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Doing your Kegel exercises every day is something we should all be striving to do. Sometimes though, it can be hard to maintain the habit. Or you might have difficulty even exercising your pelvic floor muscles properly.

Thankfully there are a variety of tools which can help you with this. Some are much more functional, and will simply help you perform the exercise. Others offer alternative ways to exercise these muscles, or can even help you do the exercises if you struggle!

In this article, we’ll go over the options available to everyone looking for a little help getting their Kegels done.

Kegel Exercise Tools

While everything on this list is technically a Kegel exercise tool, these ones fall outside any of the other categories. While many of these Kegel tools are also sex toys, and provide some level of sexual pleasure, these tools are entirely focused on improving the health of your muscles, and may even be used on you by a doctor.

The most common version prescribed by a doctor is a vaginal cone. Not all of these are shaped like cones, but they all serve the same function. They are essentially small weights you insert into your vagina. By holding these weights inside your body, the muscles of the pelvic floor become stronger.

A variant of this is found in a resistance based Kegel device. These are small springed devices which hold the pelvic floor muscles open. When you do your Kegel exercises, the spring is squeezed shut, making the exercise more difficult.

Kegel Balls

The first big group of pelvic floor devices are Kegel balls. As their name would suggest, these are small balls designed to be inserted into the vagina to help with your Kegel exercises.

Some women choose to wear them and perform their exercises at the same time, while others simply wear them and allow the act of holding them in place to work out their muscles.

While the primary function of Kegel balls would seem to be improving your health, these devices are just as much a sex toy as a medical device. Some are even fitted with vibrators to bring you that extra level of pleasure!

Ben Wa Balls

Like Kegel balls, Ben Wa balls are also small spheres designed to be inserted into the vagina. At face value, the two aren’t very different at all!

In general, the difference tends to be that ben wa balls are a little more focused on sexual pleasure, whereas Kegel balls are a little bit more focused on health.

Despite this, both are great for both purposes, so you shouldn’t really worry about whether you should get a set of Kegel balls or a set of Ben Wa balls. Using either can help you on your road to pelvic floor strength and great sex!

Yoni Eggs

Yet another entry in the round object you insert in your vagina round, yoni eggs are thankfully a little different.

Most obviously, these devices are egg shaped rather than round spheres.

The other huge difference is that yoni eggs are made of precious stones. While many people will simply view this as something that looks nice, others place much more significance on it.

Each stone is said to hold mystical powers, which can help with healing, negative thoughts, and troublesome emotions. By choosing the right crystal, you can not only work out your pelvic floor muscles simply by inserting the egg, but you can also be aided by these spiritual powers in your healing process.

Bluetooth / Feedback Kegel Trainers

Locating the Kegel muscles can be quite a challenge for some people, and figuring out how to move them properly so your exercises actually benefit you can be even harder!

To try and make the process of learning how to do these important exercises easier, some companies have begun to develop Kegel training devices which can sense the movements of your muscles and give you feedback on your exercises.

The point of this is to try and improve the technique of your Kegel exercises, and help you achieve even better improvements for the same amount of effort.

Doctors make use of a variant of this, often in the form of an anal probe. While wearing it, they carefully monitor your body, and can not only help you do your Kegels right, but also let you know if you have any issues with your pelvic floor.

While not as advanced as medical technology, commercial manufacturers have also made their own versions of these devices. Most of the time these will pair with an app you download onto your smartphone. Each time you perform your exercises it monitors your results, and can coach you to improve the results you see.

These apps can even turn your workouts into a game, making it more fun than ever to exercise!

If you’re someone who finds Kegel exercises difficult, or simply want to increase the efficiency of your exercises, this is the ideal tool for you!

Electro-Stimulation Kegel Trainers

No matter how hard they try, some people are just unable to perform Kegel exercises properly. This might not be their own fault, as an existing condition may be preventing them from controlling the muscles needed to do the exercise.

This is where electro-stimulation can be helpful.

Like the above devices that give feedback on your Kegels, electro-stimulation devices were primarily used by doctors to help patients who were unable to do the exercise.

By inserting a probe into the body, tiny electrical impulses can be applied to very specific muscles, causing them to spasm in a certain way. These spasms mimic the movements made during Kegel exercises. With repeated treatment, the patient can learn to move their muscles on their own.

Again, commercial variants have begun to appear on the market. These make use of similar technology as medical versions, although we advise caution whenever you plan to use electro-stimulation equipment at home.

Take the time to do your research, and make sure you pick up a quality product. When dealing with electric shocks, things can go very wrong, very quickly if you choose an inferior product!

Vibrating Kegel Trainers

Some Kegel trainers take pride in the fact that they provide you sexual pleasure while you exercise the pelvic floor muscles. As a result, they’ve produced different versions of vibrating Kegel trainers

These devices aren’t ball shaped like a vibrating Kegel ball, but instead each manufacturer attempts to design their device to provide the best workout to the pelvic floor muscles.

Once inserted, the woman simply holds the device in place, and enjoys the vibration it provides. The muscles are exercised as they attempt to keep the device in your body.

So if you find yourself unmotivated to do Kegel exercises because they’re boring or no fun, try out a vibrating Kegel trainer and turn every workout into a good time!

Adding Extra Weight To Your Kegels

While all these kinds of kegel trainers are different shapes and sizes, they also have another key difference. Each one will weigh a different amount.

Just like any other kind of weightlifting, the weight of your chosen Kegel trainer will also make the exercise more intense if the weight is higher, and less intense if the weight is lower.

An average user will find that as the muscles become stronger around the pelvic region, it becomes easier and easier to hold the device in for longer periods of time. Eventually, you might feel like your kegel device isn’t posing enough of a challenge anymore.

When this happens, the best thing you can do is increase the weight, and return the intensity to your exercise.

Luckily, many different Kegel trainers either come with multiple weight options, or a way to adjust the weight of them. For example, Kegel balls will often come with a silicone sheath. This lets you swap the balls for heavier or lighter ones whenever you feel like it.

An alternative way to add weight to your kegel training is to attach extra objects to the device itself. Most of the time, this can only be done with devices such as Kegel balls or Yoni eggs, both of which can be connected to a piece of string.

With a long enough string, you can insert the Kegel trainer, and leave enough string outside the body that you can tie an object to it. Now with the extra weight pulling downwards, it becomes much more challenging for your pelvic floor muscles to keep the device inside your body.

Some enthusiasts take this to extreme levels, with vaginas so powerful, they can lift incredible weights. The world’s strongest vaginal weightlifter can lift an astonishing weight of over 30 pounds!

There’s No Excuse For Avoiding Kegels!

Kegel exercises are such an easy thing to add to your life. You can do them practically anywhere, like your drive to work, walking round the supermarket, or even while you brush your teeth.

But even if you struggle to do Kegels alone, there is a whole host of different devices that can help you. These devices can all work wonders for the health of your pelvic floor muscles, so pick one up today, and start Kegelling your way to a better sex life!

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