Tail Butt Plug: Beginner's Guide

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The butt plug is one of the most popular sex toys available, with many people all over the world using them. While the traditional design is loved by many, there are also a lot of options out there for people looking for a butt plug that’s a little different.

One of our favorite kinds of plugs are tail butt plugs, which are perfect for people looking for something a little more playful and cuddly in the bedroom.

But what exactly are tail butt plugs? What are they made of? What tails can I get?

This guide will take you through all the basics of tail butt plugs!

What Are Tail Butt Plugs?

Tail butt plugs are a special kind of butt plug which have, unsurprisingly, a tail attached! These tails are usually attached to the base of the butt plug, so that when you wear it you can look like you have a real tail of your own.

Tail plugs can be fun for almost anyone, but there are many different reasons for people to use them. Some people just like the idea of having a tail, and wearing one of these plugs is the closest we can get as humans. Others love the extra stimulation the fluffy tail can offer in bed.

Not all users have a simple connection to their tails though. A growing amount of people use these plugs as props in something called petplay.

We cover petplay in much more detail in some of our other articles, but as a quick intro, petplay is a type of roleplay where one or both partners take on the roles of an animal. Most animals have tails, which make these the perfect plugs if this is what you’re interested in!

Do Tail Butt Plugs Use Real Fur?

Using real animal fur in products can be a contentious point for many consumers, and things are no different with tail plugs. Thankfully, the vast majority of tail butt plugs are made with faux fur.

Faux fur consists of a number of polymers combined to give the impression of real fur, but without needing to harm any animals.

If you’re ever unsure whether a tail plug has real or faux fur, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer and find out!

Types of Tail Butt Plugs

Just like any other butt plugs, you have a huge selection to choose from with tail plugs too!

Most stores divide their selection of tail plugs by animal.

Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Resembling a sly fox’s tail, fox tail plugs are the quintessential tail. Natural looks primarily use browns, blacks and whites, with a distinctive tip that is a different color to the rest of the tail. It you choose something less realistic, almost any color combination is available.

Fox tails tend to be on the longer side, with most models averaging between 15” and 18” long. They are also quite bushy, just like the real thing.

Cat Tail Butt Plugs

The other most common kind of tail, cat tail butt plugs are just as popular as fox tails. These are most commonly found in browns, greys and blacks, but people tend can also let their imagination run wild with more unusual colors or even a rainbow tail! Tails can have great detail though, mimicking specific breeds of cat such as a tabby.

Many cat tails are more sleek in appearance, and these tend to average out at about 15” long.

Raccoon Tail Butt Plugs

A raccoon tail plug is proof that you can find almost any type of animal tail relatively easily. While not viewed as particularly sexy by a lot of people, some simply love the look of these distinctive tails.

Featuring the eye-catching stripes that a real raccoon has, naturally colored raccoon tails are usually light or dark brown. Alternative colorations for these tails is less common than other variants, but you can still find something unique if you’re willing to search a little deeper.

These tails are even shorter, with most being between 10” and 14” long.

Wolf Tail Butt Plugs

Perhaps your inner animal is something a little more wild, in which case you might find yourself considering a wolf tail plug. These make frequent use of blacks and greys, although there are some brown tails available. Just like fox tails, you can find many color variations for something a little more fun.

Wolf tails can be very long, with some even reaching a massive 20” long!

Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

Most of the tails we’ve covered so far are fairly similar, and from a distance you might not even notice the difference. Bunny tail plugs are much more memorable though, as they mimic the pom-pom appearance of a rabbit’s tail.

Most bunny tails will be the simple round ball of fuzz that we all know and love, and come in at around 3” long. Some longer versions are available, adding a couple of extra inches to the tail.

When it comes to color, these are some of the most creative tails out there. If you can think of a color you can probably find a bunny tail to match it!

Pony Tail Butt Plugs

Even more distinctive are the long, flowing pony tail plugs. These use individual long strands of material, rather than the shorter, bushier material used in most other tails. Each strand runs the entire length of the tail, giving it a look just like the real animals!

Pony tails can also be some of the longest available, with some commonly coming as long as 20”. Shorter variants are also available.

