Are Vibrators Safe During Pregnancy?

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In pregnancy, women can become many times more sexually charged than they normally are throughout their lives. This is because of all of the increased hormones they are subjected to during pregnancy. Unfortunately, though, it can be difficult to actually satisfy these cravings. Whether it is because the idea of sex during pregnancy is uncomfortable, or just down to the difficult physical aspect of it, women may need something else to release some of the intense sexual tension. In this time, many turn to their trusted vibrators.

Can You Use a Vibrator While Pregnant?

The short answer to this is yes. Vibrator use within pregnancy is perfectly safe and healthy, as long as a few guidelines are followed. There are also some conditions which can make vibrator use dangerous so it’s important to be aware of these. If you are ever in any doubt, consult your doctor and they will be able to give you advice specific to your case.

In some ways, using a vibrator during pregnancy can be even better than sex. Due to the extra weight a woman is carrying, getting into some sexual positions can be quite uncomfortable, or even dangerous. A vibrator removes all this strain by making it a simple process of holding the vibrator in place until orgasm, in whichever position feels most comfortable.

Benefits of Pregnant Vibrator Use

Sex is a natural and important part of any good relationship. During the emotional and psychological turmoil that a woman can undergo during pregnancy, it can be difficult to maintain a close connection to a partner, especially if you aren’t having sex. Using a vibrator can somewhat alleviate this issue, as the woman’s partner can use the vibrator on her, letting him bring her sexual pleasure and encouraging the closeness and bonding experienced during sex.

There are even some plain old physical benefits to it. Alongside the simple comfort element of not needing to engage in penetrative sex, achieving orgasm releases many beneficial chemicals into your bloodstream, relaxing you and improving your mood. During pregnancy, limiting stress and releasing these chemicals can limit the risk of preterm deliveries, giving your baby a much better chance of coming into the world healthy.

Orgasms can also release oxytocin into the bloodstream. This powerful chemical plays a role in many bodily functions, and can even encourage contractions in women reaching the end of their pregnancy. If you’ve reached your due date some doctors may recommend sex to bring on labour. If this is too uncomfortable or difficult though, using a vibrator is a good alternative.

Dangers of Pregnant Vibrator Use

There are always some dangers to be found when using objects in or around our natural openings. This is no different with a vibrator and a vagina, but during pregnancy some of these risks are even greater than normal. In particular, infections should be avoided at all costs. A vaginal infection can risk an early birth, and many vaginal infections won’t even carry symptoms so you might not know about it until it’s too late. Always use safe, clean and sterile vibrators if you plan to engage in any sexual play during pregnancy.

Orgasms while pregnant can be great for both you and your baby, releasing many beneficial chemicals into the body. Unfortunately, though, in pregnant women orgasms can trigger some mild cramping, called Braxton Hicks. This is usually nothing to worry about unless it becomes a regular and painful occurrence and will pass over time.

A final consideration of using your vibrator while pregnant is whether or not you’re going to be putting it inside your vagina. If you are, then it is important to be aware of the length of the vibrator, and the height of your cervix and placenta. If the vibrator is long enough to reach the cervix, the materials it is made from can irritate the lining, endangering the uterus and unborn child. Usually if this is likely to be a risk for you your doctor will let you know, but it can’t hurt to double check.

Can I Use a Vibrator the Entire Time I’m Pregnant?

There isn’t really a specific time to stop using a vibrator until your waters actually break. Once they have, you should stop any kind of sexual activity, including vibrators, until you have had your baby as the risk of infection is greatly increased (and the baby is coming, get to the hospital!). There are a few outliers which can limit or restrict your use of vibrators or other sex toys during pregnancy though. These are:

  • If you have a low-lying placenta.
  • If you have a weak cervix.
  • If you have been told you may go into labour too early.
  • If you have a vaginal infection.

In most cases of any of these, your doctor will tell you and should let you know which (if any) activities are safe for you to engage in.

So, the bottom line is that for most women, in most situations, using a vibrator while pregnant is perfectly safe and healthy. Be sure to keep your vibrator extra clean, to avoid any infections and always follow your doctor’s advice. In some cases, they might even recommend you use a vibrator. But just because you’re pregnant, there’s no need to become celibate. You can still enjoy all the sexual pleasures you did before and even experience some benefits from them!

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