Beginner’s Guide to Anal Beads

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In our never-ending quest for sexual satisfaction, we’ve tried a huge range of different techniques and sex toys. Many erotic devices are quite simple, although they look a little bit strange when you first see them. Anal beads fit this bill perfectly. Once you figure them out though, they can be a great addition to your sexual arsenal.

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a sex toy similar to a butt plug. Rather than one coherent shape though, anal beads are more like a collection of smaller balls that are joined together. They can be linked by a piece of string or be one larger moulded piece. In most cases they’ll start with the smallest bead and gradually work up to the largest bead.

Why Do People Use Anal Beads?

Anal beads are one of the more unique sex toys available when it comes to the feelings they give you. Unlike most of the other penetrative toys, they don’t aim to give you a feeling of being filled up or provide a sensation once they’re inside you. The main focus of a set of anal beads is how it feels when inserting and removing them.

Most of the sensation comes from your sphincter. This area is one of the most sensitive in the entire body and is filled with tons of nerve endings. As you insert any sex toy into your butt, you stimulate all of these sensitive nerve endings, giving you a lot of pleasure.

Anal beads take this to the next level, as rather than simply opening and stretching once, the different sized beads make your sphincter open further and further as you get to the larger and larger balls. Between each ball there will often be a small gap, which lets your sphincter relax and close back up for a short while before the next ball. This makes a sort of popping sensation, which you can’t really feel with any other kind of anal sex toy.

While the feelings of your sphincter are the main focus of anal beads, it would be wrong to say that’s the only thing they do for you. Simply keeping them inside your anus can be quite pleasurable too. Some anal beads even use this to their advantage, having vibrators built in to add some extra stimulation to the inside of your body.

Both men and women can enjoy these feelings, with women getting to experience the extra vaginal tightness and stimulation provided by something pushing on the back wall of their vagina, and men having some prostate stimulation provided by the balls.

What Do Anal Beads Make Your Feel?

With so much emphasis placed on insertion and removal, the feelings produced by anal beads can be quite unique. It’s a much more deliberate and purposeful process when compared to traditional penetration with a dildo or penis.

An important thing to consider about anal insertion is your own comfort with the activity. Many people, particularly men, will face a kind of psychological barrier when they start experimenting with anal play. You might worry about any pain having something in your butt, men might think that enjoying anal activity makes them gay, or people might even think that it’s dirty or unclean. All of these things aren’t really true, and enjoying anal beads is simply enjoying another form of sexual pleasure.

Most of the time these thoughts will be negative, but for some people they can actually intensify things a little. With so much stigma around anal play it’s easy to have the feeling that you’re doing something wrong, naughty, or kinky. You might find that once you start trying out anal beads, these thoughts pop up again, but actually start to turn you on even more and make the whole process more enjoyable.

The main feeling you’re going to be pursuing is the popping sensation we described earlier. As your sphincter opens and closes around the balls all of your anal nerve endings will be getting more stimulation than they could from nearly any other sex toy available. With a little practise and experimenting, you’ll be able to drive yourself to your limits very quickly.

If the standard anal bead experience isn’t enough for you, there are extra things you can do to turn up the heat, literally! Experimenting with temperature can completely change the sensations you feel while using your beads. You can try heating them up or cooling them down, just try not to go too extreme with the temperatures or you might find it a little too much. Vibration is another feeling that you can experiment with by purchasing a set of anal beads that contains a vibrator.

For men, there’s an extra experience to be had while using anal beads. Between a man’s penis and bladder there is a small gland known as the prostate. Usually this functions as a valve to control urination and ejaculation, but when stimulated it can have the great side effect of providing you some very intense sexual pleasure.

Due to its unusual location, the prostate can be quite hard to stimulate, with the best way to access it being through the anus. This makes anal beads one of the best tools for the job! It’s not something you should overlook, as prostate orgasms can be some of the most intense and pleasurable you’ll ever have.

Types of Anal Beads

Traditionally, most sets of anal beads will look fairly similar to each other. A set of beads growing from the smallest at the top, to the largest at the bottom, and linked together in some way. These aren’t the only things available to you though, and many companies offer a huge variety of anal beads that do things in different ways.

For the simplest varieties of anal beads, you still have a few choices. The main considerations will be the material and the size of the balls. Most of the time you should aim to pick up non-porous sex toys, as these are much easier to clean and maintain, so you’ll want to focus on silicone, glass, and stainless-steel sets.

