Benefits of Kegel Exercises

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Kegel exercises are sometimes viewed as too good to be true. These simple and easy to do exercises can supposedly help with all kinds of health problems, and improve your sex life!

The great thing about Kegel exercises though, is that it’s all true!

Whether you’re looking to improve your sex life or just improve your overall health, there is plenty of evidence that performing Kegel exercises every single day can provide all kinds of benefits.

In this article, we’ll go through these one by one, and explain exactly why Kegels are so good!

Kegels Can Tighten Your Vagina

One of the greatest benefits of Kegel exercises is that they tighten your vagina.

While this isn’t exactly true, the end result is the same anyway. Kegel exercises don’t tighten the vagina itself, but rather, the muscles that surround it.

These muscles are called the pelvic floor muscles, and they play an important role in much of the workings of our lower body.

When it comes to the vagina, these muscles allow for the opening and closing of it, and play a role in how much your vagina can grow. This growth isn’t just something that happens in childbirth. Every time you become aroused your vagina grows from its usual size of around 3 or 4 inches so that it can fit a penis inside it.

When the pelvic floor muscles become weakened, the muscles around the vagina can’t clench as tightly as they used to. This can make it feel like your vagina has become loose or saggy, and as a result sex isn’t as enjoyable anymore.

Luckily, these muscles are just like all our other ones, so with the proper exercise regime, we can return them to their former strength. The exercise to work out these muscles are Kegel exercises.

As a woman’s pelvic floor muscles regain their strength, the muscles around the vagina can clench just as hard as they used to be able to. This makes your vagina feel like it’s become tighter once more.

Kegel Exercises Can Improve Your Orgasms

Another fantastic claim that is proven absolutely true. Evidence has shown that Kegels really can make your orgasms better.

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for the pulsing you feel deep in your body during orgasm. When they are weakened, these muscles can’t contract and spasm as hard, which results in a weaker orgasm.

As you gradually rebuild the strength of these muscles through Kegels, you’ll be able to feel these pulses get stronger and stronger. Over time, sex won’t just feel as good as it used to, but you’ll be having orgasms so strong it’ll be the best sex ever.

But that’s not all! Kegels don’t just help with the intensity of an orgasm but the frequency too. Generally people who do the exercises will be able to have more orgasms in a shorter time frame. This may due to the muscles being able to recover faster when they become stronger.

Even people who struggle to reach orgasm may see some improvement. Studies have found that women who perform Kegels regularly are able to become more aroused, and reach climax more often than those who don’t.

This condition, known as anorgasmia, isn’t exclusive to women. Men can suffer it too, and although it’s thought the same effect would happen in men, no research has been done to back this up.

Kegels Can Make Sex Less Painful

If you’re one of the unlucky people who suffers from pain during sex, Kegels can make the experience a lot more enjoyable for you.

As we discussed above, the pelvic floor muscles are responsible for the opening and closing of the vagina. Just as these muscles can sag, you might also find that you lose control over them. This means that the vagina can’t open normally, and everything feels a lot tighter.

Once you’ve returned your pelvic floor muscles to a healthy condition, you’ll usually be able to exert more control over your vagina, which for these women mean they can relax and enjoy pain free sex.

Kegels Can Increase Blood Flow Around Your Genitals

As you tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles around your vagina or penis, you also increase the body’s ability to circulate blood to these vital parts of your body.

Improved blood flow has been shown to increase sexual arousal, increase sensitivity in the genitals, help produce more vaginal lubrication, and even assist in orgasm.

Just like the ability to relax the vagina, the benefits of increased blood flow can also be a great help to women who find sex too painful.

Kegels Can Improve Your Erection

That’s right guys, the benefits of Kegels aren’t only for women! Men can also enjoy a whole host of great effects if they perform Kegel exercises every day.

One of the most prominent benefits for men is the improvements they can experience to their erections.

Along with being more sensitive as mentioned earlier, the increased blood flow can make a man’s erection much stronger and harder. The extra strength in the pelvic floor can also let the penis “stand up” a lot more, so your penis will look longer and bigger.

These longer, stronger erections will also last more time than usual, and produce much more ejaculation thanks to their increased power.

Kegels Can Help You Control Your Genitals

Much of the time during sex, both the penis and the vagina are kind of just… there. They touch each other, and it feels good, but they aren’t really doing anything.

Once you’ve learned how to move your pelvic floor muscles though, you can start to do it during sex too!

When a woman does a Kegel exercise during sex, it will feel like her vagina is clamping down onto her partner’s penis. Everything will feel much tighter until she releases the muscles.

Women can use this to their advantage, choosing to clamp down when either she or her partner is close to orgasm, and help to make everything much more intense.

