Quietest/Most Discreet Bullet Vibrators

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It’s no secret that women all around the world are looking for discreet vibrators. Not everyone likes it when other people know their business! Especially when it comes to things as intimate as sex.

Worry not, for you’re at the right place. We can safely say your hunt is over because we are here to present you with all of the options.

Discreet Bullets

It’s no secret that everyone wants their sex toys to be discreet. If you wish to hide them from curious eyes or take them with you safely, it’s important to buy only the most low-key models.

We’re here to discuss bullet vibrators in particular. Why? For one, they’re small vibrators, which makes them perfect for all of your discretion needs. Not only that, but they come in a variety of stealthy options, so nobody knows what they really are.

You can wear them around your neck or present them as innocent makeup items that every woman has. Here are some of our favorite models.

Lipstick Bullets

If you have nightmares about someone finding your sex stash, then worry no more. Lipstick bullets are here to save the day.

What is good about these is that they look as you would imagine — like lipsticks. They’re very realistic, and only someone who also uses them could tell the difference. In which case, you shouldn’t worry about anybody judging you.

These bullets are perfect for taking on the go. Just toss them into your purse or makeup bag, and you’re good to go. They come with a cap, so they’re protected from debris. What also makes them super realistic is they have the same slanted tip regular lipsticks have. That way they’ll put perfect pressure on your clit, whenever you need them to.

They can also look like lip balms, so opt for whatever you like better. These lipsticks come in only one shade, though. It’s called “O for Orgasm.”


Not many people would think about wearing their vibrators around their neck. That’s because most of them do not look like a necklace at all. Until they do, that is.

With these kinds of bullets, there are many options. They can look like actual bullets (you know, those you use for guns), or something more, well, chic. The bullet option is when you want to feel like more of a badass. But let us talk about the other kinds instead.

They look like a long barrel necklace. Very glamorous and fashionable. These models are so discreet that they are appropriate for just about any occasion. Of course, that’s still for you to decide. What’s more, the power button is on the necklace stem, so you don’t need to worry about it randomly starting on its own.

What’s most important is cleaning this toy thoroughly. You’re going to be wearing it after all, so this one seems to be a no-brainer.

Mascara Bullets

Oh yeah. Yet another one for all of you makeup lovers out there. It’s only natural that if you have the lipstick, you must have the mascara too, right?

Much like its makeup sister (the lipstick), the same rules apply to the mascara. It’s small, discrete, and you can take it anywhere. A cap is included as well, so your toy can be protected. As with all bullets, don’t let its size fool you because this toy is powerful enough.

So what makes it different from the lipstick? When you take the cap off, it looks like your regular mascara. You have a wand that helps you coat your lashes. In this case, the wand can help stimulate you better. It’s not as prickly as it looks, but maybe don’t press down too hard with it.

It’s also great for teasing, so whatever you use it for, it’ll give you amazing results.

USB Sticks

So maybe you’re tech-savvy, and you like your toys to look like a connection port. In that case, this one’s for you.

What’s interesting about this option is, of course, that they look like your regular flash drives. Ok, maybe not exactly like regular ones. But think about fancy, expensive, flash drives — something like that.

How do you charge them, though? Just plug them into your laptop, PC, or any other USB charger, and you’re good to go. One of these offers something no other vibrator does — actual storage.

Wait... what? That’s right. Not only can this vibrator help you get off, but you can keep files (like porn, duh) on it too. It comes in 8GB and 16GB versions, but they’re on a pricier side. Maybe you won’t need any other USB besides this one, but for the price point, we have to wonder if it is worth it just for storage.

Quietest Bullets

We talk about discrete ones, but what about quiet vibrators? Vibrators are there to please, but not everyone needs to know what you’re doing. Or when you’re doing it.

Here are a few of the quietest bullet vibrators we found that will most definitely satisfy your every need.

Bamboo 10 by Rocks Off

Not only is this mini vibrator discreet, but it’s also super quiet. How quiet? Think about a ghost whisper.

Rocks Off is known for making incredible vibrators for women, and Bamboo 10 is no exception. This toy has a sleek, fancy-looking design. It has a slanted tip for precision so it could fit into the “lipstick” category, even though it’s not that realistic-looking.

It has ten different speeds for you to choose from, and it’s waterproof too. You can take this fancy bullet vibe to your bathtub too!

It’s powered by batteries and super affordable, so try it out.

MIA 2 by Lelo

Let’s say you want something more high-end. Something more powerful. If that is the case, then MIA 2 is for you.

Just like Bamboo 10, MIA 2 has a discrete design. The difference is that this bullet can be more intense and is more powerful. It’s also waterproof, but it has only six speeds and five vibration patterns.

Another difference is that it’s USB rechargeable. Also, it’s on the pricier side, so not really affordable for a bullet vibrator. However, sometimes it’s worth treating yourself with the best toys. Why? It’s so quiet nobody will know you’re using it.

Dream Bullet by Lovehoney

In case you’re looking for a simple looking bullet vibrator, this one meets all of the requirements.

Dream Bullet is a basic bullet vibrator. It’s small enough to fit wherever you want, and that’s what makes it discreet. It should be a part of your sex toy collection because it’s super affordable too.

It has ten speed/pattern options, and it’s waterproof too. This bullet works using batteries, which are included when you buy it. This little guy will definitely help you achieve what you’re looking for. Whether that’s through solo play or penetrative sex with a partner.

These are only some of the quiet bullet vibes that are out on the market and that we recommend. Of course, many others will suit both your needs and budget better. You only need to venture out and find them. We promise it’s easier than you think.


Now that you know about the variations of bullets that are out there, what will you opt for? We’re glad we can prove you wrong in thinking vibrators cannot be quiet too.

Whatever your requirements are, there’s a bullet vibrator for you. It’s no wonder they’re so popular — they’re really the perfect clitoral stimulators. Not only that, but they’re versatile too. You don’t only have to stimulate your clit. Explore your other erogenous zones too.

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