Safety Tips For Anal Beads

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Whenever we’re inserting objects into our bodies, there will always be some level of risk. This is just as true with sex toys and these beads are no different.

The sphincter and anus are both very sensitive parts of your body, so you’ll need to take extra care when using them to avoid any nasty side effects.

Can Anal Beads Get Stuck?

A very common worry people have with any kind of object they insert into the butt is whether or not it can get stuck.

Despite the natural function of the rectum to expel waste from the body, when you start to send objects in the other direction things change a little. The rectum will actually suck up these objects, letting them travel further and further into your body.

When putting objects inside the anus for sexual pleasure, this is an ever-present risk.

Luckily, most manufacturers are fully aware of this and take active steps to help you prevent it. This usually takes the form of a base, and every good set of anal beads should have one!

Not all bases are created equal, and you might be offered one of a number of styles when browsing. The simplest is the flared base, which looks a little like a round disc on the end of the beads.

There are also T-bar designs, where the base is a thin strip that sits between your butt cheeks, and pull rings, which are a small handle placed on the base of the beads.

It doesn’t matter which kind you choose, and different people find different ones more comfortable or easier to use so go with whatever you prefer. Just make sure that you have a base!

Safest Anal Bead Material

While you browse for your perfect set of anal beads, you’ll probably have noticed that there are many different materials for you to choose from. Silicone, rubber, cyberskin, TPR, jelly, TPE, Latex, stainless steel, glass, the list goes on and on.

Many stores will try to tell you that all of these materials are just as good as each other, and that their products are “body-safe”, but a lot of the time this just isn’t true. So which material should you be looking to buy?

The safest materials you can pick up will be completely non-porous ones. Non-porous materials simply mean that the pores in the material are small enough that bacteria aren’t able to pass through the surface and get stuck within the material.

These materials are much easier to clean and can be properly sterilised, so from a safety perspective are the best you can buy. Common non-porous materials include stainless steel, silicone, and glass.

The worst porous toys can even be outright toxic, containing chemicals which help create the material but are very harmful to the human body! If you do decide to pick up a porous set of anal beads, make sure that you do your research and know exactly what these materials are made out of and the best ways to clean them.

If you aren’t sure, just throw a condom over them to be on the safe side!

Another consideration to give to the materials is what sort of lubrication you plan to use. Silicone in particular can be a problem as it tends to react with itself. This means if you use a silicone set of anal beads, you should avoid silicone lubricant.

Similarly, oil-based lubricants will break down the surface of any condoms, so if you plan to use a condom over your beads then you’ll want to avoid oil-based lubricants.

Keeping Your Anal Beads in Good Condition

Just like nearly any other possession, there will be some wear and tear over time on your anal beads. Before you use them, you should always give them a good once over to make sure than nothing dangerous is happening. In particular, you should be looking for any areas that have become raised, rough, or even have a sharp edge.

Continuing to use your anal beads when they are in this condition is a big risk, as the inside of your rectum is very sensitive and using beads that aren’t smooth can quickly cause you some real damage.

If you do find any areas that aren’t in perfect condition, don’t worry, you don’t need to dispose of your beads quite yet. For most materials, an emery board or nail file will do a perfectly good job of filing down and smoothing out any rough edges.

Sharing Anal Beads

If you’ve picked up a set of anal beads and been enjoying them with a partner, you might have thought that it would be good to give them a turn.

Sharing anal beads is probably the largest risk you’ll encounter when using them, and generally it’s something you should be avoiding. Everyone’s anal canal has a unique set of bacteria which helps to keep them healthy.

What’s good for one person isn’t always good for another though and introducing the bacteria from one bottom into another can wreak havoc on the body’s natural ecosystem!

Not to mention the increased risk of contracting various sexually transmitted infections.

If you absolutely must share your anal beads, then treat it just like your own body. Unless you completely trust someone, always wear a condom, and make sure to clean your beads between users.

Similarly, we should never share anal beads between an anus and a vagina. You might be desperate to feel them, but unfortunately, you’re going to need to give them a thorough clean before diving in.

The bacteria found in the anus can give you some serious infections if you introduce them to your vagina. If you do find yourself wanting to switch often during a session, then pop a condom on your beads, use them anally, then swap the condom before going to the vagina.

We’re all human, and it’s natural to have a few worries when you start trying something new.

Luckily, these worries are mostly overblown with anal beads, and with a few simple steps you can enjoy your set completely safely and worry free!

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