Rabbit Vibrators — A Sure Way to an Orgasm?

A lot of women are on the prowl for the perfect vibrator. When it comes to their sex lives, women took matters into their own hands long ago. Whether the women’s sexual liberation followed the expanse of the sex toy industry or vice versa, the sheer number of types of vibrators for internal and external stimulation available on the market speaks volumes of women’s love of sex toys and vibrators for women, in particular.

But sometimes, having too many choices can be a proverbial double-edged sword. When there are simply so many options out there, how do you know which one is the perfect one for you? More importantly, how do you know if the endless hours of searching for the ideal toy will pay off and provide the much needed sexual pleasure that culminates in a mind-blowing orgasm?

What a Rabbit Vibrator Has to Offer (Hopefully a Stellar Orgasm)

Overall, women praise rabbit vibrators as the Holy Grail of all sex toys. In fact, you’ll hear them say that when it comes to a vibrator orgasm, there’s no better helping hand than the rabbit. But is the rabbit really all that it’s cracked out to be? Is it a perfect fit for everyone?

So, Yes?

So, in theory, a rabbit vibrator should help every woman achieve an orgasm. But we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? Even though the rabbit is perfectly designed to help women achieve both vaginal and clitoral orgasms (hopefully at the same time), sometimes, the stars simply don’t align themselves the way we need them to. Thus, a rabbit vibrator does not guarantee anything.

The beauty of every rabbit vibrator is its design. It’s simply superior to the rest of the bunch. A standard vibrator is excellent; no one is disputing that. It hits all the right spots. But it does it one at a time. The rabbit, on the other hand, has some extra features that allow it to hit those deliciously pleasurable spots simultaneously.

In other words, the rabbit will hit your G-spot while stimulating your clitoral area as well. And if you’re feeling a bit wild while shopping and you choose a model with attachable anal beads, the rabbit can also stimulate your anal area.

Let us be the first ones to say — that’s a lot of stimulation! But it increases your chances of actually achieving an orgasm. Women who have struggled their entire adolescent and adult lives with reaching the Big O know this as the bitter truth of life — orgasms can be tricky bastards. All it takes is one wrong move to send them running for the hills. One slip in rhythm, consistency, or intensity, and off they go, never to be seen (or felt) again.

Consistency and an Abundance of Features

That’s why the rabbit is so special. It has a shaft that vibrates and rotates independently of the attachment that’s shaped in the fashion of little rabbit ears. Of course, the ears aren’t there merely for the fun of it or to highlight the name.

They also vibrate at different vibration speeds that you can operate. In fact, you have full control of all different parts of the rabbit, which provides unparalleled consistency in pressure and stimulation.

Steady Stimulation

Both internal and external stimulation is steady. What’s more, you can go at any pace and intensity that you see fit (and find pleasurable). Given that it has many features (some can even heat up!), the rabbit has a lot to offer.

In other words, you’ll never find yourself yelling, “Keep going, keep going!” only to be disappointed by a change in rhythm or pressure. Ladies, you know what we’re talking about here! Many men think that the phrase “Keep going, don’t stop!” means they need to double the efforts. It doesn’t; it means precisely what one would think it does — don’t change a thing, even if your jaw feels like it will never unlock itself.

Given that the rabbit is a mechanical device, it will never betray you like a real-life partner would and steal your orgasm. It will provide ultimate consistency until the (delightful) end.

And yet, even with all these functions, features, and capabilities, not all women find the rabbit as pleasurable as one would think. That’s partially due to differences in anatomy. However, it’s also a matter of picking a rabbit that isn’t a good fit for them. After all, one must find the perfect vibrator to achieve the perfect orgasm!

All Women Are Different

Here’s the thing — women have a much harder time achieving orgasms than men do. It’s not fair, and we could rage on for hours about it. But it’s the truth.

On the other hand, women have orgasms that last longer and are more intense than the average male happy ending. So having to put in extra work and chase such a profound pleasure isn’t such a bad deal.

Still, not all women can achieve an orgasm that powerful (or at all).

That Pesky Anatomy

As we already mentioned, there are quite a few rabbit vibrators on the market. And not all of them will be a perfect fit for every woman. Unlike men, who just need a tight, wet, warm hole to thrust into (yes, we’re simplifying it on purpose), women need a lot of features to work in harmony to achieve an orgasm.

What’s more, every vagina is different. Men will find this even more infuriating, given that they can’t find the clitoris even on the best of days, but clitorises are all different as well.

Unfortunately, that means that every sexual act, be it with a partner or with a device of any kind, is pretty much a trial-and-error type of a situation. Not every rabbit will be a good fit.

Some women have a broad or small vagina. That means that they might need a shorter, thicker, or a longer rabbit vibrator to be able to hit their G-spot. What’s more, the distance from the vagina entry to the clitoris isn’t always the same. Anatomy isn’t a precise science! So the length of the rabbit ears is also something that most women will have to experiment with to find their perfect toy.

Achieving the ultimate vaginal-clitoral harmony is no easy task. However, the rabbit vibrator is the quickest way to achieve it. And yet, not even this prodigious device can guarantee it. But if you do everything right and try your damn hardest, you might be rewarded with a transformative experience.

