Beginner's Guide to Yoni Eggs

When you first discover the world of yoni eggs, it can be an exciting prospect. There’s lots of different crystals to try, all with their own unique health benefits and spiritual meanings!

Finding out the things you need to can be a little overwhelming though, and there’s a lot of different information out there.

So we’ve gone back to basics, and prepared a beginner’s guide to get you up to speed on all the basics of yoni eggs!

What is Yoni?

The term yoni carries a variety of meanings. In particular, Hinduism depicts yoni as a representation of the Goddess Shakti, who along with her male counterpart symbolise the process of creation and regeneration which leads to all existence.

In Sanskrit, yoni is literally interpreted to mean the womb. Throughout much of Asia, there will also be similar translations, all linking the word to the female reproductive system.

With such a strong link to the vagina and womb, it’s no surprise that yoni eggs are named as they are!

The History of Yoni Eggs

The origins of yoni eggs lie far back in our history, all the way to Ancient China. The Taoists believed that a woman’s life-force was tied to their vaginal muscles, and that health, long-life, and beauty could be achieved by having a strong vagina. As a result of this, the Taoists frequently encourage women to practise exercising and strengthening all of their vaginal muscles.

Traditionally though, the practise of using yoni eggs was reserved for the concubines of the Emperor and Royal family. These women were all specifically chosen, and only they were allowed to know the power that came with stronger vaginal muscles!

As time passed, this knowledge was passed down and spread around, and the practise continued all the way up to modern times. With recent shifts in attitudes toward sex and gender, the health and pleasure of the vagina has been able to take a more central role, and these ancient eggs have seen a resurgence in popularity.

What Are Yoni Eggs Used For?

Yoni eggs fulfill a variety of purposes and which of them apply to you will depend on your reasons for using them.

Their most basic, medical purpose is to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. This group of muscles covers the entire bottom half of your body. It plays a vital role in controlling your bodily functions, and also helps to keep your internal organs in place.

Over time these muscles can become weakened, which can lead to many problems. Yoni eggs are used to help exercise and train these muscles. By putting the weights inside your vagina and holding them in place, the muscles are strengthened gradually.

Unlike other kinds of pelvic floor weight though, yoni eggs have a much more spiritual purpose. Each crystal an egg is made out of carries its own link to your body and emotions. Some eggs are meant to be worn for healing, others for balance or calm. Which crystal you use will depend on what you want to get out of wearing them.

How Do Yoni Eggs Work?

Yoni eggs work by sitting on top of your pelvic floor muscles. If you don’t engage the muscles, the eggs will slip downwards and eventually fall out. By using these muscles and holding the eggs in, they will become stronger over time. Just like training any other kind of muscles!

Do Yoni Eggs Improve Orgasms?

Improved orgasms are one of the many benefits you can get from using yoni eggs. As the pelvic floor muscles control much of the movement around your pelvis, they are one of the primary things you can feel during orgasm.

The clenching and unclenching that you feel inside your body largely comes from the pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, they control the opening and closing of the vaginal muscles, so as they become stronger you will be able to grip harder onto a penis or sex toy. These things combined can make for a much stronger and more intense orgasm.

Additionally, when regularly using yoni eggs you often just simply feel better. Not having to deal with any of the problems that come with a weaker pelvic floor can improve your mood dramatically, which can lead to an increased sex drive.

Satisfying those needs will again lead to better orgasms!

How Long Do Yoni Eggs Last?

Generally, yoni eggs should be able to last as long as you want to use them without any issues! The crystals used to make them are usually very strong, and shouldn’t start to degrade in any way.

Certain crystals may be less safe and may gradually dissolve. We do not recommend using any crystals made of these materials, as they are not body safe.

What’s most likely to happen though, is that at some point you’ll drop your egg. While some cracks and lines in the crystal is normal, and often a part of how they are meant to look, the surface should not be compromised in any way.

