How to Clean Your Anal Beads

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How we clean our sex toys is never something we want to give a huge amount of thought to.

It is incredibly important though if you want to not only keep your toys in good condition, but also want to avoid any nasty infections while using them.

This is just as true with anal beads as any other kind of sex toy, so make sure to be cleaning them after every single use to keep them in their best condition.

Personal Hygiene and Anal Beads

Most people will be familiar with cleaning their sex toys, but often you might not consider cleaning your body too!

There’s no nice way of putting it, but your butt stores poo. When you start putting things inside it, there’s a good chance that some of it will find its way onto your hands and sheets.

This can be a massive turn off for some people in the heat of the moment. It’s an easy problem to avoid though as long as you spend a little time taking care of your own body before you start.

With most anal toys, you should try to take bowel movement around an hour before you begin to make sure everything is nice and empty.

Follow this by taking a shower and paying a little extra attention to the area around your anus to keep things squeaky clean. If you want to go the extra mile, you can look into enemas and anal douches to give the inside of your rectum a thorough cleaning too.

It's worth noting that after a thorough anal clean, you might notice that there is never any debris left on your anal beads, so the must be clean right? This is somewhat true, but no matter how thorough you are, there will always be some anal bacteria left on the surface of your beads after using them.

These bacteria can wreak havoc on a woman’s vagina, so no matter how hygienic you are you should never remove anal beads from your anus and then put them straight into the vagina. They’ll need a good cleaning first.

Cleaning Your Anal Beads

Which methods you use to clean the beads themselves will change slightly depending on the actual set you own. For the most part, it will depend on whether your beads are porous, or non-porous.

Non-porous materials are the easiest to clean. These include stainless steel, glass, and silicone sets. The surfaces of these materials are small enough that bacteria cannot find its way inside, so you can clean them off very easily.

The simplest way to do this is with boiling water. Leave them to soak for a while to kill off the bacteria, and then give them a good scrubbing with warm soapy water.

You might also want to look into specially formulated sex toy cleaners. These are fluids designed to remove as many of the harmful bacteria as possible during cleaning.

Whichever methods you decide to use to clean your anal beads, it’s even more important to make sure they are fully dried before you put them away.

Storing them while still damp can allow mould to build up on the surfaces. This can be even more disastrous than bacteria and can make you very ill if you accidently use mouldy beads.

Vibrating Anal Beads

Whenever you have a sex toy that vibrates you should always take some extra care during cleaning.

The main thing to do is to take out any removable batteries to make sure you don’t suffer any electric shocks. You also need to know how watertight your set is.

Some will be completely waterproof, and can be submerged underwater, but if you have a set that isn’t you need to make sure that no water gets into any of the electrical parts as you can damage the device.

Faulty vibrators aren’t just the ones that don’t vibrate anymore, and if your parts get damaged then it becomes even more risky to use the beads.

We know cleaning isn’t the most glamorous part of owning a sex toy, but it’s one of the most important.

If you want to fully enjoy your anal beads to their potential, then make sure that you’re giving them as good of a clean as you can in between every single use!

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