Labia Puffing: Why Do Women Want Bigger Vaginas?

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Feeling Uncomfortable With Your Own Body

It’s not unusual that, from time to time, people feel like they aren’t attractive to the opposite sex. Questioning their appearance, they often consider plastic surgery a viable option. That’s nothing new, of course. Changing the way your nose or lips look like has been around for some time now.

But what about the shape and size of your intimate parts? The look of your vagina, to be precise. Are you willing to accept the fact that maybe it’s time for you to go under the knife? Don’t worry, it’s not a slasher story we’re talking about — it’s just a simple tale of vaginal rejuvenation, and there’s no surgical procedure involved.

So, if you’d like to take a chance and transform your muff into a beautiful vagina, be sure to inform yourself about the procedure. Of course, that’s why we came up with this piece. We feel it’s of utmost importance that you know what you’re dealing with when surrendering yourself to the desire for a puffy vulva.

What Is Labia Puffing?

Well, most people (women) may have heard of terms such as puffing your vagina, but they’re probably not sure what’s it all about. The general lust for youth is more and more prominent with each passing day, and we don’t blame people for wanting to stay young and attractive. So let’s remove the veil hiding these labels behind it, shall we?

Labia Puffing, as the doctors call it, is a non-surgical procedure designed to refresh the look of your vagina. It’s plain and simple. As the years go by, the body loses its youthful look and becomes more and more wrinkly and relaxed.

Just like the rest of the body, female genitals begin to look old and worn-out. Therefore, some medical procedures aim to fill the labia majora with fat from buttocks or other parts of your body, to give the vagina that youthful look it once had.

Why Do Women Want Bigger Vaginas?

As we’ve mentioned previously, with the passing of time, the parts of our body age and look less attractive. There’s no denying that our internal clock takes a toll on all of us, be it physically or mentally.

Therefore, it’s no wonder we try everything to look and feel young again. Our appearance, whether we like to admit or not, affects how we feel about ourselves. We can talk if that’s healthy or not, but that doesn’t change the way society works.

Unfortunately or not, men and women of a certain age begin to search for ways to alter their looks. In those case, females concerned with how their intimate parts look in the mirror opt for labia puffing.

As they age, vaginas become less attractive and more wrinkled. Their genitals tend to have big pussy lips coming from the opening of the vagina. In most cases, their partners find that unappealing, causing less frequent sexual encounters.

By nature, most humans love attention, and our looks are one of the prominent ways to get it. This need to impress others can also be a reason why mature women decide to correct the way their pussy looks. Bigger and more swollen vaginas, by default, receive a better response from their partner. The striking appeal of youth opens all the doors.

How Does Labia Puffing Work?

Let’s be frank here. This vagina cosmetic surgery is not that complicated. The whole deal takes 45 minutes. There’s nothing painful, just a brief unease if you’re shy about spreading your legs for a stranger.

That said, there are two ways doctors do it. One considers injecting fat from different parts of your body into the labia majora (which we’ve already mentioned briefly), and the other one consists of hyaluronic acid.

Your first option is fat grafting. That means that the doctor will extract fat from your butt, thighs, or some other body part, and inject it via a hypodermic needle into the side of your vaginal canal. With the tissue coming from your own body, the risk of rejection is close to none.

The second way of doing business is not that different, as in you’re still going to get a syringe treatment by your plastic surgeon. Only this time, the doctors opt for the use of a different material. They use hyaluronic acid. It’s pretty much the same treatment, as it offers a puffy pussy in no time.

Is Vagina Surgery Safe?

Like with all things, the safety of labial puff interventions is a topic of discussion. The American Society of plastic surgeons seems pretty confident that there’s almost no risk involved, which is obvious. Honesty can tear their practice down in no time, as the designer vagina business is lucrative enough for them to keep quiet on possible side-effects.

Clinics that offer these procedures mostly name just a few complications, which don’t sound that malign. Itchiness, little to no pain, rash, and swelling are among these potential problems.

Also, they insist that it’s of utmost importance to quickly contact them if these symptoms occur to any of their patients. Reacting in time can save them from a lot of unfortunate outcomes.

On the other hand, some gynecologists claim that the procedure isn’t safe at all. Citing the lack of evidence that pussy puffing is safe, they say that it can negatively affect your health and sex life. They say that there are certain problems females can experience after the procedure.

These cons include vaginal infections, urinary incontinence, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and other nasty stuff. In their opinion, women are more likely to get a safe treatment if they opt for energy-based devices and CO2 laser treatments for the rejuvenation of their private parts.

Alternatives To Cosmetic Surgery

With arguments on both sides, ordinary women wanting a plump vagina with puffy pussy lips are left in the blue. Risking their health for the removal of vaginal laxity is not an easy choice. Complicating your sex life and ending up without rough sex because it can damage your genitals, just to hide your wrinkly outer lips, seems like a no-win situation. Luckily, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Kegel Exercises

Back in the late ‘40s, doctor Kegel came up with the eponymous exercise for both men and women. The whole deal with this training effort is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Once again, aging comes to the forefront of the story.

As people grow older, they lose strength, and their muscles begin to atrophy. In other words, they lose tissue and become weak. This loss directly affects genital functions for both genders. In simple language, males begin to go to the bathroom more frequently, and females, among other things, begin to see their outer lips flash out like tiny clits from their vagina.

The exercise encompasses contracting and releasing the muscles in the pelvic area. It can be done for a few minutes, multiple times during the day. If done correctly, the first signs of improvement can be seen after a couple of months.

Pussy Pumps

Pumps are another great method women can opt for. Although these devices only bring a temporary effect, they are easy to use and can’t cause health-related problems. With a pump, a plump and juicy-looking vagina won’t just remain an unfulfilled wish; it will become a reality.

Unfortunately, there is a downside. As we’ve said, it’s only temporary, and the process of pumping your pussy might be seen as a turn-off for some people. It’s kind of like a pill you take that makes everything alright just for a while.

Telling your partner to wait for a moment while you go to the bathroom to pump yourself up might disturb the whole moment. That is, it’s not spontaneous at all. But on the other hand, some might find it interesting for some kind of foreplay, and the results can be staggering.

People enjoy different stuff, and the pussy pump just might be someone’s new favorite toy. Weird situations give life to new fantasies and kinks!

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