The Joys of Knotted Canine Dildos

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Well, yes! It’s just like Kate Bush sang all those years ago. Hounds of love are here, and with these bad boys, they’re not leaving any time soon. All fun and joking aside, animal fetishes are not so uncommon these days. Actually, they’ve never been.

Mixing animal roleplay with your fetishes is not a bad idea. After all, not a lot of people can say that they never wanted a big bad werewolf to fuck their brains out. Thus, dog dildos range from wolf-like to mythical and beast-like werewolf ones.

Some might ask, why dog cocks?! Well, we know most people don’t know this, but canines are actually really different from humans when it comes to their male parts. Aside from jokes and fun nicknames like “red rocket,” a dog cock has a different detail that interests humans willing to try them out. Bear with us on this one; we’ll explain everything!

What Is a Knotted Dildo?

One might ask this question, and there’s no shame in it. Not everyone is familiar with these kinks. But there’s no reason not to ask if you don’t know something. The more one knows, the better the odds of something new and exciting appearing on their radar.

A dog knot dildo is an anatomically correct doggy dildo, and, of course, a high-quality and body-safe sex toy. The customer can use it for both anal or vaginal intercourse. If you ever had a dream about a beast ripping your asshole to shreds, these canine and wolf dildos will make it come true.

Also, they’ll make something else cum. Wink, wink!

These rude boys are made of platinum cure silicone, so there’s no need to worry about safety. They are water-resistant, they are free of smell, and you can use them for a lifetime. Also, most of them have a suction cup, which ensures they stick firmly on any surface.

One more thing — these animal dildos don’t cause skin irritation. You can thank the material used to craft these beauties for that.

Therefore, if you’re tired of all your regular anal dildos and butt plugs and have dirty primal secrets you keep to yourself, these bad dragons are just the thing for you. After all, we’re nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do it on all those Discovery-like channels.

What Are Knotted Dildos Based On?

If one is wondering about the inspiration behind this magnificent device, well, it’s pretty simple. The anatomy behind canine phalluses is a bit different from a regular human’s. Our favorite four-legged friends have some unexpected girth in the downtown department. They have a big bulge just above the base of the penis.

This bulge is all the rage with animal fetish people out there. These ball-looking penis entities are not testicles. People often mistake them for balls, but in truth, they’re something entirely different.

Their purpose is not to make sperm and to send it to the head of the cock — they actually lock the raging bull inside the female. These knots are muscles meant to hold the dick inside the vagina and to ensure that the male’s sperm gets to where nature intended it to go.

Therefore, this little difference makes whole new fetish possibilities for people looking to clean their pipes. But more on that later. Just hang on with us; there’s more interesting stuff coming up next.

What Does the Knot Do for Dogs?

Still here? Okay, let’s move on, soldier! Dog knot… Well, a knot is a bulge on the lower part of the canine’s phallus. Lots of people commonly mistake it for testicles, and we can’t blame them — they definitely look like a pair of balls.

Big balls, to be precise! Since we’re not veterinarians but just your ordinary sex toy experts next door, to cut a long story short, knots are additional muscles on a dog’s penis.

These serve a particular biological purpose. They expand just before the male ejaculates inside the female’s vagina. It’s some sort of nature’s way of ensuring that the horny four-legged guy doesn’t pull out of his furry partner.

This knot is also known as bulbus glandis in medical terminology. A bit of Latin, reader. It won’t bite like some wild dogs out there!

Female dogs lure their horny counterparts through their smell. Once they “bite” the pheromones, males instantly try to hump the backs of their ladies. We’ve all seen them in the park, free of conventions, having fun and sex while we stand there pretending to be ashamed. Well, at least some do.

But let’s get back on track here. After ejaculating, the dogs stay attached for a few moments. Males are unable to pull their weiner out because of the big Latin-named bulge we’ve mentioned. They have to wait a bit for the swelling of the muscle to loosen.

Why Is the Knot Pleasurable?

Finally, we’re here. It’s been a long time coming, but the boring stuff is over. Let’s start with some ideas one might have with a dildo of this kind. Remember how some claim that length is not the most important thing for a dong?

Well, it’s definitely not. Girth and shape are the more respectable factors when it comes to penises. A bit of roundness and a wavy shape can make all the difference when it comes to what the vagina thinks is cool.

Also, anal can be more animal-like if girth comes to the equation. Hence, canine dildos are the real deal. Their shape is a bit off when one compares them to human dicks. They’re a bit wavier, have the aforementioned bulbus glandis, and seem to perfectly adapt to any shape and type of hole they intend to reside in.

Additional fun is guaranteed with a knotted dildo. There’s no doubt about it! The prospect of expanding the vagina and the anus with such a bulge is definitely a thought to bear — no more dull butt plugs and other lame toys.

The new dildo doggy-style is here; don’t let it pass you by!

Inflatable Knotted Dildos

If we’ve managed to grab your attention with our canine dildos, you’ll be more than glad to hear what else we’ve got in store. To get the most real and effective feeling of two dogs fucking, all interested parties should check inflatable knotted dildos as well.

These guys appear like the real deal, hidden under the counter, waiting for select customers. Moreover, they can be filled with warm water for a better experience. Also, they penetrate half-deflated, and you decide if you want them to grow thick and big inside your hole.

Since they’re made out of medical silicone, there’s no possible way the skin of the participant gets sore and red. Also, they’re easy to clean and wash. Soap and warm water before and after use are enough. You can do it with your dishes — no special treatment is needed.

The only downside we could find here is that they are a bit more pricey than the rest. But to get the real deal and sensation, your wallet will need to be a bit thicker. No, not as thick as the canine penis knot; don’t worry!

Therefore, spending big on an expanding dildo as a way to get the most realistic experience is definitely the way to go! We’re pretty sure you’ll bark like a real dog when you feel the pleasure of these canine cocks.

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