The Lesbian’s Guide to Strapless Dildos

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There’s always a big question of what to opt for when choosing sex toys. The selection is enormous, and we sometimes end up confused with various items that seem unrelatable to the actual act of lovemaking.

However, dildos are a safe bet. The toy as old as time provides immense pleasure in the bedroom to lesbian couples, but people of other orientations can also benefit from the excitement they provide. Of course, dildos come in various shapes and sizes. Nonetheless, we will focus the attention on our all-time favorite — the strapless dildo.

What Is a Strapless Dildo?

As we have said, there are different variants of dildos. Most of them are hand-held or connected to harnesses in some way. Though every toy has its allure, the one we are talking about is specifically designed for the intimate pleasure of lesbian partners. This does not imply that heterosexual couples or homosexual male couples should not give it a go. It just means that the original idea was to help spice up the intercourse between two women.

So, essentially, a strapless dildo is very similar to a two-sided dildo. Both sides of the toy are meant to be used for sexual pleasure. However, the double-ended dildo resembles the letter “I,” while the strapless dildo is reminiscent of the letter “L.”

We refer to the shorter side as the “pony.” It is a bulb that you insert into a vagina and hold with your vaginal muscles. The other end of the dildo usually resembles a penis and sticks out in a way a real organ would. With that part, you are supposed to penetrate your partner. You can do it both anally and vaginally, depending on your preferences.

There are no physical attachments to the body, so in that way, this type of dildo is different to other products with similar names. Most items get advertised as strapless but come with a jockstrap or a harness. Though they are no less arousing, the original strapless dildo offers a unique experience.

How Does a Strapless Dildo Work?

The idea behind this product is quite brilliant. Although you are using a sex toy, the experience is very skin-to-skin. That’s what makes it so beautiful.

So how to use a strapless dildo? The technique is simple. As we have said, the shorter end goes into the vagina of the wearer. It is like a butt-plug. Once the “pony” is in the proper position, the longer end will be sticking out due to its long shaft.

The wearer holds the bulb with the strength of her vaginal muscles and controls it by squeezing. Thus, she maneuvers the longer end, using it to penetrate her partner hands-free. The penetration can be both vaginal and anal. Hence, hetero couples can use the strapless dildo if they are interested in roleplay.

However, there are a couple of things to know before trying this lovely toy.

  • The wearer must have strong Kegels.
  • It’s better if you use a lubricant.
  • Make sure that the size is right.


In case you didn’t know, vaginal muscles are called Kegels. They are the ones that contract during an orgasm, so we sometimes call them orgasm muscles as well. Since you are controlling a dildo with them, they must be strong.

In case they’re not, you can do Kegel exercises that consist of squeezing the pelvic muscular system at regular intervals. You should hold for a couple of seconds and release. By doing this simple routine for 15 minutes every day, you can see the benefits after only two weeks. You can also use Ben Wa balls for faster results.

It is crucial to develop Kegel muscles because operating strapons is not that easy. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be doing wonders for your partner and yourself.


We believe this can be a beautiful experience. To make it more enjoyable, we would always advise you to use a long-lasting lubricant to maximize the pleasure.

While you can go for water-based lubes for vaginal play, anal penetration will require a product with a silicone base. If the intercourse is longer, the friction can make it painful, so lubes are a necessary aid.


Don’t go overboard with size. Larger dildos may look tempting, but we would recommend starting with smaller variants. Both the bulb and the shaft are important when choosing your toy.

Heterosexual couples that would like to try roleplay should consider strapons with a shorter shaft. The idea is to stimulate the prostate or the male G-spot which is not so far up.

Why Are Strapless Dildos Ideal for Lesbians?

The nickname for this great item is the lesbian strapless dildo. Make no mistake; it’s an excellent sex toy for various couples, but lesbians using strapons can benefit the most from the experience.

First, we would highlight the skin-to-skin feeling that strapons allow. While other sex gadgets may feel a bit cold and alienating, strapless dildos increase intimacy and closeness. The item becomes a part of the body, enabling the partners to feel completely connected.

Another great feature is that it provides physical stimulation to both female partners. While the wearer feels immense G-spot tactile exhilaration, the recipient can enjoy vaginal or anal satisfaction. Thus, the pleasure is complete on both ends. In other words, you can feel the same sensations as your partner. Intercourse is more natural and exciting.

Useful Tips

Don’t despair if you find it difficult to use strapons at first. A bit of exercise is necessary at the beginning. Kegels are usually not very strong, so you may have trouble controlling the bulb initially. Especially when you get wet. However, after a couple of times, you should get the hang of it, and it may become your favorite toy.

As odd as it may sound, beginners should go for strapons with bigger bulbs because they are way easier to operate. There will be some extra pressure on your G-spot, but that may be a good thing.

Once you master the technique, you can add more toys to the lesbian strapon sex adventure. Using stimulating gels is always a good idea as they intensify the pleasure. Also, clitoral vibrators can be immensely satisfying. Depending on your taste, nipple clamps are an option because they increase the excitement and add a bit of kink to the play.


Don’t be shy about experimenting! Getting creative is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to sex. So get it on and enjoy!

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