Pleasure for Two: Magic Wand Vibrators for Couples

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Ah yes, the wand that started it all. Hitachi vibrators were first massagers, and people used them for relieving tension, as well as for relaxation.

So how can you use them as sex toys? They’re powerful enough to make you orgasm pretty fast if you’re new to using them. What’s best of all is that you can incorporate them into your and your partner’s sex lives.

We guarantee that getting one of these is a decision you won’t regret.

Why Are Wand Vibrators Great During Sex

Clitoral stimulation isn’t the only thing you can get out of this fantastic sex toy. Vibrator sex can take you to new heights, so let’s break it down.

Wands are an amazing couples’ vibrator. Of course, you can use it in solo-plays too, but let’s focus on partnered sex for now.

Using toys during sex is sometimes proven tricky. Some toys require intricate maneuvering that sometimes you’re just not in the mood for. Sometimes, all you want is good old sex with a little spice on top.

Wand vibrators are quite bulky too, so it might come as a surprise that they’re surprisingly easy to incorporate during sex. The toy is lengthy which means it’s easy for you to reach your clit in just about any position. All you have to do is apply a little bit of pressure on your pussy!

Another thing that makes it oh so good is the fact that both you and your partner can use it. You can say goodbye to searching for the right spot to stimulate too! Have you seen the head on this thing? It covers a large area, so you’ll get the exact stimulation you want.

But What About Solo Play?

Solo-play for sure counts as sex too, does it not? Sex doesn’t need to include a partner because you can orgasm without one. However, you can help yourself in various ways.

There are many ways in which you can explore and enhance your masturbation sessions with this vibrator. Unlike many others, it’s quite powerful. One way you can use it is for learning to control your orgasms. In doing that, you’re making sure you can last longer next time.

You can also use a wand with different toys. Now your non-vibrating toys can change that and vibrate too. How? Simply lean your vibrator onto an inserted toy and feel the magic happen. This toy is much different than your simple bullet vibrator.

Another way you can use this toy is in different places and different positions. Your options are limitless, and there’s much room for exploring. If you like bathing, that’s one of the places you can test this toy out. You can even DIY your own sex furniture. All you need is some tape or cushions that will hold the wand in place. Make sure they’re not soft, so your wand doesn’t vibrate away.

Sex Positions When Using a Wand

You probably think the size of this vibrator makes it less versatile. That’s where you’re very wrong.

The wand can be used in any position where it can fit. In other words, if your clit is exposed, this bad boy will reach it. However, some positions may require a bit more practice and maneuvering.

There are positions in which both straight and gay couples can utilize this sex toy. When it comes to gay couples, lesbians especially benefit from wands. They can use it in a way where both partners can enjoy vibrations at the same time. Yes, we are talking about scissoring. Place the wand placed between you and your partner, and that’s it. It can also be paired with a strap-on. That’s how real magic happens.

As far as positions for straight couples go, there’s a variety. By that we mean you have A LOT of options. It all depends on what kind of stimulation you want and what you’re comfortable with. Let’s go through some of the positions:

  • Missionary — It comes as no surprise that missionary is first on this list. It’s easy for either partner to hold the wand since the wand is easy to maneuver.
  • Doggy — Yet another no-brainer, but this one can go two different ways. You can hold the wand yourself if you want clitoral stimulation. However, your partner can also hold it against your anus for some anal stimulation.
  • Sideways — The thing about the sideways position is it allows your partner to reach over and stimulate your clitoris.They don’t have to use fingers anymore, now that there’s a wand in play. We assure you it’s super simple to make this work.
  • The “speed bump” — this might be a version of the doggy position, but in this case, you can use the wand hands-free. Simply place it underneath your clit while your partner is on top and enjoy the ride.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the positions you can try. There are many more to explore. Of course, you can always use the wand on your partner too. If he’s down for some anal or penis vibrations, you can always try that out.

Make sure you always use a water-based lube, though. The power of this toy could leave you sore.

Other Ways to Use a Wand During Sex

Yes, there indeed are other ways to use this wand. What else there is to stimulate besides the clit? Simply put — whatever you want.

These vibrators were first personal massagers. Therefore, they can be used during sex as such. You can sit back and let your massager relax you and your entire body. We often talk about the power of this toy, but its slower vibrations can be relaxing too.

Everyone has different erogenous zones. For some, it’s breasts, for others, it’s arms or earlobes. Now, of course, not saying you should massage your earlobe. You can also rub other parts of your body while your partner focuses on the action.

In saying this, we’re talking about sensual sex or sensual foreplay. If you like it hardcore, we’re unsure how you can help yourself relax while your partner is going to town on you. Be that as it may, utilize your sex toys in any way you see fit. These are just some ways it can help you both orgasm faster and relax better.

It’s all in what you want, so use your toys accordingly. The Hitachi vibrator is extremely easy to figure out. All you have to do is switch it on and enjoy yourself.


We’ve come to find that magic wand vibrator is an excellent sex toy for couples. No matter your sexual orientation, too. Everyone can enjoy them.

How you enjoy them is up to you and your needs. Getting one of these can be beneficial in many ways. If you’re not ready to use it as a sex toy, you can always just use it for massage.

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