Color-wise, many pony tails will come in browns or blacks, just like a horse. Some fun colors can be found, but it might take a bit more effort.

Dog Tail Butt Plugs

With all those out of the way we can make a start on a completely different kind of tail. Dog tail plugs don’t actually have any fur at all, and are usually made entirely of silicone!

Using this material means that the tail itself stays firm, rather than flopping around while you wear it.

Most dog tail plugs are around 8” in length and black. Colors can still be applied to silicone toys, but it’s much less common so you might have a harder time finding a unique color.

Devil Tail Butt Plugs

Similarly to dog tail plugs, devil tails also don’t feature any fur, and are usually entirely silicone. These tails can look drastically different from each other, but common designs might be similar to a lizards tail, or completely smooth with a simple pointy end.

Length can be varied with devil tail plugs, as they are all based on imagination anyway, but you can commonly find them in red which is great!

Other Tail Butt Plugs

While these are the most common kinds of tail butt plug you’ll find, there are still more that you could come across. Designs can copy the tails of almost any animal you can think of, as well as those from movies, books or tv.

The best approach is to think about the type of tail you want at the beginning, and just start searching. Even if major manufacturers aren’t making a specific kind of tail, there are usually some smaller sellers who might have just what you’re looking for.

Which Butt Plug?

Most of the time the main choice you’ll be making when you want to buy a tail butt plug is simply which tail you want. It’s easy to completely forget about the butt plug itself. But this is something you’ll be wearing inside your body, so you should think just as hard about which plug is attached to your tail.

You can find much more detail on this process in our butt plug section, but important things to consider when deciding include:

  • Size of the plug: It’s no use finding the perfect tail and ordering straight away, only to realise it’s attached to a huge butt plug and you’ll never be able to get it into your body. Consider which size butt plugs you can wear comfortably, and choose a tail with something similar.
  • Materials: Butt plugs can be made of quite a few different materials, and some are better than others. The majority of tails tend to be attached to a metal butt plug. Silicone is less common, but still seen often.

    What this means though, is that if you find metal plugs uncomfortable or difficult to wear, you may have less choice when it comes to tails. If you don’t like silicone and glass, you’re in even more trouble as it’s rare to see tail butt plugs made with any other materials.

  • Is the tail detachable? Some tail plugs will be stuck together with glue, or the tail attached to a rod which is drilled into the plug. In these cases, you cannot remove the tail from the butt plug.

    If you find a good butt plug with a ring on the base though, you can also get tails with hooks to mix and match.

  • Is the tail detachable? Some tail plugs will be stuck together with glue, or the tail attached to a rod which is drilled into the plug. In these cases, you cannot remove the tail from the butt plug. If you find a good butt plug with a ring on the base though, you can also get tails with hooks to mix and match.

Tail Plug Bases

Another incredibly important part of tail butt plugs is the base. This is the section of the plug which sits outside your body while you wear it.

There are three common kinds of base that butt plugs have. Round bases are the most common kind of base that you’ll see on the majority of the butt plugs.

T-bar bases are a little less common, but great if you plan to wear your plug for a long time. These feature two small bars which nestle nicely between your butt cheeks for a comfortable fit.

The final style is a pull ring base. These are great if you want to stick to the same butt plug but change which tail you have. A tail with a small clip can be attached to the pull ring.

It doesn’t really matter which base you choose, the important thing is that you have a base. Even though the anus is normally used to push waste out of your body, the muscles are also great at sucking things inside. If you use a butt plug without a suitable base, then it may be sucked inside your body and become stuck.

If this happens you may need surgery to remove it, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Explore the World Of Tail Plugs Yourself!

We’ve covered a lot in this article, but we’re only really scratching the surface of tail butt plugs. Even if the types listed here didn’t tickle your fancy, you shouldn’t give up yet.

There are tail plugs for almost anything you could think of, from cartoon and movie characters, to video game characters or even those from your favourite books.

Even if you can’t find the exact tail you’re looking for, most can be adapted fairly easily to look exactly the way you want them to. You can even find tails that are able to stand up on their own rather than dangling down from your butt!

So don’t be afraid to explore and let out your inner animal. Head on over to our tail plug collection now and start your adventure today!

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