When you move onto more unusual sets of anal beads things get really interesting. You have the option to try different kinds of balls, with new shapes, textured surfaces, or even built in vibrators! Or maybe the traditional small to large feel isn’t doing it for you, so you might want to pick up a set which alternates between small and large beads. It might even be a consideration of how you use them, so you could look at a more flexible or rigid set, or even anal beads that are designed for double penetration!

The possibilities are truly vast so think of anything you might want to do with a set of anal beads and you’ll probably be able to find a product that works perfectly.

How Long Can You Wear Anal Beads?

Once you’ve chosen your perfect set of anal beads, and you’re ready to start using them, there’s probably one last question on your mind. How long can you actually wear these things? Well, there isn’t really a single rule for you to obey.

The main things that will affect how long you can wear anal beads are your own body, and the lubrication you use. Depending on the length of your session, it’s possible that your lubricant will dry out. Generally, water-based lubricant dries out the quickest, with other variants lasting much longer.

It’s not the end of the world though, you can simply remove your beads and apply more lube when needed. This means you can keep going as long as your body can handle it. Once things begin to get a little sore or you have difficulty inserting or removing your beads, then it’s probably time to take a break.

Being Safe With Anal Beads

With any kind of sex toys, there are always a few considerations you need to make to keep your body happy and safe.

One of the largest dangers to be aware of with anal beads is the risk of your body completely swallowing them. When you insert objects into the anus and they pass through the sphincter, the body will naturally start to swallow the object. This might seem odd, seeing as the main function of the anus is to push things out of the body, but the way the muscles work actually forces objects deeper into your body. Eventually an object can reach your colon, at which point you’ll more than likely need surgery to remove it.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, there are a couple of things you need to do. Most importantly, never insert loose anal beads into your butt, make sure they are always joined together in some way.

You should also be sure that your anal beads have a proper base so that once you’ve inserted them you can get them back out, and stop them travelling in. Flared bases are the best for this, but beads with a pull ring are also suitable.

Other dangers are a little less specific to anal beads, and more general things that can happen with anal sex toys. You should always check your sex toys for signs of wear and tear before you start to use them. When your beads are beginning to degrade, there’s a chance that parts of the material might get left behind and cause problems inside your body. There’s also a risk of cuts of bleeding if your beads happen to have any sharper edges on them.

Sharing sex toys is another concern. In general, it’s good practise to have separate sex toy for each person who wants to use them. When you do share sex toys you make it much more likely for your body to experience negative effects or even contract sexually transmitted diseases. Even friendly bacteria found in your own body can wreak havoc with someone else’s immune system if introduced into their body.

If you absolutely must share sex toys, then you should treat it just like having unprotected sex. Unless you are completely sure that the other user is clean of any infections or bacteria which would be harmful to you, always use a condom over your anal beads.

Many of you might worry about feeling pain while inserting your anal beads. In most cases, as long as you use enough lubrication and take your time, this should be minimal. Some people decide to take things a little further though and use numbing creams to make sure that they don’t feel any pain at all. This is not something that we’d ever recommend. When you do feel pain, it’s usually a signal from your body that something isn’t quite right. Blocking these signals is never something you’d want to do.

How to Clean Your Anal Beads

We cover the cleaning of sex toys in many articles across this site, but it’s still worth mentioning here as it is an important part of owning anal beads. Just like any other sex toys you might own, cleaning anal beads is very similar process, and how you do it will depend on whether or not they are porous.

Porous sex toys are made of materials which can allow bacteria to penetrate the pores of the material. Non-porous sex toys don’t have this problem and are much safer and easier to clean.

For non-porous toys the simplest way to clean them is to boil them between uses. This kills any bacteria left on the surface. If you try this with a porous sex toy, they are likely to melt.

The best way to clean a non-porous toy is to wipe it down with a soapy cloth. Even with thorough cleaning, it’s never possible to completely sterilise a porous set of anal beads, so we always recommend non-porous materials like silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Whatever method you choose to clean your sex toy it will need to be thoroughly dried before you put it away to make sure no mould can build up on the surface.

Anal beads are such a simple sex toy, but there’s really a lot more to them than meets the eye. Hopefully now you have a basic understanding of what they are, and how they work. Feel free to check out our fantastic range of anal beads and take your first steps into a fantastic world of sexual pleasure!

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