Can Men Use Dildos?

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A dildo is one of the most used and popular sex toys there are. Typically shaped like an erect human penis, it can assume other forms. There are so many different types you can try — realistic dildos, double-ended ones, etc. For instance, in Japan, you may find these toys designed to resemble cartoon animals.

Dildo manufacturers go to town with materials they use as well. So today, you can find a plethora of these sex aids crafted from wood, plastic, steel, glass, rubber, etc.

Are Dildos Just for Women?

For decades now, men and women of all sexual orientations have used dildos for vaginal or anal penetration while masturbating or during sex with their partners.

There is a common misconception that dildos are made for female usage only. Perhaps this idea comes from the fact that women started using it first to stimulate their clitoris and find their G-spots to self-induce orgasms.

Nowadays, this is not the case. Dildos are a fair game to all who want to masturbate or use them for the pleasure of their partners. Male dildos are quite popular on the market as well. Whether you are a male masturbator in search of something to freshen up your solo play or just looking to spice up your sex life, there are plenty of options for you as well. So do not be afraid to have some fun and explore these adult toys!

Is It Gay for Men to Use Dildos?

Many men fear that using men’s anal dildos or butt plugs would imply that they are gay. If you are a heterosexual male reading this, you can rest assured that using a sex toy for men will not turn you into a homosexual.

The first step in overcoming this prejudice is realizing that there is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual in the first place. Using dildos, cock rings, or any other male sex toys does not define your sexual orientation. It simply increases your sexual pleasure. You should be free to pick and choose what gets you going in the bedroom. There are so many useful toys and devices that can bring you pleasure. Do not miss out on them because you are uninformed.

You will always be in charge when it comes to who you want to date or sleep with. Using sex toys cannot deprive you of this freedom of choice. Also, other people’s opinions won’t give you fantastic anal orgasms. Of course, facing your insecurities may be terrifying. But once you overcome them and choose the best anal dildo for men, the fun can begin!

When it comes to exploring your sexuality, you should not be afraid of it. Try not to stigmatize your own body parts. Whatever you enjoy, go for it. There is an immense sense of freedom in coming to terms with your sexuality.

So we advise you to try anal play if you feel like it and forget about all social stigmas. Put yourself and your pleasure first! Broaden your horizons, and this will reward you with fantastic sexual experiences. Celebrate your body and the body of your partner. Push the limits of your comfort zone!

Why Do Dildos Feel Great for Men?

Think of it this way — your anus is an erogenous zone. Having a dildo stretching, hitting, or sliding down to your prostate does feel good and can result in a phenomenal dildo prostate orgasm.

If you are worried that it will hurt just like during your last anal exam, it doesn’t have to. When it does, it is usually because people are stressed, worried, or embarrassed, so they clench up their anal muscles, which causes pain during penetration. In anal play, you need to be completely at ease to find it enjoyable.

If you are new to this game, we offer you some ideas to try out:

  • Fingering is a good way to start anal play. Your partner can put some silicone-based lube on two of their fingers (put gloves beforehand) and insert them into your anus, hold them inside, and then pull back and forth.
  • Analingus. This is a technique that requires pristine anal hygiene. Here, the partner stimulates your anus with their tongue, lips, or even teeth.
  • Pegging occurs when your partner uses a strap-on dildo to insert it into your anus. If you prefer hands-free anal play, this technique is right up your alley. Pegging prostate orgasms can be quite intense.
  • Prostate massage is similar to fingering. But in this case, the partner should aim to apply pressure to your prostate gland. If you combine this anal play technique with a hand job or a blow job, it can result in massive orgasms.
  • We hope that these suggestions will help you jazz up your sex life. Choose one of these techniques, and you won’t regret it.

Encouraging Your Male Partner to Try Anal

Having a partner who is not open to experimentation can be difficult, especially if you enjoy playing with your sexuality. Bringing up a topic such as anal sex may put a strain on your relationship.

Many women assume that their partner is gay if they suggest some form of anal play. They may interpret their men’s suggestions as an admission of being gay, bisexual, or even unfaithful. So men are usually afraid to ask their female partners to engage in such “kinky” activities.

But these apprehensions are usually unfounded. Most men would just like to explore their bodies and enjoy their sexual adventures. It does not mean that they will leave you for another man or that you were misled by your partner.

On the other hand, there are men that are too afraid to try anal. We have already mentioned their fear of being seen as gay or bisexual. There is still a lot of stigma attached to this topic. It is generally difficult to persuade your male partner to put his biases aside and his pleasure first.

It can be helpful to bring this topic up with your guy in a relaxed situation or when he is stress-free or in a good mood. Try suggesting it jokingly and see how he reacts. If it goes well, you can explain that anal play does not have to hurt. Also, you can add that it might just give him one of the best anal orgasms men can experience.

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