If you notice chipped or rough areas, or any small chunks of your egg that have cracked off, you should stop using it straight away. Any sharp edges on the stone may cause damage to the inside of your vagina, and you should replace it with a new egg before continuing.

Who Can Use Yoni Eggs?

While yoni eggs are thought of mostly as a vaginal device, some men may be interested in trying them.

The main problem is a man would need to use a yoni egg anally. This exposes him to the risk of having the egg travel too far into his body and becoming stuck. A woman who tried to use an egg anally would be running the exact same risk.

Some yoni eggs are drilled with small holes in the top of them. So you can attach string and get it back out of your butt right?

While this is somewhat true (if you keep your hand on the string the whole time), the big problem is that there’s nothing to stop your butt from gradually pull the string in.

You might not think it, but the butt and digestive system are capable of pulling things in, as well as sending them out.

Once the string has been pulled fully inside your body, you’re in just as much trouble as if you hadn’t used it at all. If you absolutely must use a yoni egg anally, try to attach something to the other end of the string which is too big to get sucked into your butt.

I know having something dangling out of your butt isn’t exactly a pleasure inducing thought, but it’s much better than having to have an egg surgically removed!

We do not recommend using a yoni egg anally though, which means unfortunately, we don’t recommend men use them.

Benefits of Using Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs can provide a whole host of benefits. Some of these are simply medical in nature, and are a result of muscles becoming stronger during use. While other benefits are much more spiritual, with different crystals helping people in different ways.

We’ll start by going over the more medical benefits. These are all proven things that happen within your own body when you work on training the pelvic floor muscles!

The most obvious benefit is the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles play a pivotal role in the lower half of our bodies, and throughout life they can become weakened.

Weaker muscles usually lead to health problems such as incontinence, or sexual difficulties.

When the muscles are trained and regain their strength, the symptoms of many of these problems will get much better, or disappear completely! Common examples include:

  • Improvements in any incontinence problems.
  • Recovery of the pelvic floor and core muscles after childbirth.
  • A vagina much more able to lubricate itself, even later in life.
  • Improved blood circulation around the pelvic region.
  • Lessened menstrual cramping.

Not every person will experience all of these benefits, but the vast majority of people will experience some improvement to their general health by improving the pelvic floor muscles.

The other physical benefits to yoni eggs are much more apparent in the bedroom. As the muscles become stronger, there are many different sexual benefits you can experience. These include:

  • Regaining sex drive.
  • Finding it easier to reach orgasm.
  • Longer and stronger orgasms.
  • Better sex!
  • More lubrication in and around the vagina.
  • Tighter feeling vagina.

All of these benefits can be achieved through a number of different pelvic floor training regimes though, and aren’t specific to just yoni eggs.

The thing that sets eggs apart are the crystals. Each of these carry metaphysical or spiritual properties, that are said to tap into different emotions and feelings of your body. These can carry many benefits such as:

  • Stronger chi or life-force energy.
  • Enhanced healing and better overall health.
  • Feeling calmer, more balanced, and more emotionally stable.
  • Being more open to your emotions and other people.
  • Dealing with trauma and negative emotions you are experiencing.
  • Encouraging creativity and learning.

Which of these benefits you experience will depend entirely on which stone you decide to use, as each links to different parts of your spiritual body. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface here, as the meaning these crystals carry can be quite complex and go deep into your body. For more information on the different kinds of crystals you can use, check out our in depth guide here.

Although we’ve covered a lot of the basics here, there’s still much, much more to learn about the world of yoni eggs. If you still have more questions, be sure to check out some of our other guides to help fill in the blanks. Then when you feel ready, you can pick up an egg of your own and start enjoying the many benefits they can bring!

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Beginner's Guide to Yoni Eggs

When you first discover the world of yoni eggs, it can be an exciting prospect. There’s lots of different crystals to try, all with their own unique health benefits and spiritual meanings!

Read More
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