Do Vibrators Numb Your Vagina?

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Looking to get a good old sex toy? You’re not sure how safe it actually is? Well, no worries! We’ll quickly guide you through everything you need to know!

The Trials and Tribulations of Sex Toys

Using a vibrator nowadays isn’t that shocking at all! Long gone are the days of taboo and sexual discrimination. Therefore, most people in the world are aware of the benefits of sex toys and other kinky products. But, some questions are still nagging us, and we’ll try to explain everything a potential user might wonder about.

Vibrators for women come in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes, which means that they all look different and offer contrasting options for customers. That is great as it means you have a wide variety of alternatives to look forward to once you opt to surprise your body. But with all these choices, it’s easy to become confused.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store. You get so excited with all the goodies in front of you. You become confused and cannot decide what you really want. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science by any means. So, let’s get into some questions beginners often ask themselves, shall we?

Can Vibrators Make Your Vagina Desensitized?

A common misconception people come across when discussing solo play and sexual pleasure is that you can somehow damage and desensitize your genitals with a vibrator. Well, firstly, all sex toys sold by licensed sex shops are body-safe. That is the norm, and all kinky gadgets must pass safety trials.

But unfortunately, some studies suggest that excessive use of vibrating toys can cause damage to the user. We say “unfortunately” because their claims are just not true at all. It’s mostly a fabrication in some poor guy’s head, and it can cause potential damage for the manufacturer and the people interested in getting a sex toy for themselves.

What’s It All About?

The whole idea of how vibrators can harm the user is, as we’ve already said, pure nonsense, and it came about when some people overused the device in the first place. That can only lead us to the conclusion that the toy itself is pretty damn good, and people couldn’t get enough of it (wink-wink).

But all joking aside, overusing any product can lead to undesired consequences. It’s rather simple, we’d say. But in case you begin to feel less and less sensitive in your erogenous zones, stop for a while. Take a break and relax a bit. After all, safety is what we’re all about here!

Pausing for a couple of hours or a full day might be a good idea. Be sure you’re using the toy the way you are supposed to. And if you still experience lessened sensitivity in the area you’ve stimulated with the vibrator, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Of course, this is less likely to happen, but always be aware of your health. We’re here to make sure everyone interested in vibrators gets the best possible experience, and staying safe is the foundation of it. So, make sure you don’t overdo the self-pleasuring game by no means. Check all options your vibrator offers before you go wild with it.

What If My Vagina Feels Less Sensitive?

Just like we’ve said, attributing the loss of feeling in your genital area to sex toys, if you use them the way they’re meant to, is pure nonsense. It’s far more likely that an underlying condition is the root of your troubles. So going to your licensed doctor is the only way to make sure you’re okay.

Various factors might cause these types of problems. If you’re a woman that doesn’t feel clitoral stimulation when using a rabbit vibrator, you’re most likely experiencing fatigue or medication problems. Be sure to check up on yourself if you’re using prescribed medication. It may help you in the long run.

Also, stress and anxiety can play a significant role when it comes to enjoying sex in general, let alone self-pleasure. Of course, sexual intercourse is a great way to lower your anxiety. But sometimes it’s just better to take a long shower or to sleep it over. Don’t look for quick fixes when it comes to fatigue problems; be aware of what your body is trying to tell you.

So, once again, seek professional help if you experience stuff like this. It’s not a joke, and we highly recommend you talk to a doctor if you’re having problems with the way your body is reacting to certain sex toys. Vibrators included.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried

Fortunately, vibrators are just pure joy and helping hands. In case you didn’t know, the first vibrator was born as a medical device. The doctor that invented it, Mortimer Granville, wanted to cure hysteric old ladies who were experiencing problems caused by menopause. Although attributing something to female hysteria is pure nonsense, the good old doctor left an impressive gift to humanity.

Since it’s no secret that health and sex toys go way back, using a vibrator can only add to the positive side of it all. Playing with it internally or externally, you’ll lower your blood pressure, increase your immune system, and release “feel good” hormones. Also, playing with a vibrator (or a dildo) will lead to more natural juices flowing down your thighs, and actual sexual intercourse with your partner will be way better.

Blood Flow and Vibrators

Just like all the other provided by the granddaddy of sex toys — the vibrator — increased blood flow is probably the most important one. In a day and age, when our physical appearance sells the idea of who we are, having a young-looking body is key to attracting other people.

Unfortunately, we all age. Our bodies look less and less like their youthful counterparts from old photos. That leads to a ton of mature women going for sketchy plastic surgeries, looking to make their vagina plump once again. But this is almost always as pricey as hell and leads to unwanted health problems. So, a way better option women have is to use a good old vibrator for the look of their lower region.

It’s pretty simple, after all. Increased blood flow triggers arousal. And the more red juice your body surges down your body, the more natural lubrication your body will produce. This lubrication will make your wrinkly and worn out vagina appear younger and in better general shape. So it’s a pretty good way to fix your downstairs appearance, ain’t it?

Again, you need not worry if you opt to use a vibrator. The worst thing that could happen is you getting bored with your beginner toy, and going out to get a new and more expensive one. Believe us — every girl gets knocked off their feet by this gentleman. There’s a reason it’s such an iconic sex toy, after all.

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