Clitoral Stimulation with Vibrators

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For most women, clitoral stimulation is the most common route to orgasm. It’s also the route of least resistance, being found in an easily accessible location. While women will know exactly what buttons they’re pushing on their own bodies, their partner’s might not be so knowledgeable. This guide should help you to find this simulation centre on your lady’s body, and send her through the roof with pleasure once you start bringing a vibrator into play.

What is the Clitoris?

The clitoris is a female sex organ. It is the most sensitive erogenous zone on the female body, and stimulating it is the primary means of orgasm for women the world over. When talking about the clitoris, most people refer to the small part that is found outside the body. The clitoris actually goes much deeper though, extending into the woman’s body, and some people believe it connects to a woman’s G-spot.

Where is the Clitoris?

The small external part of the clitoris is what most people refer to when they talk about it. This part is roughly the size of a pea, and is usually located just above the vaginal opening. This part of the vagina is really called the clitoris glans, with the other three quarters of the clitoris being hidden within the body. Finding it can be a little challenging depending on the vagina, as parts of the vulva may obscure or cover it up. Different women have different clitorises, with some being more pronounced than others, so if you’re unlucky you might have a small one hidden by vulva tissue.

Luckily though, the clitoris, just like the penis, swells when sexually aroused. Both men and women are able to get a hard on. Once aroused, even if the clitoris is in an unfortunate location, you should be able to locate it primarily by touch, as it will feel harder than the skin of the surrounding area.

Why Stimulate the Clitoris?

Many women all over the world don’t actually reach orgasm from penetrative sex. They still enjoy it, but it just doesn’t push the right buttons in a woman. The clitoris on the other hand is designed almost entirely for the purpose of reaching orgasm. Even if you can get close from penetrative sex, sometimes a little direct clitoral contact is needed to push things over the edge.

A surprising fact is that the vagina doesn’t have that many nerves in it. The clitoris on the other hand, contains more nerves than the entire penis. Once you learn this it’s easy to see why it’s such an important part of female orgasm.

How to Stimulate the Clitoris with a Vibrator

Once you’ve found the clitoris, stimulating it with a vibrator should be quite a simple task, right? While you can just hold a vibrator to the clitoris, the process is a little more involved than that if you want the best results.

A lot of women find direct contact with a vibrator to be a little too intense for their sensitive parts. This is no truer than with the clitoris, and without sufficient build up, this pleasurable act can turn a little less pleasant and a bit more painful or irritating.

If you’re going to use a vibrator on your partner’s, or your own clitoris, don’t go at it like a bull in a china shop. You will need time to build up to it, so always start off with a low setting if possible. Much of the pleasure is drawn from stimulating the surrounding areas of the body. Rather than outright going for it on the clitoris, you’re teasing them, making them want or expect contact, then taking it away and making them beg for more. Once you get them suitably aroused, even a short amount of direct contact should be enough to tip them over the edge.

As a woman becomes more used to direct stimulation, you may be able to hold the vibrator on the clitoris for longer periods of time, or even try higher and faster settings on the vibrator. With enough practise, you might even want to dare her to let you do it for longer and longer each time, seeing how long you can keep her orgasming before her body physically can’t take anymore.

If direct stimulation is too much for your partner, you can try using the vibrator while she wears her underwear. The fabric slightly muffles the vibration, making the sensations a little less intense. Or you can try different angles for holding the vibrator. Some women say that one side of their clitoris responds to vibration much better than the other side.

The best kind of vibrator for clitoral stimulation tends to be the bullet vibrator. The small size makes it easy to reach such a small and delicate area. Being able to target very specific areas is also a great advantage, as large vibrators will usually just smother the entire area. With a bullet you have a lot of freedom to properly explore what you (or your partner) enjoys.

Clitoral Stimulation During Sex

Something that might really make a woman squeal with delight is combining both clitoral stimulation, and traditional sexual intercourse. There are many positions you can try, some more comfortable than others. One thing remains the same though, most women who’ve experienced this kind of stimulation absolutely love it.

Whichever techniques you use, be sure to pay attention to your partner. Some women enjoy direct stimulation, some indirect, and some find contact with the clitoris to be quite painful and would rather avoid it entirely. Listen to your partner, and you’re sure to know when something is good, and when you might want to switch to something different.

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