G-Spot Stimulation: Where Is It and What Does It Do?

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The G-Spot is a mystical place in a woman’s body. It’s talked about all the time, as if it is some kind of common knowledge. You can point to her elbow, why not her G-Spot? In reality though, it’s not so simple. It isn’t just having someone else be able to find your G-Spot. Some women can’t even find their own!

If this sounds like you, try not to be too disheartened! We can assure you that the G-Spot is 100% real. This magical place exists in every woman, and finding it can be well worth the hunt.

What is the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is named after the German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenburg for his work studying the area. It is an area of erectile tissue, which when touched swells, so it isn’t unlike the tissue that makes up a penis. Simulation of the G-Spot can lead to strong sexual pleasure, and even a different kind of orgasm.

The G-Spot has been studies for decades, but there is still significant disagreement over what it is, how it works, and where to find it. Despite some outliers still claiming that evidence is anecdotal, or that the spot doesn’t exist. Most studies come to at least some consensus that it is there, and it does give pleasure when you stimulate it. In some studies, it is theorized that it may be an extension of the clitoris inside the boy, rather than a separate entity of its own.

Where is the G-Spot?

It’s a question that men and women the world over want an answer to. Unfortunately, though, it isn’t as simple as one answer. For all women the G-Spot will be found on the anterior (upper) wall of the vaginal canal. That’s about as specific as you can get though. For some it will be found just inside the vagina, others will be much deeper, potentially approaching the depth of the cervix.

While we can’t give you a specific roadmap for you to locate your G-Spot, we can help you know when you find it. The area feels… different. It’s a little difficult to explain, but the G-Spot is a little bumpy, harder, ridged, just different to the rest of the tissue inside. When you find it, you should feel some quite intense pleasurable feelings as soon as you touch it, and these will grow the more you stroke or press on it. For some women, touching the G-Spot will make you feel like you need to wee. This is totally normal, as the prevailing theory is that when the G-Spot grows during arousal, it helps to block the tube which allows urine to exit the body so you can’t wee during sex.

This growth of the G-Spot can be a useful ally in the hunt for the it. When aroused, it can double in size, becoming as big as a large coin. So, if you’re having trouble locating your G-Spot, try getting yourself more aroused, then resuming the hunt.

Why Should You Find Your G-Spot?

Considering we’re talking about something that’s hard to find, in a potentially random location, and debatably not even real, why would you even bother? After all, the clitoris is right there and gives you loads of pleasure, so why not stick to what you know? G-Spot stimulation isn’t something that’s felt by all women. Those that do though, are massive fans.

The sensations are very intense, and can even produce a different kind of orgasm. The G-Spot orgasm is said to be much more powerful than a clitoral orgasm. It feels deeper and more powerful, sometimes enveloping the entire pelvic region in a warm fuzzy feeling. G-Spot stimulation can even lead some women to squirting, even if they’ve never experienced this before.

G-Spot Vibrators

For those of you struggling to find your G-Spot, or just looking for something a little different, there’s a vibrator to help. G-Spot vibrators are specially designed with a curve on the body. This means that once you’ve put them in, they are the perfect shape to rest just where the G-Spot is. You can get G-Spot vibrators of different lengths, so even if yours is a little deeper you should still be able to hit it. Using a vibrator gives you an entirely different experience to your fingers, as you can just sit back and relax completely. Vibrators also don’t get tired, unlike your fingers, so if you fancy a longer session it’s an ideal thing to use.

It’s a tough thing to put into words, because the feelings and sensations of G-Spot stimulation are different for each woman. You should definitely give it a try though. Many women who’ve experienced the joy and wonder of a G-Spot orgasm wonder how they ever lived without it.

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