.

While morbid at first glance, this piece does make a profound statement about love and loss. And even besides the intent, it definitely earns a mention when talking about weird sex toys.

Character Dildos

Have you ever watched one of the Avengers movies and thought to yourself: “I sure wish the Hulk pinned me down and vented his frustrations on me”? Don’t be embarrassed; you’re far from the only one. Or maybe you have an inexplicable attraction to some Pokémon, wishing you were the one getting all the “pokes” (we know; joke of the year right there)?

Sexual fascination with fictional media characters is hardly abnormal, nor is it anything to be ashamed of. In fact, inserting a little pretend into your love life is a great way to make it that much more special. And having the right geeky sex toys makes pretending much more fun.

To that end, why not relish in some character dildos? If roleplay is your thing, a Hulk dildo would undoubtedly spice up your sexual adventures. Or you could make use of a Pokémon dildo. Why stop there? Get yourself some other anime sex toys like Naruto-inspired butt plugs, for example.

The world of fiction is virtually endless, and there’s a little something for everyone in the sex industry. An anime dildo or an MCU sex toy is just the tip of the iceberg. Sex props inspired by pretty much any IP you can think of can be found for sale somewhere — what a wonderful world.

Porn Star Cast Dildos

Porn has been around for as long as we’ve been able to put images on any kind of surface. Nowadays, pornography counts among the most easily accessible content ever. It’s so common that some actors, such as Ron Jeremy, have become household names (though you would seldom bring them up at family reunions).

These world-famous male porn stars have been a source of fascination (and envy in some cases) for decades. What impresses us more than anything else about them, apart from their superb sexual skills, is their junk. Nine times out of ten, they are endowed to a degree most men could only dream of matching. And while it frustrates plenty, a lot of us can only imagine how much fun we would have with these domineering dongs.

Luckily, many male porn stars have hearts almost the size of their penises since they agree to have their rods cast into dildos. These dildos then hit the sex shop shelves, ready to eventually hit cervixes and prostates alike across the globe. Hence, you can get almost any porn star to come over and “lay some pipe” or “fix your plumbing.” For a little money, have what they’re packing hand-delivered to wherever you want to put it!

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