Bullet Vibrators With Other Toys

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There are so many different types of sex toys available, and sometimes it can be challenging to pick just one. But the truth is that you don’t need to. Combining two toys can increase pleasure and significantly spice up your sex life. A perfect example of toys that go well with everything is the bullet vibrator.

These toys are designed for precise stimulation, and they are especially popular with women. However, that doesn’t mean that others can’t use them. Bullet vibrators are great in combination with almost everything, and here, we will go through different ways you can use it simultaneously with other toys.


Dildos are probably the most common and popular type of sex toys. These toys have been around for quite a while, and the oldest example of the dildo is 28,000 years old!

But what’s the difference between a dildo and a vibrator? Generally, dildos don’t vibrate. The toy has the shape of a penis, and it comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Now, it is possible to find a dildo that has a “slot” for a vibrator, and you can insert a bullet toy in there to get a vibrating dildo!

The primary purpose of these toys is penetration, but you can use it any way you like (we’re not your parents).

Now, if you combine a dildo for penetration, and a bullet vibrator as a single spot stimulator, you can experience an orgasm you never knew was even possible. Furthermore, if you are a fan of clitoral stimulation, you can get a simple USB rechargeable bullet toy, and avoid worrying about batteries. Most toys will allow you to choose between different types of vibrations, as well as speed and intensity.

If you already own a simple dildo with a suction cup, you will have your hands free for your new vibrating friend. Of course, you can find one with a remote control option if you plan on using it with your partner. It will make everything even more exciting if you hand control to your partner.

What is exciting is that you can use dildo for vaginal or anal penetration, while using a bullet toy for stimulating other erogenous zones. Find what you like the most and have fun with it. But be sure to find a comfortable position, or you’ll need an extra set of hands.

Butt Plugs

Similarly, butt plugs are a no-brainer for anyone into anal play. They are great for stimulation, and you don’t need a lot of work to use them. Usually, the whole point of plugs is to insert them into the anal canal, and just leave them there. The pleasure comes from the toy stimulating the prostate, the inner wall of the vagina, or anal sphincter.

Many use plugs for everyday activities since they are invisible to the outside world, and no one but you will know why you’re smirking if you wear them outside.

Whether you use a regular plug or the one with a tail, you will insert it into your anus (or your partner’s) and leave it there. Then, of course, you will have your hands free to use a good old bullet vibrator.

Once you have lodged the plug safely inside the anal canal, you won’t need to adjust it or touch it in any way. That means that you can lie on your back, and use the single-spot vibrator to stimulate your favorite erogenous zones.

A similar thing applies to prostate massagers as well. Any type of prostate massager can be used along with the bullet vibrator, even though some massagers have strong vibrating parts on their own. Many believe that vibrators for women are the only type of sex toys, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Male vibrators are becoming more popular by the day, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one for yourself. Naturally, if you are planning on using plugs, massagers, dildos, or anything else for anal play, you should use a lot of lube.

Pocket Pussies

Another exciting toy you can try is pocket pussy. Now, most people make mistakes and call these toys “fleshlights.” The name of the toy is pocket pussy, but Fleshlight is one of the brands that create these toys. So, all Fleshlights are pocket pussy, but not every pocket pussy is a Fleshlight.

When it comes to using this toy, believe it or not, it should simulate a vagina. For everyone looking to spice up their masturbation (or their sex life), pocket pussies might be an exciting choice.

But why stop there? Adding a bullet vibe can be quite interesting. If you are looking for some fun during your solo session, you can use a vibrator to stimulate your favorite spots while playing with the pocket pussy. But you can also use these toys with your partner. As we mentioned, the bullet toy focuses on stimulating a single spot, and combining it with other toys can be thrilling.

These “male masturbators” come in several options or shapes. The most common ones simulate vaginal, oral, and anal stimulation, and you can even find ones that are non-anatomical or focused on a specific fetish.

Regardless of the model you pick, the only other thing you’ll need to choose is vibration patterns you want to combine with the pocket pussy.

Cock Rings

Since we are on the subject of male sex toys, another great example is cock rings. You must be living under a rock if you never heard of those. The idea behind cock rings is to restrict blood flow from the penis and thus produce a stronger erection. Furthermore, they also allow the wearer to maintain an erection for a more extended period.

There are several types of rings, and they vary in design and use. Some you wear on the base of the penis, while others are placed just behind the corona or glans. The second type is commonly known as glans ring or even a cock crown. Some models are placed around the penis and the scrotum at the same time. Those are called either cock rings or cock and ball rings.

When they put the ring on, the wearer can use a small vibrator to make everything even more exciting. Since these rings will essentially trap the blood, you can use a bullet toy to stimulate your genitals or any other erogenous zone.

It is also possible to find models that offer both a cock ring and a vibrator in one. These models can offer vaginal, anal, or other types of stimulation, and they are perfect for couples. One of the most popular “combo” toys is Bionic Bullet Rabbit that offers a removable rabbit vibrator, which is an excellent toy by itself.


Today, there are so many different types of strap-ons available on the market. The simplest models allow you to attach a dildo to them, to allow more comfortable use for couples and better sex positions. But these aren’t the only strap-ons you can find. You can find ones suitable for bullet vibrators in no time, and they will allow you to experience the best parts of vibrator sex.

Some strap-ons are meant for solo sessions, and they work like vibrating underwear. You will get a mini bullet vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. However, the most popular models of strap-ons are designed for couples. Naturally, both males and females can wear one and enjoy what it has to offer.

Dual strap-ons are excellent for lesbian couples, with a dildo on one side of the harness and a bullet vibrator on the other. Most harnesses come with a “slot” where you can insert your favorite toy.

Another exciting option is to get a strap-on for your dildo. Yes, you read it right. The strap-on is attached to the toy, and it will allow you to experience double penetration if you are into it. Naturally, the penis owner can wear this strap-on with a partner. In this case, both the wearer and receiver will enjoy vibrations coming from their new toy.

Other Toys

Today, you won’t have a challenging time if you are looking for sex toys that can vibrate. Companies make tons of different toys that will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. Whether you are looking for vibrators, cock rings, pebbles, or almost anything else, there is a model for it. What is unique about their products is that most toys use the same motor. The only thing you need to do is change the “adapter” to get a new toy.

Even egg vibrators are becoming more and more popular every day, with wireless remote control for powerful vibrations.

The popularity of bullet vibrators is ever growing, and it came as no surprise that many companies decided to create products that are compatible with this incredible toy. They are usually the size of a lipstick and can fit most toys. Furthermore, you can find underwear with it, which can be quite thrilling if you are planning to go out.


Bullet vibrators are quite popular, and it seems that they are becoming the most versatile sex toys available. You can use these vibrators with other toys, and many manufacturers offer a slot for this very toy.

To spice things up, you can find a regular dildo with a bullet vibrator inside, which can be great for obvious reasons. Naturally, these dildos are compatible with strap-ons, but they aren’t the only toys that can offer vibrations. Anything from butt plugs and prostate massagers, to cock rings, can offer vibration modes. So, take your time and find the toy that suits you and your needs the best.

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