If the Stars Align — the Glorious Blended Orgasms

For most women, their first orgasm was a pleasant, earth-shattering, life-changing surprise. Even if they knew what they were working toward, it probably left them bewildered.

After that first, glorious orgasm, most of us were reluctant to keep our hands to ourselves. And thus, the chase after the perfect Big O began. Next came the knowledge that there were quite a few types of orgasms.

If you’ve only ever experienced the clitoral orgasm, you’re probably wondering how one could improve upon such a fantastic concept. Well, let us tell you about the blended orgasm.

The Best of Both Worlds

Some say that vaginal orgasms are the best, while others hold clitoral orgasms to be the highest standard and the only happy ending any woman needs. Well, while both types are mind-blowing, the blended orgasm beats them by a mile.

It’s rather simple. A blended orgasm is the combination of both a vaginal and a clitoral orgasm that hits you at the same time and sweeps you off your feet (although, you’re ideally already lying down when it happens).

When you stimulate your G-spot and your clitoris simultaneously and time everything so perfectly that both the vaginal and clitoral orgasm hit you at the same time, you’ll experience a full-body response.

A blended orgasm lasts longer than a regular one, and it’s more intense. In fact, it can last anywhere from one to five minutes, and it ends with a bang! The bang is, in fact, a giant orgasm that will leave you wondering what you’ve been doing all this time since you became sexually aware and active.

The Future of Masturbation?

A rabbit vibrator that’s meant for double stimulation essentially stimulates the entire network of nerve endings to provide a mind-blowing orgasm. Since the G-spot is part of the clitoral network, the blended orgasm isn’t really a twin orgasm.

Think of it as perfectly spiced food — a perfect harmony of taste that hits different parts of your tongue and mouth to provide the ultimately culinary experience. It’s like that, except much better because we’re talking about orgasms here, people!

Some vibrators, such as the Osa vibrator, combine everything the designers and engineers could think of to achieve this wonder of an orgasm. As a pioneer on the market, the rabbit vibrator really tried to think of female pleasure in a holistic way.

It approached the task of getting women to come as something that requires a lot of parts working together in harmony. That’s precisely why the rabbit is one of the best vibrators on the market. It doesn’t neglect a single part of the female anatomy, and it utilizes its particularities to achieve the best possible outcome.

Rabbit Vibrator Recommendations — What’s the Perfect Choice

There isn’t one particular rabbit vibrator that will please all women around the world. It might seem magical, but it really isn’t, so we shouldn’t expect the impossible. That’s especially true when we consider how different various rabbits actually are.

For example, the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl is an entirely different experience from the Magic Bunny. Even though they are both similar in terms of look, design, and functionality (both are USB rechargeable), they differ when it comes to a lot of features. The same can be said for many rabbits out there. Of course, all of them have specific things in common — G-spot and clitoral stimulation are a staple feature.

Does the Length Matter?

As we mentioned already, the length of the rabbit matters quite a lot. As all vaginas differ, you might not be comfortable with a huge toy. Depending on the actual anatomy of your vagina, as well as the position of your clitoris, you need to pay attention to the length of both the shaft of the rabbit and the bunny ears.

These are the vital parts of the vibrator. It really would be a shame to get all worked up about trying out your new rabbit vibrator only to realize that the ears are too short to reach your clitoral hood while the vibrator is inside of you. The same goes for the length of the penetrative part of the rabbit. It shouldn’t be too short or too long. Just like Goldilocks, you need the one that’s a perfect fit.

What About the Features?

The features that any rabbit offers are also essential. Given that they can affect the type (and the intensity) of the orgasm, you really should consider what you need before you pick the perfect rabbit for yourself.

For example, some women don’t like to put a lot of pressure on their clitorises. A featherlight touch is all they need. If you’re equally as sensitive, then you need to pick a rabbit that doesn’t have an overly aggressive rabbit ear extension.

Rabbit ears come in many shapes, most notably as two protruding “bunny ears,” which isn’t comfortable for some ladies. Therefore, those who find this feature to be a bit too much should instead choose a rabbit vibrator that has a solid extension that will rest gently on the clitoral hood (instead of stabbing it with the two tiny spikes).

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Stimulation?

Rabbits really offer quite a lot. They rotate, vibrate, and sometimes even thrust. What’s more, various parts do so independently of others. While that’s amazing, it can be quite overwhelming for some.

That’s especially true for women who have sensitive, small, or shallow vaginas. Women with sensitive clitorises might also find the multifunctional rabbit to be too much. If that’s the case with you, then we suggest that you pick a more mellow version of the rabbit. There are a lot of simple options out there that won’t overwhelm you or feel like you’re operating a spaceship.

A Few Parting Words

So the answer to the question from the beginning is a cautious yes. A rabbit vibrator can help you achieve orgasms, and it can even give you some mind-blowing experiences. However, it doesn’t guarantee anything. Still, it’s an excellent place to start your quest for the perfect orgasm.

Finding the perfect rabbit for yourself might be an uphill battle. But we suggest that you look long and hard at your previous experiences and try to figure out what type of rabbit would be the best for you. Of course, if you try out a few before you reach the finish line and sample the selection with gusto, well, no one has to know, right?

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