Men can also exercise some control over their penis to change sex. When a man clenches his pelvic floor muscles during an erection, he’ll usually find that he can move his penis around.

Using this during sex can provide immense pleasure to a woman, especially if you learn the right times to do it!

Kegels Can Help Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects many men across the world. It can be an embarrassing problem, and send his sex life into a nose dive.

If you’re willing to keep doing your Kegel exercises though, you can see the symptoms lessened or even completely cured.

This is thanks to the increased control you enjoy with an improved pelvic floor. You’re able to hold off orgasm for longer, letting you enjoy sex without and early accidents.

The same benefits are also present for men who don’t suffer from premature ejaculation. They can make use of the same muscles to delay their orgasms even further, some enjoying sex for many hours at a time.

Kegels Can Improve Your Sex Life

If it wasn’t obvious from the many benefits we’ve already listed, thanks to their new fully functioning genitals most people tend to find that they enjoy sex a lot more. They feel more sexually confident, have better orgasms, and can have sex for longer than before.

All this good sex has a natural effect on our sex drive, which goes up as we enjoy sex more and more. Thanks to this tiny little exercise, couples who haven’t had sex in a while could find that they start to enjoy spending time in the bedroom together again!

Kegels Can Help During The Menopause

A woman’s body undergoes massive changes during the menopause. Thanks to fluctuating estrogen levels throughout the body, even her blood flow can become affected. Lower circulation leads to less fresh blood reaching the genitals.

Without fresh blood, these muscles can become weaker and less toned. When performing Kegels you force your body to pull fresh blood into the area, which helps the body to heal the damaged muscle tissue.

Kegels Can Help During and After Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, a woman’s body is put under immense stress. The extra weight she carries around, along with changes to the shape of her body can damage many muscles throughout the body. As they form a support network for the lower body, much of the weight of the baby will be put on these muscles which can weaken them.

Following this, many women commonly begin to suffer from hemorrhoids and difficulty controlling their bladder. Maintaining a regime of Kegel exercises during pregnancy can reduce the strain put on these muscles, and reduce the chance you suffer from these issues.

The extra strength of the pelvic floor in women who do Kegels during pregnancy can also make birth much easier. Learning how to properly control the pelvic floor muscles can make it much easier to control during labor.

Even if you don’t give natural birth, instead opting for a c-section, once you’re back home with your child, your pelvic floor muscles will be severely damaged. Depending how well the birth went they may even be torn.

Kegels are always recommended to women after childbirth to help rebuild these muscles. Doing so can help your vagina heal and return to normal, help you regain control of your bladder, and begin to regain sensitivity in the area as you resume your sex life.

Kegels Can Prevent Or Improve Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)

Pelvic Organ Prolapse occurs when the pelvic floor muscles, or the tendons around your organs, become so weak the the organs actually begin to sink within your body. There are many different kinds of Pelvic Organ Prolapse, but in all cases, these organs sink into the vagina.

This condition can be cause by many different things, such as consistent, severe coughing, chronic constipation, heavy lifting, obesity, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and many more. Anything that puts extra stress on the pelvic floor muscles can also contribute, as can pregnancy and childbirth.

When this condition affects you, it will feel like many of the pelvic organs have got heavier, are going to fall out, or are pressing onto the vagina.

By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through Kegels, you can begin to rebuild the support structure for these organs, and over time return them to their original place. Sufferers of minor Pelvic Organ Prolapse can see their condition completely cured, which heavier sufferers can alleviate symptoms to reduce the effect on their everyday lives.

Kegels Can Help Or Cure Incontinence

Incontinence is a major problem around the world, with many people suffering from it in many different countries. There are also several different types of incontinence, all of which have different effects on your life. Such a problem can have a drastic impact on your confidence, and over time may cause your quality of life to drop.

Whatever form of incontinence affects you, Kegels have been shown to help improve the symptoms.

Any bladder leakage can be reduced, thanks to the muscles improved ability to grip and hold the bladder shut. Both urinary and fecal leakage caused by the inability to control the sphincters can be reduced or cured as the muscles improve their strength.

Among those who have surgery, particularly prostate surgery, the operation can often make it difficult for them to urinate properly. Those who performed Kegel exercises were shown to recover their normal functions faster.

Kegels Can Improve Your Overall Health

Alongside these many benefits, Kegels can just simply make you feel better. The pelvic floor is a crucial part of your body’s core support structure, and by strengthening it you can reduce the strain placed on your back, hips, and other parts of your torse.

By doing these exercises, you’ll be actively reduce your risk of suffering from many different conditions, all of which can bring your health level down.

And most importantly, thanks to their sexual benefits, they can help you feel more confident, attractive, and enjoy life more.

All of this contributes to a happier, healthier you!

So, what are you waiting for? Start doing Kegels today!

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